Drawing tablet with screen “HUION KAMVAS GT – 156HD” is a bargain?

HUION 15.6 inch touch feature LCD pen tablet full HD drawing tablet with screen KAMVAS GT-156HD

The pen tab is closer to the analog environment than the Conventional drawing tablet, so digital illustrations are becoming easier to create.

However, since drawing tablet with screen is a lot of expensive models, the person who is worried about price often purchases Conventional drawing tablet more than liquid tap.

However, there are some cheap models like “HUION KAMVAS GT-156HD”.

However, there are people who are worried about the performance is getting cheaper if the price is low.

So I will introduce this product is really affordable model, please try to reference.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Performance of HUION KAMVAS GT-156HD

HUION 15.6 inch touch feature LCD pen tablet full HD drawing tablet with screen KAMVAS GT-156HD

This product has excellent visibility (transparency), making it easy to produce digital illustrations efficiently.

So if you are thinking of buying a drawing tablet with screen in the future, I think it’s an interesting place.


If you are looking for a beautiful illustrations drawing tablet with screen, you need to pay attention to the “resolution” figures.

Because resolution refers to points (dots), but colors can be reflected along points.

In other words, the higher the resolution, the fewer the number of points, so it is difficult to show smooth lines and beautiful colors.

And the resolution of this product is 1920 × 1080 so, we are able to shine beautiful lines and beautiful colors.

IPS full HD liquid crystal

If the resolution is high Drawing tablet with screen, the visibility is excellent.

Because, depending on the type of liquid crystal Drawing tablet with screen adopts, the color may vary depending on the viewing angle.

Therefore, this product will not change much in color from another angle, “IPS LCD” is adopted.

Therefore, when you purchase this product, it is easy to check if the line is bent as a whole on the image produced from the PC desktop.


If you are familiar with creating digital illustrations, you may have to manipulate the mouse to switch to another task when you are in a harsh point.

Since we continue to work on these tasks, we will take care of the holidays, so it is difficult to complete the illustrations in a short period of time.

By the way, this product is “shortcut” because it is equipped with the function of pressing a button mounted on the pen tab body, you can switch operations with one touch.

Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient drawing tablet with screen illustrations, this product is recommended.

Writing pressure sensitivity

Unlike the mouse, the pen tab allows you to control the thickness of lines and colors while the force exerted on the pen is applied.

So, if you buy drawing tablet with screen, you may feel that you can create digital illustrations efficiently.

However, the “pressure degree” should be excellent, so even if you put the force into the exclusive pen, the line and color do not become too thick.

So this product is to make the pen sensitivity to 2048 steps, making it easy to make a thick line and color from the fine.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Convenience of this product

This product is not only getting better performance but also more convenient.

So, for those who are worried about purchasing this product, let’s go to see what is outstanding.

Angle adjustment

Drawing tablet with screen has become close to the analog environment from the digital illustration is reflected on the liquid crystal screen of the pen tab body.

However, the pen tap is located lower than the display of the PC because it is put on the computer desk.

If you keep looking at the drawing tablet with screen in such a low position, you should not be careful because it will put a heavy burden on your shoulders and neck because you need to lean your head for a long time.

However, this product, the pen tab body “angle adjustment” can be, so we can reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck.

3 in 1 cable

If you use drawing tablet with screen and PC together, you do not have to connect a lot of cables, so a lot of cords are placed on the computer desk.

So if you get your hands caught in the code in some way, it will cause some impact on the PC and drawing tablet with screen.

PC and drawing tablet with screen are precision instruments, so if you happen to happen many times, it will cause trouble.

By the way, this product is “3 in 1 cable” from the emergence of less code, it is possible to use PC and drawing tablet with screen together.

Content of product information

I understand the visibility and convenience of this product, I will introduce the following product information, please also check this product if you want to know.

Supported OS

When this product and PC are used together, OS that can cope with this drawing tablet with screen must be installed in PC.

The OS that can actually support this product is Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, and Mac OS 10.10 or later.

Therefore, if the OS that can support this product is not installed, install it after securing the memory space of the computer.

However, after installing the OS, the data may be lost.

Cost performance

This product has many attractive points, so many people “really cheap drawing tablet with screen?” I might have been worried.

By the way, this product is sold separately in some areas by Amazon, the price of 69,800 yen including tax can be purchased.

If you have never purchased a drawing tablet with screen before, you may feel like it’s expensive, but there are a lot of drawing tablet with screen models that are sold for over 200,000 yen.

Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent drawing tablet with screen cost, this product is recommended.

Users reviews

This product is excellent price drawing tablet with screen performance, but surprisingly not only people who are satisfied with the user, there may be people who are dissatisfied.

So I will introduce you to the word of mouth so that you do not have to buy this product and regret it.

Favorable reviews

This product has a degree of pressure of 2048 degrees, there were those who liked where you can react to detail.

Therefore, it is easy to line with the eyebrows and contours of the character.

In addition, this product has become 15.6 inches drawing tablet with screen, there is a person who is satisfied with the low price.

In actual small size drawing tablet with screen, it may be difficult to see if you enlarge the picture.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that this product has 15.6 degrees for people with low vision.

However, if your eyesight is too low, please note that you need to enlarge the illustration.

Negative reviews

Among those who use this product, there was something wrong with the color sense.

This person was dissatisfied because line deviated.

Actually, there are individual differences in color, but it is unavoidable, it is likely that the wrong way to use the wrong line.

Drawing tablet with screen is a special pen touches the liquid crystal screen, it may interfere with the pen tip and fingers, it may be difficult to see the line.

In this case, line is easy to slip, but we can suppress displacement of line by making illustrations many times.


This product is inexpensive drawing tablet with screen, but because it has excellent visibility and convenience, it is very likely that many people will be satisfied.

Be careful, however, when using drawing tablet with screen, the lines may be offset.

However, since the Conventional drawing tablet line is easier to shift than drawing tablet with screen, products that are high in performance at low prices are worth purchasing.

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