Drawing tablet with screen “Cintiq 13 HD” in detail!

Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3Full HD LCD Cintiq 13HD 【2015 model】 DTK-1301/K0

Drawing tablet with screen
It is important that people who plan to create digital pictures use the ” Drawing tablet with screen”.

Many illustrators use Drawing tablet with screen more conveniently than a mouse.

You can only set a difference if you use less performance than your competitors use.

Therefore, I would recommend ” Drawing tablet with screen” called “Cintiq 13 HD”.

This “Cintiq 13 HD” not only provides excellent performance, but also high convenience, so I will introduce it in detail.

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Convenience of Cintiq 13 HD

Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3Full HD LCD Cintiq 13HD 【2015 model】 DTK-1301/K0

Cintiq 13 HD works on small computer desks, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about purchasing large drawing tablet with screen.

The Cintiq 13 HD offers up to three points for convenient use.

Compact body

Drawing tablet with screen has an item as big as 27 inches.

By manipulating these products, it will be a bigger screen to improve work efficiency.

However, when you try to install a 27-inch drawing tablet with screen, the PC desk becomes narrower and difficult to operate.

However, the Cintiq 13 HD is a 13-inch drawing tablet with screen, so it is easy to operate on a large desk instead of a computer desk.

Therefore, Cintiq 13 HD is recommended for users who can not install large drawing tablet with screen because of their small PC desk.

Dedicated connection cable

Even those who have never tampered with drawing tablet with screen will think that the people who manipulated the PC would be easier, but the peripherals code on the personal computer will feel confusing.

Be careful because the peripherals of your personal computer are prone to failure if the code is actually caught and tumbled.

As a result, the Cintiq 13 HD code is integrated into one and branches to three in the center.

This makes it difficult to connect the cords and you can also refresh the top of the PC desk.

Three stages of angle

If you use drawing tablet with screen in Illustrator, the attention must be “straight”.

In fact, if you use a smartphone, you’ve seen a low-ranking smartphone for a long time, and the number of straightened bends has increased.

Because drawing tablet with screen is also in a lower position, it is more likely to suffer from a straight line.

However, because the Cintiq 13 HD can adjust the angle in three steps, it is recommended to use drawing tablet with screen because it can reduce the burden on the neck slightly.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Cintiq 13HD function

Cintiq 13HD is not only convenient, it also offers drawing tablet with screen functions.

So if you are looking for a high performance drawing tablet with screen , please refer to the details of the Cintiq 13 HD.

2048 level

For those who run drawing tablet with screen, “writing pressure level” is getting attention.

This handwriting pressure level is a function capable of detecting the handwriting pressure when the dedicated pen touches drawing tablet with screen.

If you are drawing a tablet on a screen with low writing pressure, you need to be careful about users who want high performance drawing tablet with screen because of the limited pen pressure that can be detected.

With Cintiq 13 HD, the pen pressure reaches 2048 steps, making it easy to create a picture you can imagine.

function key

“Function keys” are typically installed on top drawing tablet with screen models.

This function key is attached to the side of drawing tablet with screen body.

Function keys enable you to perform actions that you can perform by pressing a function key without going through a few steps.

Cintiq 13HD has a function key, so you can create pictures effectively.

It is therefore worth considering the Cintiq 13 HD for those who are easily chased on delivery days.

Finger manipulation

Some features available on smartphones or drawing tablets have the ability to be manipulated with your finger.

The Cintiq 13 HD has a fingertip, so you can zoom in and out by touching drawing tablet with screen and moving your finger.

Therefore, once you are comfortable with Cintiq 13HD operation, you can draw with a pen with one hand and operate with your fingers at the same time.

Benefits of drawing tablet with screen

Because drawing tablet with screen is a high performance appliance, it has various advantages, but it is an expensive item.

Therefore, many people hesitate to purchase the drawing tablet with screen Cintiq 13 HD.

So I will introduce the advantages of drawing tablet with screen. If you know it, you should know the importance of using Cintiq 13 HD drawing tablet with screen.

Operation is possible directly

You can feel that Conventional drawing tablet, which is not a liquid crystal, is easy to buy at a reasonable price without manipulating drawing tablet with screen.

Certainly, Conventional drawing tablet, which is not liquid crystal, is sold at a reasonable price, so it can be felt as a charming home appliance.

However, in the case of Conventional drawing tablet, which is not a liquid crystal, even if the pen touches the drawing tablet screen, it can not be directly drawn on drawing tablet with screen.

For drawing tablet with screen, you can actually draw on drawing tablet with screen if you draw with a special pen.

Therefore, it feels like you are writing on paper, so even if you only make analog pictures, the chances of getting used to drawing tablet with screen work are high in a short period of time.

Writing comfort

The screen of drawing tablet with screen is slippery, and it is comfortable with smooth picture.

Therefore, when you draw with a dedicated pen, it is easier to make illustrations because the slide of the special pen improves.

This is easy to draw drawing tablet with screen, so your arm will not be tired even if you have been using it for a long time (because there are individual differences).

Brilliant colors

Although drawing tablet with screen becomes an expensive model, it is supposed to be able to output to beautiful colors instead.

Actually drawing tablet with screen Cintiq 13 HD has full display resolution of 1920 x 1080 dots maximum display resolution.

Furthermore, the maximum display color is 16.77 million colors, which makes it possible to produce a beautiful color environment.

In such an environment, there is a high possibility that the willingness to produce also improves, so it is possible to increase the working efficiency.

User satisfaction

Cintiq 13HD is an expensive model and free shipping in the Rakuten market, but the tax included price is 88,560 yen (as of December 13, 2017).

Unexpectedly, many users are satisfied with Cintiq 13 HD, even though they are expensive models.

Some of the users liked where Cintiq 13 HD was suitable.

In fact, the smaller the size, the more things you can put on your personal desk, which will improve your work efficiency.

Also, some people are satisfied with the comfort of the Cintiq 13 HD, so if you are more concerned about work efficiency than price, we recommend drawing tablet with screen.


Because drawing tablet with screen has a large size item, there are many people who want to buy a larger model when purchasing drawing tablet with screen.

However, purchasing an drawing tablet with screen with a larger size may be uncomfortable to operate.

However, Cintiq 13 HD is a high-performance model, even for a compact body size, so it can be easily used by many people.

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