Two of the most popular low-cost drawing tablets with screens available for purchase on mail order sites under $ 367

GAOMON 15.6inch IPS drawing tablet with screen 10 items shortcut key 8192 level charging pen and With standdrawing tablet with screen PD1560

Drawing Tablets with a screen will not be needed when drawing.

There are also many people who draw illustrations on a tablet, such as on Twitter. It is also popular as a hobby environment. This is because the picture environment is longer than this.

Drawing tablets with screens are difficult to buy.

This time, we would like to introduce two drawing tablets with the latest low price screen among the drawing tablets with relatively easy to buy screens.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen 15.6 inch

XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen 15.6inch Battery-free stylus Full HD pen pressure 8192 level 6 pieces Expression key Artist15.6

XP – PEN sells the battery – free stylus pen, full HD display, pressure sensitivity is high level of 8192 level.

And it’s a sophisticated 15.6 inch drawing tablet with screen with 6 EXPRESS keys.

It also has a type CUSB port, and it is easy to connect.

Besides, there is another button for brightness adjustment, so you can adjust the brightness in various places easily.

In addition, various places are becoming so much more so, and it is also possible to draw a tablet with screen.

The price is 349 dollar.

It is selling at this low price on mail order sites such as Amazon.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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drawing tablet with screen specs

First of all, the screen display of the drawing tablet with screen adopts full HD IPS display.

The resolution is 1920 × 1080, so you can draw a picture more beautifully with a high resolution.

Use a stylus pen that does not have a battery.

Pen Pressure Sensing on the Pen itself Designed to actually draw 8192 levels and levels as if you were working with a brush or brush.

Core chips can be more comfortable than you can imagine because they use upgraded high performance chips compared to previous models.

Supported operating systems support Windows 7 (7-10).

For MacOS X, this is 10.8 or later.

In addition to an alternate core and pen holder, it also includes a cross and two finger gloves.

Reviewer’s comments

Reviews in reviews are generally highly rated, with only five stars in reviews.

The first and most popular impression was the COSPA’s great drawing tablet with screen. We felt cool at an affordable price, and the performance was equal to or better than Wacom and other drawing tablet with screen

It is a drawing tablet with a screen that promises promising future performance such as future upgrades, and the user satisfaction is also very high.

Comment that was said to be useful

Among word-of-mouth communication, it was comment that it was drawing tablet with screen that can recommend from beginner to intermediate with words that it is useful from various people in particular.

It’s cheap, but it’s not cheap, and it’s great for beginners who stick glare-free protective films from scratch.

Also, be careful not to connect to a personal computer even if the comment is evaluated as useful because the red USB cable is charged.

It also supports all software like Photoshop with care, but in the case of Krista it is essential to set handwriting pressure and camera shake, and to use the latest drivers, which is also very important.

GAOMON15.6 inch IPS drawing tablet with screen PD1560

GAOMON 15.6 inch IPS drawing tablet with screen 10 shortcut keys 8192 level charging penandWith stand drawing tablet with screen PD1560

GAOMON’s 10 hotkeys offer pressure sensitivity at the highest level of 8192, a drawing tablet with screen having a pen and a stand.

The stand is a stylish stand that is ergonomically easy to see. It is easier to adjust the angle by dragging the switch on the back of the tablet.

It also features two simultaneous operations and 180 degree rotation, and is easy to use as a drawing tablet with a screen.

The price is $ 367.

It is also quite popular, with a screen that can be purchased from mail order sites under $ 367.

drawing tablet with screen specs

Drawing tablet with screen is also very good in specifications.

First of all, this display is a full HD IPS display that is fully rotatable with a high resolution of 1920 × 1080.

View angle itself is also quite wide, 178 degrees, can be seen from various angles.

The pen is a rechargeable pen and has a pen pressure level of up to 8192.

There are 8 pen points in the penholder and centering function at the bottom.

Supported OS is 7-10 OS for Windows.

For Mac, this corresponds to 10.11.0 or later.

This bundle includes a variety of cables, chargers, pen holders, and multilingual manuals, as well as two-finger gloves, felt pouches, and other items that enhance ease of use.

Reviewer’s comments

Word-of-mouth is generally cheap, but it is excellent and does not complain, and there are only five star stars.

Especially for lightweight users, it is recommended that many people use it because they have many opportunities to use or not to use easily. It is crowded to use it because they were cheap.

Even beginners can easily handle it, and foreign drawing tablets with screens are no longer a scary image.

Even if the battery is gone, it is a cheap thing, so it is good to buy, and word-of-mouth was popular if there was advantage unique to Copanis and low-priced store.

Of course, there is an evaluation of the performance itself, even if there is no dispute about the drawing tablet with the screen for the grieving professional. When you draw a picture, you can draw beautifully, it is easy to use, and the pen responds well. It was popular.

Comment that was said to be useful

Comments that were considered particularly useful in reviews were foreign companies, but the support for Japanese was solid.

In the event of a problem, GAONON will be careful to address GAOMON in many cases when it is unhappy with support when contacting a foreign company.

Incidentally, he said that as soon as the cable was defective, he was very happy to exchange new cables and exchange them someday.

Despite being despised by the inexpensive drawing tablet with screens, we are going to be very polite, and the thickness of the support is an encouraging element.

I also commented on performance. It was better coloring than any other drawing tablet with screen like Wacom, and I was acclaimed to be able to draw beautiful color illustrations.

However, negative comments were also written.

I think there are quite a few habits before the introduction with negative views. Generally, it is difficult for people who are familiar with other drawing tablet.

It may seem like the best way to introduce this point, but it’s a good idea to introduce it with a little tutorial and feedback.

It is useful and accurate and good comment that I think it is, and considering this I want to compare the drawing tablet with the screen and buy a liquid tab.


It is a drawing tablet with a high-image screen, but recently it is a liquid tab with high performance and low cost.

Of course, it is not brand name, but ease of use and support are stable and very popular.

If you want to use a drawing tablet with screen, but give up when it’s costly, try this inexpensive tab.

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