Drawing tablet “Intuos Pen S size” is compact but highly functional

Drawing Tablets are easy-to-make digital pictures because they are highly functional peripherals.

Be careful, however, if you install a large drawing tablet, it is difficult to operate.

So what we would like to recommend is the drawing tablet “Intuos Pen S Size”.

These drawing tablets are small in size and feature rich and strive to appeal to you.

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Intuos Pen S size attention

This product has excellent “writing pressure level” and “drawing comfort”, making it easier to create digital illustrations.

It is also easier to install on a PC desk, so I will introduce it in detail.

Writing pressure level

The pen pressure of this product is “1024 level”, so you can easily change the thickness of the line and color.

Therefore, if you draw a special pen, pulling it will thicken the lines and colors, weakening and drawing the force exerted on the exclusive pen. You can thin lines and colors.

Therefore, you can draw from the character’s thin hair to the border of the clothes with one paint.

With this in mind, if you are using a drawing tablet with a low handwriting pressure, it may be better to replace it with this product if it takes time to take a picture.

Compact size

This product is marked “S size” in the product name and has been reduced in size.

In fact, the size of this product is 209.9 width × 177.5 depth × 10.0 mm height.

Because it is a compact pentab in this way, it is easy to install drawing tablet even if PC, keyboard, mouse etc. are installed in PC desk.

Therefore, it is easier to store materials for digital illustration production, so you can proceed efficiently.

Natural drawing comfort

Because drawing tablets use special pens, it’s easier to create digital illustrations than mice.

However, if you are not comfortable with your drawing, be careful because you can not draw a soft line because special pen is stuck.

This pen is not very catchy because it becomes a natural picture.

The drawing tablet is a sophisticated ” drawing tablet with screen” type, but this type has a liquid crystal screen, so special pen may be slippery and slippery.

If you use such a model, you can not draw lines with images, so natural pictures are a big attraction of the product.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Benefits of producing digital illustrations

Even those who use drawing tablets can not use Pentab’s features unless they understand the benefits of creating digital illustrations.

So, I will introduce the advantages of digital illustration production.

Data management

When drawing tablet and your personal computer work together, you can use a variety of specialized software to create digital illustrations.

Many software for creating digital illustrations have a “layer function” so you can easily draw from an illustration to a picture using this layer function.

That way, we first place the photo image on the lower layer.

You can then make the photo image thinner by increasing the transparency of the upper layer.

If the picture is thin, you can pull the special pen to draw the actual picture from the picture along with the image.

Easy to modify and process

When you create an artwork, you must clear the bent line or paint another color over the wrong color.

If you currently use only one layer, you can clear lines and colors that you do not need to edit if you try to modify them.

So if you create multiple layers and break them into clothing layers, hair layers, skin layers, etc., you can only fix or handle the wrong locations.

Product information details

If you do not know the product information in detail when you select a drawing tablet, you will regret it after purchase.

So, we will also introduce product information about this drawing tablet.

Required OS

Some drawing tablets have models that can generate digital illustrations without a PC, but many of these models exceed 100,000 yen.

Since this product is not for the upper model, you need to install the OS that can support the drawing tablet on your PC because you have to use the PC together.

And the OS that can cope with this product is 8 · 7 (SP 1 or more). · Windows (Mac) is Vista (SP 2 or later) and Mac is OS X 10.6.8 or later.

Therefore, it is recommended to check this product after confirming that this OS is installed.


When ordering this product, various accessories will be set up (be careful because it may vary depending on the sales site).

The contents of the accessories are three pens, driver CD, quick start guide, replacement wick.

Among them, alternative core may be mentioned as a remarkable product.

If you actually use a drawing tablet, the end of the dedicated pen will wear out and you will need to cycle periodically.

So if you have 3 alternate leads like this one, you do not have to buy a core for a while.

Cost performance

Speaking about drawing tablet, many people will have expensive images.

This product is sold at a reasonable price, Amazon is free shipping and the price including tax is 5,980 yen.

However, this price is second hand. So be careful if you want a new drawing tablet.

The price of the new is slightly higher, but the tax-inclusive price of 19,400 yen (as of April 28, 2018) is available for free shipping.

Therefore, this product is also recommended for people looking for low-cost drawing tablets.

User satisfaction

This product is drawing tablet for cost-performance, but is unsatisfied with user experience.

So if you are worried about buying this drawing tablet please refer to the reviews of people who use this product.

Favorable reviews

Some of the users of this product were trying to make the core setting “soft” and to ease the writing pressure, but there were some people who were not very satisfied with the wear of the core.

As a result, it is not only cheaper, but it also maintains some maintenance costs.

Also, because this product likes compact size, this product is also recommended for people with small personal computer desks.

And some people like durable places, so they can be used for a long time.

Negative reviews

There was a person who was difficult to use because it was drawn softly when I tried this product.

Therefore, note the people who are looking for drawing tablet being a stiff picture point.

Also, when drawing a dedicated pen, it may take a while to get used to work because the line may be broken.

Therefore, if you have never used drawing tablet, be careful because you have to practice a certain amount.


With drawing tablet with screen, you can easily create digital illustrations because there are many large models and close to the analog environment.

However, installing these large drawing tablet requires a large computer desk and is more expensive.

So if you have a small computer desk, it’s a compact size and worth considering for this high-performance product.

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