How can I find the right drawing tablet with screen? Check points for four purposes

HUION GT-156HDV2 drawing tablet with screen Full HD 15.6 inches 8192 level pen pressure sensing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen is very useful when you draw a picture digitally.

However, because there are many kinds, it is very difficult to find the item that is right for you.

So when choosing drawing tablet with screen, I will introduce four common goals and checkpoints.

If you want to start drawing tablet with screen now, try again.

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I want something easy to use

When choosing drawing tablet with screen, it’s a good idea to emphasize ease of use.

Even if you always buy hard-to-use products, you can not go smoothly.

If it is not easy to use, it should be avoided in some cases, and eventually it may not be used at all.

For this reason, choosing drawing tablet with screen is very important.

If X is easy to use, work progresses progressively and you can use it solidly.

And if you have the purpose of “easy to use drawing tablet with screen “, the size you should check.

If you draw the drawing with drawing tablet with screen, the big picture is easier to draw than the small picture.

This is because the range of motion of the arm is widened.

If you are too small because you can not move your arm too much, you feel it is too small to draw.

Attention to easy-to-use size

Drawing tablet with screen is generally larger in size and easier to draw, but fails if you choose something that is unnecessarily large.

For example, if you have a small work space, you may feel uncomfortable even if you purchase too many drawing tablets with screen.

There are ways to use it on your lap, but it depends on whether you can draw easily.

Also, because the size of the human body, it is not difficult to use a small size necessarily.

Some people are a little small but do not feel stressed.

So basically a bigger product is recommended, but the most important thing is the easy-to-use size.

Do not prioritize big things and decide carefully that size is easy to use.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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I want to do a detailed work

When drawing a picture, sometimes it is necessary to express very delicate expressions, so it is important to choose an drawing tablet with screen that can handle detailed work.

Graffiti can be used even if the performance is not good at all, but it is an indispensable factor to perform a good job in drawing a full-scale picture.

It is interesting to note here the drawing tablet with screen pressure level.

In other words, the pen pressure level is the ability to read pen movement.

If this value is drawing tablet with screen, the movement of the pen can be read accurately, so it can proceed smoother.

This excellent reading performance is required to express a delicate expression.

Therefore, to work as closely as possible, make sure you have a high hand pressure level of drawing tablet with screen.

Recently, drawing tablet with screen has many high-performance items and items such as pen pressure levels 1024 and 2080 are readily available.

Also, if you want to do more serious work, the higher 8192 is recommended.

Perfect for beginners

The height of drawing tablet with screen’s drawing pressure level is useful not only for precise work, but also for people who are used to early drawing tablet with screens first time.

There is no nuisance factor between the motion of the hand and the line drawn when drawing on paper.

However, for drawing tablet with screen with a low writing pressure level, the pen movement is a dull reading, so it is often difficult to draw.

On the other hand, drawing tablet with screen with a high writing pressure will react to the pen movement, so it is close to the paper feel.

Therefore, when a person drawn on paper selects a product with high writing pressure, it can move smoothly when changing to digital.

I want something that I can carry

Drawing a tablet with the screen is a common way to connect with a personal computer.

That is, using drawing tablet with screen is the same as multi-monitor environment.

However, the place to work is not necessarily fixed.

If you want to take it somewhere else, it can cause inconvenience if you use a place that is always connected to your computer.

In this case, let’s choose an drawing tablet with screen that can be carried.

There are some useful items about drawing tablet with screen that you can use without drawing a PC.

And, if the purpose is to carry portable drawing tablet with screen, the point to check is the presence or absence of the OS.

Drawing tablet with screen with OS can be moved to a single unit, so there is no need to set it as a personal computer.

So if you use only drawing tablet with screen, you can carry it anywhere freely.

The advantage of being able to move freely is also useful when you want to use space effectively.

The size is small

OS-based drawing tablet with screen seems to have only good things at first glance, but there are some things to be aware of.

In other words, it is not very large.

Compact size is also excellent when you consider carrying. But depending on the person it is negative.

As mentioned earlier, the movement of the arm is limited, so it can be difficult to use.

Consider carefully what you should consider first.

I want cheap ones

Drawing tablet with screen is not cheap.

Basically, it is about 100,000 yen, and it becomes high 200,000 yen.

So the points that need to be given the highest priority when the budget is small are often cheaper.

If you buy something a little cheaper, let’s choose a simple one with no small size and no add-ons.

Products with larger sizes or operating systems tend to be more expensive.

And if it’s a cheap drawing tablet with screen, be careful with the manufacturer.

For Japanese, prices are higher, but if you are a Chinese manufacturer, there are things you can buy for about 30,000 yen. This is ideal for lowering costs.

Attention points of overseas manufacturers

Although not limited to drawing tablet with screen, there are not many cheap and quality products.

In the case of cheap merchandise, performance is often appropriate for the price. Therefore, I will take care of that point.

However, as the technology is now being improved, the idea of “cheaper because it is cheaper” is premature.

Even if it is cheap, there are things that can be used well enough if there is not much serious work.

If you want a product that you want to use as a product that is not cheap and high performance, there is no problem at low price.

Also, if the manufacturer overseas, the manual may not be available in Japanese. The power plug may be 3P.

If it is made in Japan, it can be used immediately, but if there are differences, it will take some time to use. Therefore, if you are considering drawing tablet with screen from overseas manufacturers, please be aware of this point. Give it to me.


When purchasing an drawing tablet with screen, the priority is set and the point you choose depends on the person.

However, no matter which drawing tablet with screen you choose, do not delete the word “Do you agree with me?”

Even if it is high-performance or low-cost, it can not be used comfortably if it is not suitable for the product.

I want to prioritize and find the perfect drawing tablet with screen.

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