A thorough explanation of the charm of a nova “raytrektab” of super-discount drawing tablet with screen

raytrektab DG-D08IWP 8 inch tablet with pen pressure sensing pen

Drawing tablet with screen, it was common sense that 100,000 yen was down price.

5-7 million yen drawing tablet with screen is being released in succession from various overseas companies, and attention is paid to the trend of drawing tablet with screen market.

It is “raytrektab” of Duspa who is famous for gaming PC that appeared in the middle.

I tell you its specs and charm.

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Specification of raytrektab

raytrektab DG-D08IWP 8 inch tablet with pen pressure sensing pen

Drawing tablet with screen of less than 50,000 yen is being released one after another, but “raytrektab” has been released with preparation in full in Dospara.

It is now possible to test-write at some stores in the Comic Market in the winter of 2017, and at some stores in Dusa Pharao.

First, we introduce the basic performance.

Basic performance

“raytrektab” is OS built-in drawing tablet with screen.

You do not need to prepare a separate PC, you can make illustrations and manga just by preparing this one and paint software.

It is 8 inches in size and a bit smaller than Apple’s flagship tablet.

The weight of the body is 400g, and you can draw pictures while holding it with one hand.

The computer specs are designed with Intel’s quad core CPU (1.44Ghz / 2MB) and 4GB of memory.

I was nervous when I started a lot of applications, but I have a graphic output performance towards major paint softwares.

Pressure sensing performance has become 4096 points, and Adobe’s high-performance graphics software is written and feels uncomfortable.

It is also recommended a strong touch of boy cartoon style.

The main storage is 64GB and it is somewhat lacking to save a lot of finished works, but it can be utilized comfortably by utilizing various cloud software such as Dropbox.

Comparison of price and other products

Choice of drawing tablet with screen less than 50,000 yen is not few, but there was complaint that there is anxiety in support of all overseas companies.

Because this product can get maintenance and support from DOSPARA, it is safe for those who are not confident in English or who have questions about the quality of overseas products.

On the other hand, it is the screen size which becomes a little obstacle.

I can expect a size of about 10 to 21 inches from other affordable drawing tablet with screen, but this is the part where one hand becomes anxious.

If you open various tool windows in Paint Soft and display a grave screen, it may look strong.

Even if it is, I use a simple UI of a Photoshop system, and a person who is using a paint soft and thinks for a little graffiti use can use without a problem.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Introduced media and features

The liquid crystal panel and pen technology of this product has been evaluated as first-class, the concept is “for those who can not touch the full-fledged drawing tablet with screen ” is said.

We are actively evaluated in various illustration lectures and Twitter, but we tell contents here.

Wacom’s strong support

Pressure and tilt detection technology has become trusted by Wacom sponsors.

It is the purpose of this product that the cost reduction of the production line and the used parts thoroughly is easy to purchase.

Even during repairs and maintenance, it is safe to those who want to use long-term information and services by sending Wacom technology and personnel dispatch.

Compatibility with Wacom’s accessories (film and shim) is expected in the future, and despite its recent launches, we are looking forward to it.

Backup of “one up”

One of the charms of this product is “one up”.

According to this, there is a condition for the pen function in the mainstream drawing tablet with screen.

Incorporating the basic function of making the pen eraser when you turn the pen upside down as it is drawn with a pen tip, the thickness of the pen itself is also easy to grip and adjust.

Carrying rubber grips are performed by skilled illustrators and cartoonists – The pen is made to be able to respond to the user, such as access to analog feel and put in a carp, feeling that can be satisfied even those who are familiar with digital drawing.

In recent years, 2in1PC and high-performance tablets are also popular in the design, but can be designed without the burden of the bedroom and go out and mix the basic features that should be equipped with drawing tablet with screen, has achieved a low-cost design environment and developers.

The shortcut function is also substantial.

The compact drawing tablet with screen has the weakness that it can not be equipped with the physical button, but this product has created shortcut keys on the touch screen and assigned them to realize good drawing efficiency.

Target is high school student and amateur writer is assumed.

You can use free lecture of “one up” introduced here and explanation of professional creator who is lecturer on such site to begin with digital creator with peace of mind.

Support and price

Even if you purchase one of the Amazon Das Paula official site, we guarantee it for one year.

In addition, if you sign up for the guarantee plan of 380 yen per month, the free inspection service is free of charge in the event of a breakdown if it is hard or soft.

The warranty plan also offers a 10% increase in purchase price in the DoSuparra trading service.

If you want to continue making illustration cartoons as an alternative during repair, you can get a loan if you join the upgrade plan of 980 yen every month.

As mentioned earlier, it is also a nice point to support all Japanese phone support manual.

Another cheap drawing tablet with screen is not a big advantage.

It is more advantageous with installment payment

46,112 yen (tax excluded) is very profitable, but also supports up to 48 times the split.

Duspa regularly runs a free installment free campaign, which you can purchase at a lower cost.

It is also noteworthy that the period from purchase to delivery is short.

If you purchase from Amazon, the time of arrival will depend on the order quantity, but DOSPARA will be shipped the same day as the order in principle.

If you would like to use the product with confidence, we recommend your order from the official site.

It can also be used as a tablet terminal

This product is sold under the concept of drawing tablet with screen, but also functions as a tablet PC.

SD card slot and Bluetooth are also equipped, you can connect a variety of external devices.

It also comes with a USB port for output to the LCD monitor and is recommended for people who want to deliver angry.

GPS and acceleration sensors are attached, so you can check the map with tethering and enjoy games.

During use, “I want to replace the high-performance drawing tablet with screen ” even when you think it may be useful as a mobile device.

“Tablet PC” is named after the performance of the product is sold, so I will continue to be a digital design, people who are anxious to buy is said to be worth buying.


“raytrektab” is a product with enough features as tablet PC in addition to basic performance · faithful support of professional drawing tablet with screen.

It is also recommended for those who want to use digital mobile phones for long periods of time.

Because it is drawn at the shop of Dusupa of various places, please try to move on foot by all means.

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