Drawing tablet with screen can draw illustrations that can not be drawn so far.

With the drawing tablet with screen well, you can draw a picture as an image.

There are many models in drawing tablet with screen, and the specifications vary greatly depending on the model.

When drawing tablet with screen is selected, it is important to select this specification primarily without choosing the price.

Learn how to choose not to fail because it is not cheap.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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What is the difference between drawing tablet with screen and drawing tablet

drawing tabletとは

People who think that they want to draw illustrations digitally, such as drawing tablet with screen and drawing tablets, will not know the difference between the two.

I misunderstand that they both have the same function, and if bought without an in-depth investigation, they will surely fail.

While both have advantages and disadvantages, knowing these two advantages deeply can tell you what type to buy.

It is drawing tablet first, but drawing tablet is a device that can draw using exclusive pen for special plate tab while looking at the screen of personal computer.

People who have drawn digital illustrations using the mouse can feel very convenient using this tab.

The mouse said it was difficult to draw the picture I imagined, and sometimes it was difficult to draw details.

Drawing tablet is a dedicated pen, but it is easier to draw a picture when drawing a picture.

But on the other hand, it makes me feel like I’m painting a real pen with paper. There is a painful side.

I draw the pen on drawing tablet and draw it. However, since my eyes are on the screen of a personal computer, I feel difficulty until I get used to it.

However, drawing tablet has the advantage that it can be purchased very cheaply.

Because LCD screen is not attached, it is also lightweight because it can be purchased cheaply.

What is drawing tablet with screen

And drawing tablet with screen has the ability to draw a tablet with the screen itself.

So it’s very close to the feeling of drawing with pen and paper, so you can easily draw real digital pictures in the field.

As you can imagine, you can imagine drawing tablet with screen like paper. It is a dedicated pen, but you can draw with the pen style you used so far. Digital Picture You can imagine that you can draw easily.

The advantage is that even people who do not use digital illustrations can easily draw without difficulty.

If these benefits are available, they can be easily used in the workplace on the go.

You can also move the screen at a comfortable angle, making it easier to draw.

However, since the LCD screen is attached, the price will inevitably rise.

However, since Conventional drawing tablet comes with the screen of a personal computer, you should understand that you have to purchase a computer screen together.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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How to utilize the merit of drawing tablet with screen

It takes less time to get used to

Drawing tablet with screen is readily available for purchase and you do not have to spend a lot of time getting used to it.

It is also a big advantage of Drawing tablet with screen that it takes some time before using it.

Drawing tablet with screen is indispensable for those who want to instantly imagine what they want and draw illustrations to quickly take notes.

We will use these methods of use to improve work efficiency.

It can also be used as drawing tablet

Drawing tablet with screen can actually be used as a drawing tablet.

If drawing tablet with screen is connected to your personal computer, you can also use it as a picture tablet, so you can take advantage of the drawing tablet.

Drawing tablet can use drawing tablet with screen as if it were painted on paper, but there is a surface that is difficult to paint because the part to be painted is hidden in the hand.

If you have these disadvantages, we recommend that you use the same usage method as the drawing tablet and remove and use the drawing tablet with screen disadvantage.

Use drawing tablet with screen wells to quickly draw digital illustrations such as images.

How to choose drawing tablet with screen

Make sure to emphasize the screen size

When you select drawing tablet with screen, you are initially concerned about screen size.

You can not change the screen size after purchase, so it may take some time to investigate.

All manufacturers are divided into small, medium, and large screen sizes.

For small sizes, there are many 13-inch models and the average size is 16 inches to 22 inches.

And when it gets bigger, many 27 inch classes are sold.

The important thing is to say what kind of use you should use.

When used as a mobile device, it is best to keep it small to medium.

Choosing a larger 27 inch class screen is easy to draw, but it will be difficult to carry with you.

If you plan to use a drawing tablet with screen or a drawing tablet at home, the larger screen size will definitely benefit.

We also emphasize functionality

Also, please understand that there are significant functional differences in drawing tablet with screen depending on the manufacturer.

Due to this feature, it is difficult to draw a digital illustrations. There, it is recommended that you select the best model for high performance.

High-performance drawing tablet with screen is expensive as well. However, if you imagine what you like for a long time, it’s a good idea to buy a high-performance model even when it’s expensive. There is no mistake in the future.

Recommended drawing tablet with screen 2 picks


【Amazon.co.jp Limited】Wacom drawing tablet with screen 15.6 type Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 With original data bonus TDTH-1620/K0

Wacom’s Cintiq Pro 16 is a model that can be called an outstanding drawing tablet with screen in all balances.

Because the screen size is 16 inches, you can feel it as the best size to use for various purposes, and it is difficult to feel inconvenience because it is a high performance Pro model.

Weighing in at just 1.5 kg, it is portable and can be made anytime, anywhere.

Cintiq Pro 16 is the recommended model for many people.


 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 21.5 inch Cintiq22HD 【New model number】January 2015 model DTK-2200/K1

Wacom’s Cintiq 22 HD is a true professional drawing tablet with screen that supports full HD.

It is a digital illustrator exclusive drawing tablet with screen model including the high-performance stand which can rotate the tilt angle adjustment function.

While there are many drawing tablet with screen, the Cintiq 22 HD is an excellent model on many scales and is recommended for those who are professionals and want to learn from a professional drawing tablet. You can speak on the screen.

The screen size is so large that it is easy to draw.


When using drawing tablet with screen, the width of the digital picture changes greatly.

But I definitely forgot what kind of model I should buy. This is especially true if you have never used drawing tablet with screen before.

Now, those who purchase drawing tablet with screen should first choose the knowledge to see basic specifications such as screen size.

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