Features of drawing tablet with screen easy to use even for beginners? 4 points you want to check when you buy

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Drawing tablet with screen is one of the indispensable items when drawing digital pictures.

However, there are several types of Drawing tablet with screen, so some care is needed when making your first choice.

If you are a beginner who is not yet familiar with it, I would like to make it as easy to use as possible.

Even beginners, let’s explain in detail what Drawing tablet with screen is easy to use.

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The ease of use of drawing tablet with screen depends on the size.

By default, larger sizes are easier to use than smaller ones.

This is because it affects the size of your arm when you move it.

For example, if you draw a small drawing tablet with screen, you can feel “tired and hard to draw” because you can not move your arm too much.

However, if the product is a large-sized product, the range becomes large, so that the stress due to the narrowness is not felt.

Side menu is also an important point when starting the software.

A small drawing tablet with screen will make the screen closer to the side menu, but if it’s bigger, it can be used with margins even when the side menu is expanded.

Tables larger than a small table can work with a variety of tools, but the drawing tablet with screen size advantage is the same as this tool.

Pay attention to places and prices

If you choose an drawing tablet with screen that is easy to use for beginners, the larger size is as good as possible, but the size overrides are not recommended.

Because the big place is in place.

For example, if you purchase the largest item, it may be difficult to obtain a location if the table you are working on is small.

If you do not have a place to put it, you need to put it on your knees, but when you feel “uncomfortable not being on the table”, avoid focusing if it is easy to draw.

Let’s choose the most suitable product considering not only big but also working environment.

Also, the larger the size, the higher the price.

If you buy a big drawing tablet with screen, be careful with your budget.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Writing pressure

If you choose an easy-to-use drawing tablet with screen, the pen pressure level becomes a point that can not be ignored.

The pen pressure level is pen reading performance and is a factor that greatly affects the ease of drawing.

Therefore, if you have chosen something that is easy to use, check it.

Generally, the higher the pen pressure level, the easier it is to work, so you can draw without stress.

Because subtle expressions are also easy, I thought it was easy for me to do great work, so drawing pictures is very convenient.

In the past, about 512 products were written. There were many scenes that were not easy to use.

However, the current technology is improving and the number of products is increasing considerably, such as 1024 and 2048.

For beginners, you can get enough drawing work at about 1024 pixels, but if you get used to it and you want to try more authentic photos, it’s a good idea to use high-quality drawing tablet with screen, such as handwriting level 8192.

It is easy to get accustomed to a high writing pressure level

A high handwriting pressure level means good reading performance, and a smooth response that accurately captures the movement of the pen is an advantage.

This feature is very useful for first-time digitally transmitted by people drawn on paper.

This is because it can react to the movement of the pen, so you can work in a similar way to drawing on paper.

In analog and digital cases, drawing feel is quite different, so products with low handwriting pressure levels usually do not allow what has been done so far.

On paper and LCD screen, the feeling when touching the pen is different.

On the other hand, drawing tablet with screen with a high handwriting pressure level will change more tightly with the movement of the pen, resulting in a smaller distance from the paper.

So if you are a beginner, you should get used to it before.

Recent drawing tablet with screen have 1024 or 2048 items, so please check them before you buy.


If you focus on ease of use, also check the multi-touch function.

Ease of use is very different depending on whether the drawing tablet with screen has multi-touch.

Multi-touch allows you to touch complex screens with your fingers and easily zoom in or out with your fingers like a smartphone.

Therefore, you can work efficiently with the multi-touch function.

At present, drawing tablet with screen has many multi-touch features, but some items are not included.

Turn off when not in use

Drawing tablet with screen with multi-touch capability is convenient, but it is more expensive than regular tablet with screen.

So if you do not have a lot of budget and do not feel the need for multi-touch functionality, this is one way to choose Generic drawing tablet with screen.

However, there are more products with multi-touch capabilities, so in some cases you can even purchase them if you do not need them.

In this case, turn off multi-touch.

Multi-touch is not always active. Depending on the setting, you can switch between ON and OFF.

People who say “It’s easier to use” can be used like normal drawing tablet with screen.

Presence of OS

By default, drawing tablet with screen is used in conjunction with personal computers, but some items can be used alone.

These products are equipped with an operating system that allows them to operate without a PC.

Please note that even if you choose drawing tablet with screen for ease of use.

The advantage of using drawing tablet with screen alone is that you can work without limiting the position anyway.

Drawing tablet with screen, which can be used without a PC, is portable and can be drawn in various places.

And even if you have a small work area, you do not need to install a personal computer, so you can use your space well.

There are also disadvantages

Drawing tablet with screen on OS is a very convenient item to work freely anywhere.

However, once the operating system is available, the price will increase.

If you do not plan to carry it and the budget is small, the disadvantages will increase.

Also, Drawing tablet with screen on OS is not a very large size.

It is convenient to carry a small size, “small and powerful” is not suitable for people who feel.

In this way, when choosing which one is easiest to use, do not focus only on useful features.

Consider what you need and think carefully.

That way you can find the Drawing tablet with screen that is really easy to use.


Due to technological advances, drawing tablet with screen has created many excellent products that did not exist before.

To choose the easiest of them, it is important to carefully review the points outlined here and to identify what is right for you.

No matter how convenient it is, you can not feel ease of use if you do not match yourself.

Choose the drawing tablet with screen that suits you and try to draw pictures more comfortably.

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