Drawing tablet with screen “MINTAB LDDWTB 22” is high function even at low price?

Drawing tablet with screen was expensive, but there are many low-priced models.

Among them, there is also a powerful Drawing tablet with screen at a low price like “Mindabu LDDWTB22”.

Drawing tablet with screen can be a beautiful illustration of digital illustrations, so you can focus on making illustrations.

However, there are some points to be suppressed when using this product.

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Features of MINTUB LDDWTB 22

★21.5 inch drawing tablet with screen 'MINTUB' LDDWTB22 * Japanese manual with Sankoreamo shop

Drawing tablet with screen must have good visibility (transparency) to make it difficult to see exactly where it is.

Therefore, it is important to choose drawing tablet with screen that is superior in visibility.

In fact, this product is introduced in detail because there are many points that are excellent visibility.

21.5 inches

This product has a large size drawing tablet with screen, “21.5 inches” is also available.

Actually drawing tablet with screen is different from Conventional drawing tablet, it is possible to illuminate the picture on the liquid crystal screen of the pen tab body.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to check illustrations by choosing large size drawing tablet with screen.

Also, if you have a large size drawing tablet with screen such as this product, you can complete the illustration in a short time because you can check it without enlarging the picture.

However, people with low vision may need to enlarge the picture to check the detail, so you need to be careful.

High resolution

This product is not only a large size, “high-resolution” has become, and its numerical value is 1920 × 1080, so we are able to shine a smooth line.

This resolution represents a dot, and this product can display 1,080 vertically 1920 horizontally.

Since one is able to emit colors in one dot, this product is able to shine a smooth line from a number of points.

Therefore, if you want to make a picture with soft lines, this product is recommended drawing tablet with screen is.

Display color

If the resolution is high, even if you draw a soft line, there is not a lot of ‘color’ to be able to emit beautiful colors.

So this product has become so that 16.7 million colors can be seen.

If you can display too many colors, you can concentrate on creating illustrations.

In addition, this product, “IPS LCD” because it is adopted, it is likely to look like a different color and beautiful colors from different angles.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Points for using drawing tablet with screen

This product is excellent drawing tablet with screen visibility, but there are some things to be suppressed when using.

It may be difficult to make illustrations efficiently because you need to know that point.

Angle adjustment

Drawing tablet with screen is in a lower position than the computer display because it is installed in a state of being resting on the computer desk.

So, when you see the illustrations in drawing tablet with screen, you should not lean against your head.

However, you should be careful because you will not put a heavy burden on your shoulders and neck if you are leaning your head over a long period of time.

Therefore, this product is able to “adjust the angle” of the pen tab body, so you can stand up to some extent in the state of fortune.

Therefore, when using this product, shoulder and neck are stressed, please use the angle adjustment.

How to use a dedicated pen

When making illustrations on this product, it is necessary to contact the screen with a special pen.

The thing to note then is that if you try to lean on the pen tip, the line will be out of alignment.

If you are doing such a way to draw the image as it is difficult to make an illustration, please note.

Therefore, when making illustrations on this product, it is recommended to draw pictures with the special pen as vertical as possible.

This creates a sense of incongruity and strain.

Details of product information

Since we introduced the visibility of this product and the point of use, we will introduce the following product information. If you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen, let’s go.


This product is not only excellent in functionality, we are also faithful to the accessories.

In fact, in addition to the pen tab itself, this product comes with a special pen power cable, HDMI cable, HDMI-DVI conversion adapter, USB cable, pen charging cable, 20 alignment wires, USB memory.

Therefore, when you purchase this product, you are ready to use drawing tablet with screen immediately.

You can also use it to prevent fingerprints from sticking to the liquid crystal screen of drawing tablet with screen, as it comes with gloves and cleaning cloth as well.

And because it comes with a Japanese manual, even if you do not know about the product, you can know how to use it to some extent.

Available OS

If you use this product with a PC, you must install an OS that can support drawing tablet with screen on your PC.

The OS that can actually support this product is Windows7,8,10.

Mac users are not supported, so be careful with Mac users.

If you install the OS using a Windows PC, be careful not to free up memory space or it will slow down or slow down the operation.

Cost performance

This product is excellent visibility Because the accessories were also substantial, many people “really cheap drawing tablet with screen ?,” I might have been dubious.

By the way, this product is only 49,800 yen including tax free on Amazon (as of February 23, 2018).

In fact, there are a number of high-priced models over 300,000 yen in drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, if you are looking for a costly drawing tablet with screen, it is worth examining this product.

User satisfaction

This product has many attractive points drawing tablet with screen, but not only people who are satisfied with the users, but also people who are dissatisfied.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please purchase this drawing tablet with screen, please try.

Good reviews

This product is 21.5 inches so, there were those who liked the big size.

Therefore, it is worth to try this product if it is difficult to use with a small size pen tap.

I also liked the relatively high-performance, high-priced places.

Therefore, it is worth to try this product even those who become anxious in low-priced model.

Bad reviews

Among those who use this product, there were some people who were dissatisfied with discomfort on the line.

Therefore, it is important to use the exclusive pen so that it does not lean too much.

At first, you may be curious about the difference between lines, but you can suppress the displacement of the line by using it several times.

In addition, there was a case that the pen tip of the exclusive pen of this product broke in a short period.

Therefore, be careful not to apply excessive force to the dedicated pen, as it is likely to break the pen tip.


Because this product has excellent visibility, you can notify us early when there is a difference in line.

In fact, among those who are using this product, there was a name which was rotting in the line difference.

However, if you use it several times, you can suppress the displacement of the line.

Therefore, products with low visibility and low price are satisfied to continue to use drawing tablet with screen.

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