Introducing cost performance of pen tablet “Wacom CTL-672 / K0-C”

Wacom pen tablet One by Wacom pen input only model M size CTL-672/K0-C

If you are making an analog illustration, if coloring fails, it will take time to repaint.

So if you think you want to buy a pen tablet, you think it’s an expensive model and give up.

However, some pen tablets are sold at a lower price, such as “Wacom CTL-672 / K0-C”.

However, this product is not only attractive points, but also some points to be careful, so let’s introduce in detail.

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Charm of Wacom CTL-672 / K0-C

Wacom pen tablet One by Wacom pen input only model M size CTL-672/K0-C

There are three points of attraction of this product, it is also the pressure relieved pressure, size.

Pen tablet does not mean high performance, but it is easier to use than a low price model, so let’s put it in the charm.

Writing pressure sensitivity

Because illustration of analog hangs effortlessly, when we challenge digital illustration, work efficiency may be deteriorated on the contrary.

Such people “mouse” is often used.

In fact, you can not change the thickness of lines and colors with the force applied to the brush as shown in the analog picture.

In the case of pen tablets, however, you can change the thickness of lines and colors depending on the state of the force applied to the pen.

In addition, this product, “Pen Sensitivity” because there are 2048 levels, the width of the line and the width of the color is widening.

Therefore, depending on the situation of putting the power of the pen, it is easy to control from ultra-fine to thick.

Reduce the burden on the body

There are ” drawing tablet with screen ” that adopts liquid crystal and ” Conventional drawing tablet ” which does not adopt liquid crystal in pen tablet.

This product is tabbed, but the illustration is not reflected in the pen tablet body, there is a big difference from the analog environment.

Compared to this, drawing tablet with screen is that the illustration is reflected in the body of the pen tablet, it is close to analog.

Therefore, this product seems to have a major drawback, the display is reflected in the PC, you can reduce the burden on the shoulder and neck.

Because the tablet is in a lower position than the display on the PC, it’s a burden on your neck and shoulders if you keep looking at things in that position.

Compact size

Conventional drawing tablet is easy to use large size pen tablet because there is a work area.

By the way, this product has become a compact size, 27.7 × height is 0.9cm in height.

Therefore, I think it feels difficult to work, but if you use a tablet that is too big, you will not feel that your computer desk is too small.

Therefore, those who have a computer desk that is not very wide, this product is a compact size is recommended.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Points to be aware of

This product has many attractive points, but there are many points to watch out for.

So let’s go to see if you are interested in purchasing this product and not to regret it.

Line misalignment

This product can reduce the burden on the body, but the special pen slides the surface of the pen tablet, the picture is reflected on the computer screen.

Therefore, when making line drawings, lines are prone to differences.

If that happens, you should not be careful because illustrations can not be produced efficiently.

However, if you work more than once, you will get used to it, you can suppress the discrepancy.


Some of the top-of-the-line tablets have a pen holder.

By the way, this product is also called an inexpensive model, not with the pen holder.

With this pen holder, you can erect a dedicated pen, so you can prevent it from falling off your computer desk even when not using a dedicated pen.

However, this product, so there is no pen holder, please be careful not to drop the pen.

Work efficiency

Some expensive pen tablets have “shortcuts” on them.

This shortcut function is to press the button that is mounted on the pen tablet body, it is a function that can switch work.

In fact, when you create digital illustrations, you do not have to go through a few steps to switch to another work.

However, this product is not equipped with a shortcut function, because some work efficiency is getting worse, so be careful.

Details of product information

Understand the charm and precautions of this product and introduce the following product information from the place, so if you want to know more about this pen tablet, please check it out.

Supported OS

When using a pen tablet, you must use a PC.

However, you need to install an OS that can support a pen tablet that uses a PC together.

And the OS that can support this product is Windows 7,8,8.1,10, Mac is OS X 10.10 or later.

However, be careful that when you install the OS, you will not be able to free up space on your PC or your computer will stop.

Reasonable price

This product is among the pen tablet, because the functionality is sold at a low price, you can feel free to purchase.

In fact, Amazon sells for free at a price of 8,640 yen (as of February 18, 2018).

By the way, among tablets, there are many high-priced models exceeding 200,000 yen.

If you think about it, we recommend a product that is only slightly higher in price than the mouse.

Users reviews

This product is not only an attractive point, but also a lot of points to watch out for, so I decided to buy this pen tablet.

So I introduce people who use this product and word of mouth, please buy this pen tablet, please try.

Good reviews

In addition to this product, people who have ever used a pen tablet have been using this product, there was a feeling that the pen is lighter.

In fact, if the pen is too heavy, it will become tired, making it difficult to make illustrations for a long time.

Therefore, the special pen is becoming lighter is a big attraction of this product.

In addition to being easy to operate, there is also a person who likes a place with a low price, and it is a model with high cost performance.

Bad reviews

Those who have used the pen tablet have been using this product, and there are many places where the shortcut function is not installed.

Therefore, it is good to pay attention to those who want to streamline the illustration work.

And this product has a pressure level of 2048, but some people have complained about not sensing the pressure too much.

However, because this product has been at an affordable price, this neighborhood is a part that can not be helped.


This product has many attractive points, but there are many points to be careful Because it is a pen tablet, there may be many who want to buy other models.

However, there are not many cheap tablets like this product, so those who stick to the price performance is worth buying the product.

In fact, this product can be covered by careful consideration.

Therefore, when you use it several times, it is very likely that you will not care much.

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