Convenience is high for drawing tablet with screen “HUION GT – 156 HDV 2”??

HUION GT-156HDV2 drawing tablet with screen full HD 15.6 inch 8192 level pressure sensing drawing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen (liquid type pen tab) can produce digital illustrations in a state close to the environment where the analog illustration is produced.

However, when using Drawing tablet with screen, it is not only that the function is enriched, but also it is difficult to use it for a long time because it is convenient.

So what I would like to recommend is “HUION GT-156HDV2”.

Drawing tablet with screen is not only high performance, but also because it is a model that can be satisfied by many people from the convenience is increasing.

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Convenience of HUION GT-156HDV2

The convenience of this product is not only easy to carry, but also because it can adjust the angle.

Therefore, please check that the convenience of this product is getting higher in order to save available drawing tablet with screen.

Thin shape

This product is ” Thin shape” has become, the thickness of the body is only 15mm.

In fact, this product is 15.6 inches, so the width is getting a little longer, because there is only 15mm thick, making it easier to carry a slightly larger bag.

In addition, the weight of this product is only 3.81kg, so women and children are also portable models.

Therefore, if you want to make illustrations from the computer company or art school, this product is recommended.

3 in 1 cable

When using the pen tab, you will need a power cable and a cable to connect it to your computer.

However, when these various cables are installed on a desk, it may be caught by some instrument, causing the liquid tab to drop.

In fact, drawing tablet with screen is a precision instrument, so if you drop it off your computer desk, it may be damaged and you should not be careful.

So this product, “3 in 1 cable” is in the accessory, making it possible to use less cable.

Adjust angle

Drawing tablet with screen is different from Conventional drawing tablet because the illustration is reflected in the body, you can create illustrations while watching the body Drawing tablet with screen.

However, unlike the display on a PC, Drawing tablet with screen is laid down on a computer desk, so it is in a low position.

Therefore, it is easy to make shoulder stiffness and neck stiffness because it is made by tilting your head.

In addition, in the fortune-telling, it is difficult to draw a little illustration.

This product is “angle adjustment” can be made, making it easier to make illustrations.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Three remarkable functions

This product is not only increasing convenience, but also has many features that can be satisfied.

Therefore, I would like to introduce to you that I think it is an interesting place for those who want to use powerful drawing tablet with screen.

8192 level

The key point when choosing drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet is the “pressure sensing function”.

This is because the pressure feature allows you to control the thickness of lines and colors depending on the state of the force exerted on the dedicated pen.

If you actually try to create a picture with your mouse, adjusting the thickness of lines and colors is not an easy task.

And the pressure sensing function installed on this product has 8192 level, so you can adjust the thickness of various lines and colors.

So you can easily draw from the bold line to the thin line in the outline of the character.

High resolution

This product is not only pressure-sensitive, but also has a resolution up to 1920 × 1080.

The fact that the resolution is actually high, it is possible to show a beautiful illustration, but the secret is the relationship between resolution and dot (dot).

Since the resolution is a state in which dots are gathered, 1920 × 1080 is 1920 dots horizontally and 1080 dots vertically.

So you can smooth lines and beautiful gradation.

Express key

Sometimes you repeat the same task when you create digital illustrations.

In such a case, there is work which is not executed in the certain procedure, and it is troublesome.

So this product has more than 14 ‘ExpressKey’ because it is equipped with a variety of “shortcuts” is to be able to set.

By using this function, you can perform various operations simply by pressing a button, so you can produce digital illustrations efficiently.

Product information of this product

drawing tablet with screen

If you want to know more about this product X, check out the convenience and features of this product.

Accessories of this product

This product has various accessories. In addition to drawing tablet with screen, there is a pen tip pen clip (PE330), a pen case, a USB cable for charging a rechargeable pen, a 3 in 1 cable power adapter, a stunt, a user manual, a driver CD, , And pens.

Not only this convenient cable, but also a variety of pen supplies are available, so digital illustrations can be made.

Cost performance

Even if you know the charm of this product, drawing tablet with screen has a lot of images, so many people will want to buy the Conventional drawing tablet side.

In fact, this product is drawing tablet with screen, which is available at an affordable price, and Amazon is free to purchase at a tax-inclusive price of ¥ 49,000.

In fact, there is a model that is about 300,000 yen when it is large amount of drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

Users reviews

drawing tablet with screen

This product is cost effective drawing tablet with screen, but unexpectedly, not only those who are satisfied with the users, but also those who are dissatisfied.

So I will introduce you to the word of mouth so that you do not have to buy this product drawing tablet with screen and regret it.

Good reviews

Because this product is equipped with 14 ExpressKeys, there are those who like to use a variety of shortcut keys.

Therefore, those who are working in the design industry, even those who are chased by delivery, is worth using this product.

In addition, the liquid crystal screen of this product is also excellent in durability, there are occasions when it is satisfied that it is difficult to have scratches.

If there is scratches on the LCD screen in reality, because the special pen hangs, where durability is a great attraction of this product.

Bad reviews

drawing tablet with screen

I installed the driver on my PC and could not detect drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, if you are not familiar with setting up your PC, it’s a good idea to set it up to someone who knows your computer.

Also, if you use this product, the screen might disappear.

Therefore, you should not be careful because there is a problem that the problem will occur while drawing an illustration, and concentration may be cut off.

In such cases, it is recommended that you free up space on your computer.


This product is easy to move because it is easy to move, so if you want to use the same liquid tab at home is another point to note.

In addition, since there are 14 ExpressKeys, you can create illustrations efficiently, so you can complete the picture in a short time.

However, there are some cases that cause problems, please pay attention to the PC space and how to set it.

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