I am wondering what features and benefits the drawing tablet with screen has! Why not use three drawing tablet with screen as references to improve digital illustrations?

 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3 Full HD LCD Cintiq 13HD 【2015 model】 DTK-1301/K0

With the change of time, the tools for drawing pictures changed drastically, and finally the drawing tools with screens were sold.

Here we try to draw the attention of people who want to deepen the interest of digital illustrations by taking the recommended paintings with screens.

Why do not you have a drawing tablet with a screen that suits you … who is having trouble with you? Can I use the information I get here to draw a tablet with a screen purchase?

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Features and benefits of drawing tablet with screen

Paint with screen is designed to put the pen directly on the LCD screen and is a great feature to draw lines directly.

It’s perfect for drawing tablets that are not much different from drawing on-screen because the viewing place and the line drawing are perfect.

Tablet PC, I feel like a drawing on the screen, I think the device is easy to draw.

People drawing analog illustrations are more likely to get used to conventional drawing tablets less often.

When conventional drawing tablet draws a line on another monitor, drawing becomes more difficult.

Reducing the frequency at which lines can be drawn in intended areas reduces the amount of time it takes to draw a picture.

Reducing the frequency with which lines can be drawn to the intended part reduces the time it takes to shorten the time it takes to draw up the picture.

The drawback of digital illustration, which takes time to get used to, is the increase in the number of people who challenge digital illustrations without resistance because they can be solved with a drawing tablet with screen.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 13.3Full HD LCD Cintiq 13HD 【2015 model】 DTK-1301/K0

2015 Model Wacom Full HD LCD DTK-1301 / K0 is a small but large screen.

This item is recommended for those who feel difficult to draw with a small screen 13.3 type.

You can secure your work space in a small size and enjoy a comfortable drawing time in a spacious working space ♪ The stand can be freely removed and can be used without a stand when holding it in your hand.

Conversely, if you have an drawing tablet with screen, it’s a good idea to attach the stand to people who are not stable and are having trouble putting conventional drawing tablet on the screen on a flat surface like a desk.

Because you can make the body oblique with the stand, it may be difficult to see the natural angle as if you were watching your personal computer.

It’s like a high-stability campus so users can enjoy the same drawing experience as an analog illustration.

The DTK-1301 / K0 took the No. 1 spot in the drawing tablet with screen rated analogue elements of drawing tablet with screen in 2017.

It is also considered as the ease of painting as expected.

High quality touch pen with pen pressure

It boasts excellent color performance and resolution, and can display 16.77 million colors.

The vivid hue has increased the motivation to draw, and it is common to use the tablet on the screen for a few hours if you notice.

The touch pen is compatible with pen pressure and seems to be able to experience pen pressure of 2048 levels.

You can also detect the tilt of the pen so you can enjoy a more natural picture.

If you are interested in drawing tablet with screen stylus pen using the DTK-1301 / K0, feel the unpleasant picture.

Increase operability with function keys

Four function keys are user-definable, so you can assign easy-to-use keys to each person to increase your efficiency.

It is a recommended drawing tablet with a screen that is difficult to use for basic function keys, so you can not get it!

The key arrangement is synchronous.

You can continue to work in Switzerland, which tends to stick around, such as running shortcuts with the ring key. ♪ It’s important to use shortcuts to master your digital devices, and it’s revolutionary to include a shortcut on your drawing tablet with your screen!

It is not uncommon to draw pictures using drawing tablet with screen, so many people have to work with shortcuts.

Dedicated connection cable for connecting various computers

Dedicated connection cables are easy to configure and connect to Windows and Mac.

Drawing tablet with screen is like a widely used digital device

I can not connect drawing tablet with screen to my personal computer, but I want to avoid creating digital illustrations that are impossible as possible.

Mac users are increasing and becoming major personal computers.

This is one of the reasons why drawing tablet with screen is so popular that it is set up for social situations.

It is strong against the gap between the pen tip and the screen and the COSPA is good

In fact, the person who created the picture with the DTK-1301 / K0 seems to have been able to work without worrying about the gap between the nib and the screen.

If you experience some pen tip or screen discomfort, the motions will be removed without drawing the expected picture.

This has led to the need to meet the needs of those who want to study photography using liquid tabs that have misaligned the screen.

The price is 85,136 yen and drawing tablet with screen is cheap, so it is recommended item for people who want to improve digital illustration with emphasis on COSPA.


HUION GT-220V2 IPS Liquid crystal 21.5 inches drawing tablet with screen full HD drawing tablet with screen Silver (V2 Silver)

Because the HUION GT-220V2 is a 21.5-inch screen, it is suitable for those who care about the work area.

Does she not draw with pen and paper?

It is the point of attracting the user by drawing a feeling that can cause illusion.

When you plug the pen directly on the screen, you can use X to draw an analog picture.

The writing pressure of the pen is very strong and the taste of the picture increases to improve the quality of the picture.

It corresponds to a 2048-level handwriting pressure so you can take it closer to the picture you want

The monitor base can be adjusted from 10 ° to 80 ° to reduce wrist fatigue.

To realize efficient operation, it is important to use drawing tablet with screen
with high fatigue effect.

It is also compatible with dual displays and seeks ease of operation.

It is not exaggeration to say that highly flexible work is related to the ability to react to dual displays such as the HUION GT – 220V 2.


Wacom Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 drawing tablet with screen 13.3 inch Full HD drawing tablet with screen Wacom Propene 2 included Mac Windows compatible DTH-1320/K0

The DTH-1320 / K0 has a pen holder and is highly valued by those who have lost it after using the touch pen.

Without a touch pen, you can not draw digital pictures, so it’s easy to use the easy-to-use drawing tablet with screen storage location of the lost pen.

Propene 2 can be attached to improve natural drawing quality.

With 4 times the accuracy and 8192 levels of pen pressure sensation, this is what we need today with a touch pen!

Is not it worth convincing users?

Because the touch screen is a smooth, flat glass, it is a natural point of the picture as if you are drawing on paper.

It is drawing tablet with screen enough to satisfy the user’s desire to draw the corner of the display and beautifully to every corner.

It is also good to check the entire image of the character by placing the pen in a small area or by shrinking it.

It is also possible to rotate the picture, it is also good to change the direction of the characters to make it easier to draw.


If you have read through this article to the very end, are the features of drawing tablet with screen likely to be useful?

Try again with a device that has abandoned that digital imagery can not be processed because of its high threshold!

I want new emotions.

Because painting is a creative rich act that creates dreams and hopes, the spread of drawing tablet with screen to improve it is truly productive.

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