For UGEE pen input only Picture drawing beginner is recommended for pen tablet beginners

Pentave pen tablet for pen input only Painting introductory 2048 writing pressure 8 express key Ultra thin touch manga / illustration production design personal computer USB type 【with Japanese instruction manual】 【1 year security warranty】

There are many materials for painting, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and colored pencils.

However, when using these materials, you should not be careful because it is difficult to redraw if coloring fails.

So what I would like to recommend is a pen tablet.

If you try to create a digital illustration on a pen tablet, it can easily be redrawn.

However, the pen tablet is a phenomenon that can not be purchased easily because there are many expensive models.

By the way, “UGEE pen input only Oekaki introduction” is a low-priced pen tablet for beginners recommended model, so let’s introduce in detail.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Attractive UGEE pen input dedicated to drawing intro theme

Pentave pen tablet for pen input only Painting introductory 2048 writing pressure 8 express key Ultra thin touch manga / illustration production design personal computer USB type 【with Japanese instruction manual】 【1 year security warranty】

If you have never used a pen tablet before, you will be worried about purchasing this product.

So while explaining the advantages of pen tablets, please check out the appeal of this product.

Benefits of pen tablet

If you make illustrations from analog, if coloring fails, you will have to wait until the color dries up when the colors overlap.

If you are drawing analog illustrations, there is a way to mix colors on the canvas or board, if you want to completely change the color, many people will feel bored waiting for the color.

In the case of digital illustrations, however, they are ready to paint different colors at the moment of coloration.

Digital illustrations created with pen tablets can also be printed on photos and copied into multiple images.

And because you can sell digital paintings on the Internet, it is possible to sell your work to more people than you can in limited galleries like analog paintings.

Pen Pressure Sensing

Because the pen tablet is a low price model, many people may feel that the function is not faithful.

There are also 2048 levels of pressure sensing in this product.

This is a function that can control the line and color thickness according to the pressure sensing and the force applied to the only pen.

This product is also 2048 level, so you can draw from ultra-fine to thick like analog materials.

Tilt detection

The pressure detection of this product is a convenient function, but those who are not familiar with the pen tablet may not be able to handle it well.

Therefore, the product is equipped with the recommended feature “slope detection” is.

This tilt detection allows the pen tablet to detect the slope of the sensing line and the thickness of the color when tilting the dedicated pen.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that this product is equipped with tilt detection for those who can not control well when putting the pen on the dedicated pen.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Conventional drawing tablet merit

The pen tablet does not employ liquid crystal, ‘ Conventional drawing tablet ‘ has adopted the liquid crystal ” drawing tablet with screen ” there.

This product is on the Conventional drawing tablet side, in fact, there is a big difference from the analogue drawing environment.

However, since Conventional drawing tablet has advantages that drawing tablet with screen does not have, we introduce it in detail.

Knowing it will tell you the importance of using this product.

Reduce the burden on the body

When using Conventional drawing tablet, the picture appears on the computer screen, but drawing tablet with screen is reflected on the LCD screen of the pen tablet.

Drawing tablet with screen is to draw a dedicated pen to the place where the picture is displayed.

Therefore, Conventional drawing tablet is more attractive model to draw an analog illustration of the drawing tablet with screen side.

However, because the drawing tablet with screen is located lower than the computer display, and if you keep looking at it, it will lead to a head restraint on the neck and shoulders.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck is worth buying this product.

The incidence of heat

Drawing tablet with screen is easy to make illustrations, but in reality it is prone to heat, so be careful.

Therefore, in the hot summer season, drawing tablet with screen is difficult to use, so there are many people to cool the heat.

If you are doing such a thing, you will have to pay for the utility bill because you will walk the electricity bill.

Therefore, Conventional drawing tablet can be affirmative of an inferior model than drawing tablet with screen.

Details of product information

I have noticed the charm of this product and the advantages of Conventional drawing tablet, the following product information is also introduced, so if you want to know more about this product, let’s go.

Supported OS

When using this product, it is necessary to use a PC, but in order to do this, it is necessary to install an OS that can support this product in the PC.

The OS that can support this product is Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher is required.

However, since the data may be lost when installing OS, please install it after backup.

Supported software

After installing an OS that can support this product on your PC, you should also prepare software that can support the following products.

The software is Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter.

Photoshop or Illustrator is the Adobe software, Photoshop is the image editing or processing tool, and Painter is the program for creating logos and characters.

You can also create realistic illustrations at the Painter painting level.

It’s better to buy software that suits your taste because the features are different by software.

Cost performance

The pen tablet has the advantage of making digital illustrations more than a mouse, but when it is expensive, it will exceed 300,000 yen.

By the way, this tablet is a pen tablet, but at Amazon, it costs only 5,980 yen (as of February 23, 2018).

In fact, there is something about 5,000 yen if the expensive model among the mouse.

Therefore, this product is a pen tablet, price is a mouse level, so it is recommended for those looking for cheap pen tablets.

Usability feeling of users

We have been introducing this product in detail, but there are people who want to know if they are satisfied with the actual use.

So, if you want to know the satisfaction of the users, please check it.

Favorable review

This product is inexpensive, but there were people who liked where the size is getting bigger.

Even though the product is displayed on the computer screen even when the tablet is tabbed, the place where the work is done is the pen tablet itself.

Therefore, if the product is large in size, the work area is wide, making it easy to make illustrations.

And because the special pen of this product can easily use the function of erasing line and color, there is no need to click the line and color eraser, and there was a person who was satisfied.

Negative review

This product has a pressure level of 2048 degrees, but even with a dedicated pen tablet did not respond, there was a person who was dissatisfied.

Actually, the pressure sensitivity is a function that is easy to control the line and the thickness of the color, so it is not easy to react to the exclusive pen.

And durability is not very good because there are times when the pen tablet does not respond when using this product.

However, because it has become a reasonable price, this neighborhood is inevitable part.


This product is close to the amount of the mouse, so you can easily purchase.

However, there are many who have become worried because of its excellent durability.

In fact, this product is an affordable price, but is not superior to the top model drawing tablet with screen function.

Therefore, if you are a beginner of pen tablet and want to use the product first, it is not too bad to buy drawing tablet with screen next time.

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