Drawing tablet with screen , but also as a personal computer! Ability of “MobileStudio Pro”

 Wacom Windows 10 installed drawing tablet with screen Wacom MobileStudio Pro13 Core i5/memory 8GB/128GB SSD/13.3 inch DTH-W1320L/K0

Stable and professional support is also received King of drawing tablet with screen, Wacom is also a product.

“MobileStudio Pro” comes as an option if you are not confident about your computer’s spec knowledge that you need to prepare on your computer.

However, the height of the price is a reality that many hesitate to buy a stumbling block.

Introduce infinite possibilities.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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“MobileStudio Pro” is really PC nice

 Wacom Windows 10 installed drawing tablet with screen Wacom MobileStudio Pro13 Core i5/memory 8GB/128GB SSD/13.3 inch DTH-W1320L/K0

The only Wacom drawing tablet with screen product that can be used in “without a PC” is “MobileStudio Pro”.

However, for those who are concerned about surfing the Web or working with Office software, performance as a PC may be more worrisome.

The best pen panel of Wacom products is not only a drawing tablet with screen, but also a PC.

Height of main body spec

To put it concretely, the pen touch input function is excellent ‘tablet’ can be called this model.

However, storage tips · The CPU and GPU do not compromise with respect to the mounting parts that are compared to desktop PCs.

So it is priced, but the cheapest model also has almost the same performance as my ready-made brand notebook.

It is strongly recommended to those who are concerned about the use when the quality is important and drawing tablet with screen is not accustomed to.

Output to LCD monitor

It is also possible to output to the LCD monitor from the USB terminal that can connect the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

This way you can use it as a desktop PC.

Of course, as well as LCD monitors, so you can also connect to the TV, you can do without relying on the specification of the recording in the drawing.

When you go out on your tablet, you can use it as a desktop PC at home is a great attraction.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Specification of “MobileStudio Pro”

We explain specifically the components that we are introducing here and how much performance we are proud of.

To put it concretely, you can say that it is suitable for games as well as pen-touch performance.

The CPU is from i5 and i7

The CPU can be Intel’s 6th generation Core i5 / i7.

Each boasts a clock of 2.9GHz / 3.3GHz, but it is almost identical to the CPU used for gaming PCs.

Core i5 models can also move anything from paint to game, but if you use it for a long time in the future, if you can change it if you get another attractive drawing tablet with screen, it is also recommended to select the Core i7 model and increase its usage.

NVIDIA high performance GPU

What we are doing is NVIDIA’s GPU with its own refresh rate (one second of rendering speed).

Gamer Illustrator has gained strong support from both sides.

GPU memory is also 2 ~ 4GB, and also supports 3D rendering processing.

You can also say that you can recommend it as an animator.

Storage from 64 to 512 GB

You can choose from a wide range of storage for your budget.

Domestic SSD is adopted, and the import and export speed is enough.

You can reduce latency when storing large amounts of data.

Body Storage Even if you select a model, you can save and back up data using the provided SD card slot or external HDD cloud service.

If you select a large model, you can design while playing music.

The most important memory performance for drawing

The most important thing in moving paint soft is this ‘memory performance’.

Basically, it is said to be more than 8GB which is representative software such as Adobe Xenarusisu.

It is safe to have 16GB if you design while browsing the internet.

This product can choose from a wide range of 4 ~ 16GB.

Let’s make a careful selection based on your software’s recommended environment and professional comments.

There is also 16GB, and it can be said that it is enough to run all the high load software simultaneously as well as the drawing device.

Usage other than drawing

I have been pursuing performance as a computer, but I will consider applications other than drawing.

As a super large tablet PC

The size is 13/16 inches 2 open, but if you think of the tablet is called the maximum class.

However, like notebook PCs, it is hard to carry and fit in a shock case and business bag.

We recommend purchasing the keyboard separately, but even if it is not genuine, we recommend choosing a foldable Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet.

The screen is touch-enabled, and the mouse is not required by default.

This way, you can use it as a mobile PC in a cafe outside.

Of course, you can start / continue the drawing work.

Because it affects the interior of the desktop PC can not be of course, you can also recommend those who need a laptop at work.

It is suitable for reading

You can read magazines and cartoons with various e-book sites and the Kindle app for Windows.

Everyone can read the details of the two-sided size, I like reading, a pleasant place for many painters.

Wacom’s proprietary high-performance LCD panel also has a secret of readability, color images and sharpness of text compared to other tablet / LCD monitors.

To sum up what we have so far, even those who feel “buying for painting only” is worth the price as much as necessary.

Recommended usage for convenient drawing

Finally, I’ll show you some useful suggestions for drawing.

In a nutshell, it is to prepare one LCD monitor.

Dual display setting

Win10 is included in the main body, so you can make settings such as screen duplication and expansion with one touch.

This allows you to connect drawing tablet with screen and LCD monitors and set up dual displays.

The only person who draws at home can work in concurrent parallel, such as finding data on LCD monitors and drawing on drawing tablet with screen.

About the left hand device

The body includes a shortcut key including the wheel, but you can purchase a Wacom genuine left hand device.

If it does, it is recommended because the physical shortcut is simply increased by eight.

However, if you connect a left-handed device for popular game creators, you need to be careful because a conversion terminal is required.

If you are browsing, it is recommended to assign the Win operation key to the body shortcut key.

Since the pen also has three keys, ie eraser and undo / redo, drawing tablet with screen beginners are encouraged to try “only once”.


“MobileStudio Pro” does not have drawing tablet with screen specialized for drawing.

It is the highest grade terminal that can satisfy the expectation of the computer.

For those who want to reduce the room space and those who are both compatible with hard work and hobby picture drawing is called a terminal.

If you buy from the official store, you can also choose a useful set of paint soft case, please check.

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