Drawing tablet “WACOM PTZ – 631 W / G 0” is high in COSPA?

WACOM PTZ-631W/G0 Intuos3 gray

Many people would like to try digital illustrations because they can not be repaired if watercolor or oil paint fail.

In fact, it is better to use ” drawing tablet ” when creating digital illustrations, but be careful because this drawing tablet requires a lot of expensive models.

However, “WACOM PTZ-631 W / G 0” is sold at a reasonable price and can be drawn with light lines.

So I think it’s an interesting model for people looking for high-cost drawing tablets. Let me introduce more details.

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Features of WACOM PTZ-631 W / G 0

WACOM PTZ-631W/G0 Intuos3 gray

This product has four spot colors that are not included in the lower model, such as pen pressure function, tilt detection, special pen functions, and function keys.

These four points make it easy to create digital illustrations with this product, so let’s get closer to its appeal.

Drawing of light lines is possible

The pen pressure of this product is “1024 level”, so it is easier to adjust the thickness of the line and color by adjusting the penetration of the power of the dedicated pen.

However, as far as functionality is concerned, it is not unusual because it has many drawing tablets.

However, this product is equipped with the ability to easily detect even with light pen pressure, so you can draw light.

So when you create a digital illustration, you can draw a line drawn on a bright line that gives you some strength.

Detect inclination

The function installed in drawing tablet of upper model provides “tilt detection function”.

This function allows you to adjust the shading of the line according to the tilt of the special pen.

It is reasonably priced, but has a cost-effective model with tilt detection.

In addition, by installing the tilt detection function, it is easy to draw lines without making a special pen vertically, so do not use too much attention to the angle of the dedicated pen (please note that there are individual differences).

Convenient special pen

There are many people who pay attention to the body part of drawing tablet, but surprisingly the special pen is also an important part.

Depending on the drawing tablet model, there is an item with an “eraser function” on the dedicated pen and an item that is not loaded.

The exclusive pen of this product is equipped with an eraser function, so you can turn the special pen upside down to turn off lines and colors.

In addition, “rubber grip” because it is so comfortable to wear, hands are not very tired for a long time.

Function key

When you click on a tool, there are areas that become a nuisance when creating digital illustrations.

Because you actually need to paint and paint the lines, you need to click the special software tool with your mouse to perform other tasks.

However, this product has a “function key” installed, so you can switch some of your work by pressing the button with your finger.

Because it can be done efficiently, this product is recommended for those who want to make illustrations in a short time.

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How to manage illustration on PC

This product can be used efficiently.

However, using the features of a personal computer can make it more efficient.

Learn how to efficiently create digital illustrations using the capabilities of a PC.

Manage by folder

It is important to manage “folders” when creating digital pictures on your computer.

For example, if you draw a character or a horizontal picture, you can create a character and horizontal picture-only folder and manage it to see the picture you created immediately.

You can also create folders based on the date order. If you create a 2017 folder and a 2018 yen folder, it is also possible to see how much drawing power has increased compared to previous works.

Device name devised

Since the PC has a search function, you can search from the image name of the folder that contains the image.

For example, if you are drawing a game character, you can add “monster” or “person” to the image. If you search for monster, only the image of the monster is detected.

So if you create a slime monster named “Slime_monster”, it will be detected when you search for monster.

This image management allows you to compare and organize a variety of images so you can progress efficiently.

Product information details

If you are an older model, you can create digital illustrations without using a PC, but you should use this product with your PC.

So we introduce this drawing tablet product information. Therefore, please install OS and price on PC.

Required OS

OS required for this product is XP, Me, 98SE, 2000, Vista for Windows, OS X 10.2.8 or later for Mac.

Only one of these OSes should be installed on the PC.

However, be aware that depending on your personal computer model, there are operating systems that can not be installed.

For this reason, if possible, ask your clerk who is familiar with the consumer electronics store or your personal computer whether you can install this OS on your PC.

Reasonable price

Since this product was drawing tablet with many attractive points, many people were worried that it was actually a reasonable price.

However, this product will be used in the Amazon, but the price of 4,444 yen including tax (as of April 29, 2018) can be purchased as a postage.

In fact, there are many drawing tablet that are over 100,000 yen in used goods.

Therefore, those who are looking for drawing tablet whose price is cheaper are worth looking at this product.

User satisfaction

We have introduced the charm of this product, but some people actually want to know how satisfied they are with those who use it.

So, we will introduce reviews of people who use this product.

Favorable reviews

Because this product is long and horizontal, it is easy to draw because there are people who are satisfied.

However, some people who want vertical lengths can be difficult to draw, so be careful.

There were also people who were able to customize the drawing tablet-body as well as special pens.

Therefore, those who are not satisfied with the customization of the drawing tablet-body are worthy of this product.

Negative reviews

The input area of this product is 271.0 × 158.8mm, but there were people who felt small in this size.

In fact, a small drawing tablet can not draw lines quickly, so be careful.

However, when I tried to carry this product, there were some people who felt the size was bigger.

Therefore, be careful that this product is not only difficult to operate but also not easily transportable.

And because I was not used to adjusting the writing pressure of this product, I have to practice a bit.


Because this product is small in size, it is difficult to use drawing tablet.

However, a smaller size is not a disadvantage because it is not as easy to install on a computer desk.

And this product is somewhat more expensive than a mouse. If you think it is a very functional drawing tablet, it is worth buying.

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