HUION glove attachment GT-190S is low price drawing tablet with screen!

HUIONR Graphic monitor for professional - glove attached drawing tablet with screen GT-190S

Drawing tablet with screen is not only a high-priced model, but also an inexpensive drawing tablet with screen.

However, if the price is low, I think that the function is not faithful compared to the top model.

The place “HUION glove-inserting GT-190S” If it is cheap, it is high-performance.

So, I think that those who have been thinking about buying drawing tablet with screen until now are interesting models, so let’s introduce them in detail.

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Attraction of HUION glove attachment GT-190S

When choosing drawing tablet with screen, you should not pay attention to at least two points.

It is “visibility (transparency)” and “operability”.

If you buy a drawing tablet with screen that is incompatible with these two, you will draw the image as it is.

And this product is compatible with these two, so let’s put it in the charm.


This product is excellent visibility because “resolution” is increasing.

In fact, the resolution of this product is 1440 × 900.

Many people do not know why the higher the resolution, the more beautiful the screen will be.

In fact, this resolution can represent a single point in a dot (dot).

The color not only indicates the type of color, but also may represent a line, so that the higher the resolution, you can shine a smooth line, it is possible to reflect the subtle changes in color such as gradient.

Therefore, this product can display 1440 dots horizontally and 900 dots vertically, so you can show beautiful pictures.

Reaction rate

This product is not only visibility, but also excellent maneuverability “220RPS” because it is.

If this RPS value is small, you can not draw a smooth line because you can not draw a smooth line.

I can not make a satisfactory line in such a thing, I can not start the coloring work, it will take time to make illustrations.

So if you want to streamline your work, there are 220RPS, which is a big attraction of this product.

Writing pressure level

Unlike a mouse, the pen tab allows you to adjust the thickness of lines and colors while holding the special pen.

Therefore, if you buy a lot of people drawing tablet with screen, it is better to make digital illustrations easier to make.

It is true that it is easier to make digital illustrations than mice, but the lower the “pressure level”, the narrower the width of lines and colors.

Then the pressure level of this product is somehow 2048 steps.

Therefore, it is easy to paste the strength of the line and color, making it easier to make illustrations as your image.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Points to be aware of

This product has many attractive points drawing tablet with screen, but unfortunately there are a few things to be aware of.

So please do not hesitate to purchase this product and please let me know what you are looking for.

Viewing angle

When you are making an illustration, it is not easy to find a place where a line is curved just by looking nearby.

So it’s important to look at the illustrations off the table periodically.

The viewing angle of this product is narrow, 80 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically.

If this angle of view is narrow, the color and brightness will look different from another angle and you should not be careful.

So if you are looking for a model that does not seem to change the screen from any angle, it’s a good idea to review this product carefully.

Angle adjustment

Since drawing tablet with screen is lit on the LCD screen of the pen tab body, you need to see drawing tablet with screen while drawing illustrations.

Because this product drawing tablet with screen, you should not look at the pen tab body, but it will be lower than the display of the PC because it is used to put it on the computer desk.

Therefore, I will put a burden on my body because I need to lean my head.

There, this product is designed to be able to adjust the angle, but when changing the angle, please note that the feeling when the special pen touches the pen tab body changes.

Install OS

When you connect this product to PC, you need to install OS that can support this product on PC.

And the OS that can support this product is Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, Mac is OS X 10.8.0 or more.

However, after installing a new operating system on your computer, data may be lost.

Please be careful because there are a limited number of OSs that can be installed depending on the computer.

Product information details

If you purchase drawing tablet with screen, there may be people who worry about accessories and prices.

So, we will introduce the product information of this product, so if you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen, let’s go.

Contents of accessories

In addition to the drawing tablet with screen main body, the accessories of this product are special pen, VGA cable, power adapter, power cable, USB cable, pen stand rechargeable pen charging cable, pen tap red, and black gloves.

Because of this variety of cables, we are able to produce digital illustrations immediately after purchasing this product.

Reasonable price

This product has a cheap model among the drawing tablet with screen, Amazon is shipping separately in some areas, but the price of 45,548 yen including tax (as of February 27, 2018) is available.

Actually, there are many high-priced models exceeding 200,000 yen among drawing tablet with screen.

Therefore, if you purchased this product, you can purchase software to create digital illustrations.

If you want to prepare drawing tablet with screen or software without paying a lot of money because you can produce illustrations efficiently, then this product is recommended.

Users reviews

This product is cost effective drawing tablet with screen, but there are good rumors on the Internet and bad rumors.

Therefore, if you buy this product without knowing the customer, it becomes a thing to regret, and I will introduce the word of mouth of the users.

Good reviews

It is a big advantage that drawing tablet with screen has a high function, but there is a drawback that it is easy to generate heat.

Among those who use this product, there was a person who satisfied the place where the heat is generated.

This makes it easier to use even if the product is hot.

In addition, there is a person who is satisfied with the feeling of this product, and there was a person who is satisfied with the feeling of being drawn on paper.

In fact, among the many drawing tablet with screen, the liquid crystal screen becomes rough, and the dedicated pen core may be consumed in a short period of time.

It is also a great attraction of this product is feeling better when you think about it.

Bad reviews

This product is getting higher resolution, some users were worried about where the picture is colored yellow when it is colored.

Therefore, those who want to stick to the completeness of color should be careful.

Others Please note that the LCD screen of this product may be difficult to operate depending on the position because the cursor may be out of alignment.


Since this product is narrowed in viewing angle, it is necessary to watch carefully because it looks different in color and brightness from other angles.

There is something to be aware of, but the cost and performance of this product is low, because the resolution and pressure level are getting higher.

Therefore, if you focus on the resolution and pressure level rather than the viewing angle, this product is worth drawing tablet with screen to consider.

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