Experience pleasant drawing with 2 drawing tablets with screen! Two touch pens with easy side-grip and easy to grab!

WACOM drawing tablet with screen DTI-520 U Model

To achieve a more natural feel, drawing tablet with screen is born, you can put pen directly on the tablet.

One advantage is that it does not remind you of the imperceptible drawing imperceptibly close to analog illustrations because you draw while watching the water.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of liquid tabs, we will discuss things that are related to the device in the future. Why not see for reference?

Touch pen is also mentioned, please read carefully.

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DTI-520 U Model

WACOM drawing tablet with screen DTI-520 U Model

Wacom Zero corresponds to XGA, drawing tablet with screen is 15 inches in a small space draw.

If you look at the small screen that is easy to handle, is not the 15-inch drawing tablet with screen felt like a push product?

Because it is a flat liquid crystal screen, you can taste the feeling of drawing on a pen with a pen.

The flat liquid crystal screen to make the digital illustration intimate It seems to pay attention to those who are going to switch from analogue illustration.

The DTI-520i Model seems to be a natural draw! I am excited and excited.

Such a feeling drawing tablet with screen is also remarkable product is remarkable.

High brightness and high contrast realize fast response with fast response

The brightness is as high as 250cd / m2 and the contrast ratio is as high as 500: 1.

It makes it easier to brighten the screen for comfortable work on the eye, or to express the sharpness of the contrast intensity.

It literally captivates users with a number of benefits that enable picture-like rendering.

Because it is a liquid crystal capable of high-speed response, it also mastered advanced viewing.

The illustration that is drawn accurately and quickly appears, and it is connected to the synchronous up.

The point is to paint more and more in a quick work!

I urge you to feel that digital illustration will continue to plant more conscious that it is easy to hang.

Short cut key operation is easy, high precision and high resolution

2 side switches Basic operation such as pointing and clicking is possible, and the hot key is very easy to control.

By analogy, it is a freestyle sense, and you can do light work with intuitive operation.

The right button click can be operated in the same sense, so if you want ease of operation, we recommend DTI-520 U Model.

It does not have difficulty in menu selection with accurate and high resolution.

Of course, it meets the expectation of users who want to use high precision pictures when drawing.

Because reading speed is fast, it is not a dream to progress work comfortably.

How you can use without frustration determines the value of drawing tablet with screen, but the speed of reading, not over, also refers to the ability of the DTI-520 U Model.

It is 512 level writing pressure and plentiful drawing

The touch pen responds to pressure levels of 512, and can be handled in the same sense as paint.

Does not it even remind users of the odd feeling of having a touch pen instead of a pencil?

In other words, pencil is totally novel, pencil evolution is here!

It seems to have received a lot of natural feeling of the many people.

It is also absolutely no waste to use thick lines or express jokes or colors at will!

Because it requires as advanced rendering as complex illustrations, I think that a touch pen with a flexible way of drawing is helpful to many users.

Compact size allows wide range of angle adjustment

It is also advantageous not to take up space in a compact size of 15 inches.

It is not too much to choose the DTI-520 U Model from the reason that the small drawing tablet with screen side is easy to put together with others.

Because the miniaturization of the thing of our country progresses, it is extremely natural that the wave of miniaturization of drawing tablet with screen also comes.

Smaller size makes it easier to carry around, and it’s an interesting place where you can feel free to move around.

You can adjust the angle up to 45 steps from 17 ° to 74 ° vertically by installing the supplied stand on the main unit.

Various angle adjustments are one of the powerful spleens for adapting to various work styles, and liquid tabs are required not to degrade work efficiency at difficult angles.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Parblo Coast10 10.1 inch Graphic monitor drawing drawing digital screen cordless and battery free pen + 2 finger glove + portable high speed 4 port USB 3.0 hub etc included

A superb item for those who want to achieve high and smooth rendering with sensitivity and recognition rate.

Because the price is cheap at 27,999 yen, it is recommended for those who want to buy drawing tablet with screen in Samsan.

Tempered glass is used and the risk of breakage due to unexpected impact is low.

With a pressure sensitivity of 2048 level, even if the pressure is strong, it can be handled easily.

Is not the touch pen broken?

While the Hiyahiya is a good point to handle carefully.

If the damage of the touch pen is unconscious and the rest can not be drawn with the original high precision, it is a shame.

It is a good point of Coast10 not to make the illustrator uncomfortable, and pressure sensitivity of 2048 level lowers the threshold for digital illustration.

Points to remember when replacing the pen tip

The thing to be careful when replacing the nib is to put the shim to the end.

If you push too hard to replace the replacement, the pen may cause a difference in response.

Be careful when replacing the pen tip because pressure sensing is slower on it.

If you lose your pen’s performance by making mistakes in creating digital illustrations in drawing tablet with screen, you will not regret it.

Who knew the fact that I felt a glimpse of the delicate part of the Coast10 is not it?

KP-501E-01X Intuos4/5

Wacom Intuos Cintiq Intuos Pro Option pen standard pen KP-501E-01X

With Wacom touch pen, is sold in the Rakuten market.

Because it comes with an eraser, it is recommended for those who are annoying to change the eraser every single piece.

Most of the drawing tablet with screen users have not painted it again, especially because they have left unintended drawings when describing the details.

If you want to relieve yourself of having to change erasers every time a fix occurs, it’s great to have a KP-501E-01X Intuos4 / 5.

It is easy to hold the rubber grip, and it is conveyed the advantage of feeling that continues to work for a long time.

Because it is difficult to slip, and the touch pen slips in the middle, it does not interfere with the repetitive work such as restoration.

Touch pen is also easy to handle that is made to be the ideal center.


Wacom Intuos Cintiq Option pen classic pen KP-300E-01X

Is it a touch pen that can detect the tilt, and is not the pen tilt that causes the picture to be unexpected at all?

Thank you to those who care.

Side with the switch, you can operate with your fingers holding the pen.

It is pleasant feeling to push the switch with one hand!

You can customize the side switch to change up to two.

Which touch pen would you like to draw?

And the height of the degree of freedom to protect the user is not attractive of KP-300E-01X.

Because Wacom chip sensor is provided, it is a big advantage that the high sensitivity sensor realizes wrong rendering even if the illustration is blocked.


It would be nice if the reference material of those who want X is good reference.

The rapid increase in demand for digital illustrations has had a major impact on demand for drawing tablet with screen.

It is a big revolution that it has become natural to miss the age when painting on paper was the mainstream and at the same time to produce paintings from machines.

The change in the way of expression through pictures makes the change of the times feel.

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