What is the charm of “XP-Pen StarG430SW” in Drawing tablet?

XP-Pen drawing tablet 4*3 inches drawing tablet 2 mm thickness 8192 Level Pressure Illustration Introductory OSU! Game White StarG430S W

The drawing tablet is a peripheral for creating digital illustrations, but it includes some music files such as “XPU – Pen StarG 430SW” and music game “OSU!”. Some models are available.

But because there are a lot of people who do not know about this music game and drawing tablets features, I will try to see its appeal.

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Attraction of XP-Pen StarG430SW

XP-Pen drawing tablet 4*3 inches drawing tablet 2 mm thickness 8192 Level Pressure Illustration Introductory OSU! Game White StarG430S W

This product can be used not only for music gaming but also has many functions for creating illustrations.

We will introduce this drawing tablet in detail because it is convenient model.

Writing pressure level

The Drawing Tablet has a “Filling Level” that affects functionality when creating digital illustrations.

Actually, the width of the line and the thickness of the color vary depending on the value of the pen pressure level.

Therefore, drawing tablets with low handwriting pressure will not make the lines and colors too thick, even when you apply pressure to the dedicated pen.

However, the pen pressure level of this product is 8192 level.

This level is inferior to that of the high-end model’s drawing tablet, so it’s likely that those who are not satisfied with quality will be satisfied.

Reaction rate

When you try to use the drawing tablet, the lines on your PC’s display may not be drawn as expected.

This happens because of the slow reaction rate.

However, the reaction rate of this product is “266 RPS”.

So it’s easier to draw a smooth line, so you can easily make a picture with a picture.

Music games

There are various kinds of music games, but the game “OSU!” Is to click and drag the marker that appears on the screen to match the mark.

This game can be used with a mouse, but it is better to use this product if it is difficult to operate with a mouse.

You may think that many people will spend money on games, but this game is free so you can play games easily.

Compact size

When operating the drawing tablet, it is necessary to touch the special pen to the reading area of the main body.

For this reason, large drawing tablets are easier to work with, but care should be taken as they require a wider personal computer desk.

The reading area size of this product is 4 × 3 inches.

This compact size makes it easy to install even though the PC desk is not wide.

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Pen tablet with open canvas

Even if you purchase a drawing tablet, you can not yet create digital illustrations and you need to prepare special software.

However, this product comes with special software “open Canvas” that allows you to create digital illustrations, so you do not need to buy special software.

Let’s take a look at the features of open canvas and the benefits of creating digital illustrations.

Remarkable functions

“Open Canvas” has an “Event Function” that records the procedure for creating an illustration.

This feature is not only recorded, but you can play it so you can see how to make a picture.

So, those who have not created digital illustrations so far can get used to the operation in a short time.

In addition, brushes and filters of various colors are installed to easily change the style.

Benefits of Digital Illustration

If you are creating an analog illustration, you may not realize the benefits of digital illustration creation.

In fact, when you create a digital illustration, you do not have time to dry the colors, so you can overcoat immediately.

In addition, the software for creating digital illustrations has many “layer functions” and can give various effects to illustrations registered on layers.

So if you register a character’s clothes on a specific layer, you can create translucent clothes simply by increasing the transparency of the layer.

Product information details

We will be introducing the product information of this drawing tablet next time we learned the charm of this product and openCanvas.

Package Contents

In addition to drawing tablets, you can set up a variety of accessories when purchasing this product.

Package contents include dedicated pen (P01 pen pressure pen), quick start guide, replacement core (10), replacement core grabber and more.

The charm is that 10 alternate wicks are ready.

Drawing tablets that can produce digital illustrations wear special pen tips

Therefore, if you have 10 replacement wicks, you do not need to spend a lot of money because you do not need to buy replacement cores for a while.

Reasonable price

The Drawing Tablet is a device that makes it easy to create digital illustrations, but there are several models that cost over 200,000 yen.

Therefore, it is not easy to purchase, but the price of this product is available from Amazon Shipping Free Shipping Price 3,499 yen (as of April 25, 2018).

If you think that even a mouse sold in Japan has many models of about 3000 yen, this product will be comparable to a mouse.

Therefore, even those who are concerned about buying a drawing tablet should be free to purchase this product.

Review of this product

Because this product is as affordable as a drawing tablet, there are a lot of people who actually feel uneasy about its solid function.

So I will introduce a review of this product. Please refer to this drawing tablet as a reference.

Favorable review

This product has an installation guide, so anyone who has not used it until now has been satisfied with the ease of operation.

Therefore, even those who are uneasy are worth a try because they have never used a drawing tablet.

Also, because the price of this product is low, some people are satisfied because the function is robust.

Therefore, this product is also recommended for those looking for cost-effective drawing tablets.

Negative review

It’s a compact size, but it’s too small to draw illustrations, and some people have complained.

Therefore, if you are using a wider personal computer desk, you should consider this product carefully.

I also did not react too much if I did not apply strong force to this product.

And somebody felt that the body of this product was soft and the special pen was slippery.

Therefore, please be careful because it takes time to become familiar with the operation method.


In addition to low prices, this product can also be used for music games.

For that reason, the ability to create key illustrations is low, but there are many who feel that writing pressure levels and response rates are excellent.

Because it is a model with these features, it is likely to satisfy the functionality of this product even if you are considering drawing a tablet to make illustrations.

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