4 drawing tablet with screen is more familiar with digital illustrations! Reasons why the pen input is smooth and the flat screen is easy to use

HUION GT-220V2 IPS Liquid Crystal 21.5 inch X Full HDX Silver (V 2 Silver)

If you want to draw digital pictures in drawing tablet with screen, why not read a lot of drawing tablet with screen here?

Compared to the large screen, the price is cheap, there is a variety of benefits, such as easy to increase work motivation and clear screen.

Since you may have a drawing tablet with screen that you do not know, read to the end and find the drawing tablet with screen that suits you.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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HUION GT-220V2 IPS Liquid Crystal 21.5 inch drawing tablet with screen Full HD drawing tablet with screen Silver (V 2 Silver)

It is 21.5 inches in size and is recommended for those who want to secure a wide working range.

It is easy to handle because it draws many pictures in one operation as big as the screen!

It is drawing tablet with screen that the impression rises.

The price is 63,499 yen, and the size of the screen is a good point of many cospa.

8192 Because it corresponds to the pressure level, you can taste the natural feel.

Pressure is different for each person, it is easy to handle even those who are tired of becoming unable to use the touch pen because of the strong pressure.

It is also mastery to bring out satisfactory taste and taste with strong pressure.

I want to make pressure stronger to complete the impact picture, liquid tab which can meet that demand is also recommended products for those who are interested in making digital illustrations.

Corresponds to stand angle adjustment and dual display

The angle of the stand is also important for easy posture.

“GT-220V2 can adjust the angle of the stand, and this angle will be comfortable to work, but …” You can eliminate the complaint.

The monitor stand can be adjusted in the range of 10 ° to 80 °, making it possible to perform tasks that are not tiring on the wrist.

The fatigue of the wrist is one of the causes of the connection to the work of the work, so it is also important to adjust the stand so as not to strain the wrist as much as possible.

Supporting dual displays, switching the screen of the drawing tablet with screen one by one, I do not want to reduce the efficiency of work is the specification of the product is put your eyes.

Switching the screen causes stress and causes a frustration because the work does not progress …

If you are using drawing tablet on screen with the disadvantages, try to experience dual display on GT-220V2.

Boost work motivation with beautiful screen

Because I use IPS liquid crystal, I think that there are many things that are impressed by the clarity of the screen.

Since the resolution is as high as 1920 × 1080, it is a good idea to draw a picture while looking at a clean picture.

It is smile that it is easy to raise the completeness of the picture together with the advantage of the picture quality.

It is easy to imagine a finished image that increases the realistic high resolution.

If you were working on a poor quality drawing tablet with screen, this picture is now complete, but now it is surely one … and easy to remove the motivation of the user.

I see that the GT-220V2 has the effect of not creating negative emotions because of its superior image quality.

Smoothness not penalizing with pen insertion also points attention

It is very soft to put a pen, there is a high-pitched voice quickly.

The first step is also important to draw a picture, it takes a long time to enter the pen is a big obstacle to those who want to express digital illustrations skills.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the product that many people want to have a liquid tab is not interested in the obstacle.

The GT-220V2 is also bad for those who are suffering from pen input.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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 Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 drawing tablet with screen 13.3 inch Full HD drawing tablet with screen Wacom propen 2 included Mac compatible with Windows DTH-1320/K0

Wacom products are compatible with Mac or Windows.

There are many people who draw digital illustrations on a Mac.

Because the Mac population is growing compared to the past, the tabs for Mac users have become widespread.

13.3 inches compact, making it easy to carry around is characterized by small size.

As well as the house, drawing tablet with screen is a point of interest in the ease of carrying, assuming the needs of anyone who wants to use the drawing tablet with screen.

Pursue ease of drawing with full flat screen

The screen is smooth and perfectly flat, so it is recommended for those who want to pursue the convenience.

It was because I like to feel like I have a picture on a glass touch screen with a touch screen, drawing tablet with screen is the first time to draw a fluffy!

There are also praise voices coming out.

If the screen is perfectly flat, you’re worried that the touch pen is trapped on the screen.

Therefore, it is understood that DTH-1320 / K0 which improves the difficulty of existing drawing is thought to be made of full plane drawing tablet with screen, and it is understood that it specializes in digital illustration production.
drawing tablet with screen

It is possible to achieve both intuitive drawing and intuitive drawing

It is also easy to draw well on the edge of the display by avoiding the parallax.

It is also nice to improve precision and where the touch pen responds accurately to the screen!

There are various functions to inflate the creativity, and the -win multi function can hold the user’s mind to simplify the workflow.

Wacom Pro Pen 2 is intuitive to express what I think is a gem that I want to push the creator of the product.

It does not exaggerate if it improves creativity freely by touch.

Various merits of easy to draw touch pen

Wacom Pro Pen 2 You can reproduce the natural feeling of drawing with paper and pencil.

I am drawing a digital illustration, and I feel like I have drawn many analogue illustrations.

Because you can draw with a pressure of four times, you can taste the feeling that comes with a strong pressure.

It is painful to be the obstacle to the production of digital illustration of the intensity of the pressure, I feel like a touch pen to overcome the obstacles and I’m going to rise up.

The accuracy and responsiveness of the drawing is a drawing tool that is powerful enough for many people to think that they want to continue using it.

I felt that the height of the digital illustration threshold was solved by the high performance of the touch pen.


【2015 model】Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD touch function installed Cintiq 13HD touch DTH-1300/K0

2015 model drawing tablet with screen, 13.3 inches in size, but the screen is large.

I use a small drawing tablet with screen as much as possible, but the bigger the screen, the more snow.

If you are thinking of buying a big screen drawing tablet with screen even at the expense of the compact, why not try the DTH-1300 / K0?

Drawing fully utilizing both hands and drawing back to the origin

I want to modify the details in the middle of the picture.

DTH-1300 / K0 can be enlarged with one hand, so it can be corrected with other hand.

If you do not use one hand was missed in the recommendation to those who want to speed up the work by utilizing both hands Worse!

Is not it good for you?

The touch pen corresponds to the 2048 level pressure, and it is easy to draw close to the analog illustration with the tilt detection function.

It is easy to improve the drawing ability based on the origin by using the touch pen and the tilt detection function which uses the screen to the drawing because the drawing on the paper is drawn back to the origin.


HUION® Graphic monitor for professional - glove attached drawing tablet with screen GT-190S

We sell at 40,993 yen on Amazon, and it seems like the luxury drawing tablet with screen is deprived of what you want.

It is recommended for those who come with a dedicated black glove and have a sense of discomfort to work with bare hands.

Because it may get dirty hands and bare hands, stop working, touch each other, hand wiping every time to work out the perfect glove.

It is the ideal type of digital illustration production that drawing tablet with screen user demands even the clean work which does not dirty the hand.


I have seen drawing tablet with screen, but if you have a clue to find a drawing tablet with screen that you want to continue to love, you are desperate to have written this article.

It is not uncommon for humankind’s technological advances to have a large impact on the drawing tools and to use liquid tabs to escape from the analog illustration.

It is best to use drawing tablet with screen to change the drawing style now!

As mentioned above, the sight of the ones who are proud of are rising to the eye.

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