3 drawing tablet’s with screen full of anticipation to draw a digital illustration swish! drawing tablet with screen -only protective film is also practical!

Elecom Wacom pen tablet Cintiq 13 HD/HD Touch/Cintiq Companion2 Film paper-like anti-reflective 13.3 inch 【made in Japan】 TB-WC13FLAPL

For future digital illustrations, we provide recommendations for those who are wondering what drawing tablet with screen to use.

If you think that it is a device that broadens illustration by knowing about practical drawing tablet with screen, it is a wish.

When reading, there is this drawing tablet with screen! .

It is common for scales to fall off the eyes like this.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Cintiq 22HD

 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 21.5 inches Cintiq22HD 【New model number】 January 2015 model DTK-2200/K1

The price is 203,040 yen and corresponds to Full HD and high quality IPS liquid crystal panel is used.

It is also good to be able to increase the feeling of wanting to paint with 16.77 million colors and rich colors.

I recommend you to those who do not come up feeling even if you draw a picture of the lack of color, I’ll enjoy the rich color variations in the eyes so far.

Because you can adjust the brightness of the LED backlight, you can work with brightness to suit individual.

2048 level writing pressure function is installed on easy-to-draw screen

It is easy to draw the surface structure of the surface, the pen is attached to the unevenness of the screen, it is a product specification that you like to be difficult.

The touch pen is represented exactly as it is drawn, and it enhances precision, high resolution and expressiveness.

I think that it is easy to be easy to read high consecutively.

Equipped with 2048 level pressure sensing function, it responds to all pressures and makes it feel like a natural feeling.

If you have only 1Windows, be aware that it is limited to application software that can handle the function.

It is also pointed to improve the difficulty drawn by the ± 60 level tilt detection function.

It is stress that only the angle of the pen is different, and it is not able to draw, and the place which does not make such a complaint is the advantage of Cintiq 22HD.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Wacom Cintiq Pro 13

 Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 drawing tablet with screen 13.3 inch Full HD drawing tablet with screen Wacom propen 2 included Mac compatible with Windows DTH-1320/K0

In addition to drawing pictures with a precision of four times the original, the pressure level is very high at 8192.

Precisely matched to the conditions of the easy to use drawing tablet with screen height of the pressure response force to the correct number of grills.

It is possible specification because it is equipped with the next generation pen technology, it may become a recommendation item of those who lost in drawing tablet with screen purchase.

The readable range is 294x166mm by electrostatic coupling.

Anyone who feels that drawing tablet with screen Pen Reading is currently the best you are using, why not try the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 on this occasion?

Three-stage adjustable folding stand and lightweight design

It has a folding stand and can be adjusted to 5 ° or 20 °.

Adjustable in three stages 22 °, 35 °, 50 °, and is compatible with, can be freely detachable.

Just because it is sold separately, if you want to increase the efficiency of the folding stand, let’s consider other purchases.

The weight is only 1.1 kg, and the lightness that does not make it hard for mobile to be popular is called drawing tablet with screen.

Liquid crystal panel adopting IPS method

The liquid crystal panel is made with a very high technology, but it seems to be lacking in pixels.

Some pixels are always on, IPS can express high-quality color scheme.

Also, because the viewing angle is wide, it is easy to see illustrations without discomfort even when viewing the screen diagonally.

It changes the posture between the painting and the angle to be seen from the back, and it is the product that the user wants to have because drawing tablet with screen is the width of the viewing angle and stops the difficulty.

I think that the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 adopting the IPS method is attracted to the place where the limit of the viewing angle is small.

The advantages of the IPS method are large even considering the drawbacks of the liquid crystal panel.

Delicate and smooth drawing with improved touch pen

The Wacom Pro Pen 2 eliminates complaints from existing touch pens, allowing you to draw pictures with a delicate touch.

Accurate Drawing It is a pen that is suitable for digital illustration with high completeness. It seems to be able to realize stress-free drawing with high response.

Because it can draw pictures quickly and responsively, you can vividly imagine the pleasure to remember the user.

It is also advantageous to be able to prevent as much as possible to become a strange picture while working on the difference in the direction that is seen to reduce parallax.

Cintiq 13HD

 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD Cintiq 13HD 【2015 model】 DTK-1301/K0

Wide viewing angle is recommended for both horizontal and vertical 178 and wide range of people who want to pursue drawing tablet with screen visibility.

The brightness may be subtle, the screen darkens or brightens, so you can lighten the burden of the advanced eye that was then adjusted.

If visibility is not high, you will not be able to work comfortably.

The PC is simple to install, you can bundle the cable and prevent it from interfering.

The desk clutter is a factor in lowering the working efficiency, so it is important to store the cables to improve the disadvantages.

The stand is designed to be separated and useful when you want to draw a picture with drawing tablet with screen.

Since the stand may be rather disturbing, I felt personally that the detachable stand drawing tablet with screen was getting attention.

It is considered to be easy to use for people by putting it on the desk by removing the stand.

Purchase special case of propen only purchase ease of handling and great deals

Includes propene special case, just replace the replacement nib and color pen ring.

Easy to carry with drawing tablet with screen It helps when you want to exchange your pen everywhere.

The person who thinks that it is more convenient to carry is Cintiq 13HD and the case of the tap and pro pen exclusive case subtracting cumbersome How about experiencing the mobile phone?

We are carrying out limited set discount campaign at Wacom Store, and purchase of set with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX (DL version) is cheap at 11,560 yen.

Since we do not accept returns, we will judge you by purchasing the really necessary drawing tablet with screen.

Anyway, buying a set is a deal that can be bought cheaply, and it is a moment to glimpse the good side of the Wacom Store.

Paper-like film for Wacom drawing tablet with screen

Elecom Wacom pen tablet Cintiq 13 HD/HD Touch/Cintiq Companion2 Film paper-like anti-reflection prevention 13.3 inches [made in Japan] TB-WC13FLAPL

If you are using Wacom drawing tablet with screen, do you not mind that the LCD screen is damaged or dirty?

I worry that the screen becomes sticky on the fingerprint, and it is troublesome to wipe it every time the fingerprint remains.

It is recommended to people who are worried about it, and paper-like film, so the fingerprint is not coated because it is coated with anti-fingerprint.

I have a refreshing feeling that I do not have a clean fingerprint screen.

Prevent reflection of screen to make bubbles inconspicuous

It is an anti-reflective type LCD protective film, which prevents light from entering the screen.

For 21.5 inches, the air bubbles are not noticeable over time after the film is installed.

Bubbles are unlikely to damage the visibility because it is surprisingly used, it is a product that attracts attention to those who do not use screen protective film.

Even if there was a small bubble, you can eliminate the bubble by sticking out with your finger.

There is a bubble on the screen with Putsuputsu To relieve the complaints because it is surprisingly stressful Wacom drawing tablet with screen is also one way to utilize a paper like film.


If you are planning to debut digital illustrations in drawing tablet with screen, will the products introduced here be a good reference?

Drawing a picture from paper to a device has changed dramatically with the times, and Japanese technology means that it is also penetrating the arts.

It is because there are many things that I believe and can not doubt that I can deliver dreams and impressions to as many people as possible through pictures.

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