Introduction of features of near future type drawing tablet with screen “DELL Canvas” outstanding compatibility with Win 10 & comparison with other products

The domestic drawing tablet with screen market is a Wacom river, but it is secretly whispering that it is difficult to improve the interface such as the price and the shortcut key which is hard to be handled.

Here we are introducing the price and specs of DELL 27 ” drawing tablet with screen DELL Canvas, which inherited the model’s features for Microsoft’s” Surface “creator, and comparing it with other products.

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Price and specifications of “Dell Canvas”

Released in 2017 in the United States and Japan “Dell Canvas” is.

As its name suggests, PC & amp; Mobile handset maker Max is the first high performance drawing tablet with screen that DELL has released.

First, we introduce basic information such as price and specifications.

Price and Model Expansion

DELL online shopping is 179,980 yen (tax included shipping).

It is 184,980 yen (homology) when it extends for three years because it comes with a standard one-year warranty.

Size deployment only applies to one 27-inch model.

Accessory stand Keyboard & Mouse set Color caprelator (color measurement tool) is available.


It is the spec information about an inquiry, but I will talk about the introduction of the panel (grave screen) first.

IPS panel adoption · Resolution 2560 × 1440 is almost the same size model as other makers.

Here are the pen’s performance.

The pressure detection level corresponds to the highest setting of the main paint software at 2048 points.

There is also a tilt detection feature, which allows detailed configuration in Windows configuration.

The shortcut keys are not attached to the main unit, but will use the totem described below.

The wiring is from the top of the back of the main body, so it can not be disturbed during the drawing · You can make the appearance neat.

drawing tablet with screen

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Unique features not existing in X

The drawing tablet with screen introduced here offers a unique feature not found in other drawing tablet with screen products.

I will go into the explanation here.

“Totem” that can be placed on the screen

The “totem” used in place of the shortcut key is a dial-type wireless device.

Insert keyboard shortcut keys appear on the panel.

You can zoom in and out by turning the dial, and you can assign tasks to each of the five buttons that appear on the panel in the Windows configuration.

The convenience of the totem does not depend on the location of the totem.

Because you can use it anywhere in the liquid tap panel, you can use the shortcut in a convenient place to use according to the drawing environment and the attitude desk situation.

It has been confirmed that you can use totem in Krista and Photoshop, and it is recommended for those who are annoyed to have a separate device for shortcuts, or those who are dissatisfied with the arrangement of other drawing tablet with screen shortcuts.

Left-handed correspondence

You can configure “left-handed response” in Windows configuration on all of the totems introduced in the pen provided in the previous section.

And by changing the Windows layout of the paint soft, even left-handed people can use without discomfort.

Because there is no need to change the supply method of the body, it is recommended for those looking for a high-performance drawing tablet with screen for left-handed use.

Compatibility with Windows preeminent

This product is not compatible with MacOS is a model only for Windows.

I got the know-how from Microsoft’s Creator PC, and after installing the driver, it’s nice to be able to do setup within all Windows configurations.

It also supports various operations of Windows10 by touch, and can be used as a substitute for LCD monitor.

There is very little conflict with another drawing tablet with screen product’s driver, and it is easy to set up when transferring.

Because you can receive the telephone support of DELL faithfully, you can recommend to the weaker machine.

Comparison with “Surface Studio”

This product has similar features to Microsoft’s “Surface Studio”.

The totem pen function settings, etc. are inherited from previous products.

But if you look at the price, “Surface Studio” is 415,584 yen (tax not included) about half price of this product.

Unlike “Surface”, which is considered to be one of the differences, it requires a PC with Windows10 installed.

There is a difference in the performance of the panel mentioned.

“Surface Studio” adopts panel of 4K worth and is highly evaluated for color reproducibility.

In addition, the Wacom product is comparable to · · drawing performance is also remarkable performance is also noteworthy.

Surface has a high hardness and thin panel.

Therefore, “feel the distance between the lines when drawing a nib” is very little time difference in the so-called, to achieve a feeling closer to analog.

The DELL drawing tablet with screen, introduced here, is a step behind the parallax panel performance compared to the Surface.

The hardness of the panel is high, but it is made thick and the color reproduction is also full HD.

However, according to DELL’s drawing tablet with screen review by a famous cartoonist, it is considered to be possible for beginners of digital drafting to be able to use without discomfort, because many of the evaluations of “It feels so good to Wacom products and other high performance drawing tablet with screen ” are seen.

The drawing tablet with screen side of DELL is that the computer specs are customizable as an excellent point.

In the case of Surface, it is not possible to raise the order CPU / memory performance to the taste first, but if it is DELL drawing tablet with screen, it can be used without any problem even if the PC is replaced or parts are specified.

I started using high-performance paint software, but I expected a scene where I felt “lack of spec”.

Even so, DELL drawing tablet with screen is an advantage that you can use with confidence.

Comparison with “Cintiq” 27 inch model

It is Wacom’s “Cintiq” that almost monopolizes the Japanese drawing tablet with screen market.

Its strength lies in the compatibility with major paint softwares such as high performance panel crystal and Photoshop which have been engaged in long pen tablet.

Reproducible color is also said to be the most excellent in the mood and expression that is close to analog at the most.

In this regard, DELL drawing tablet with screen is inferior to the previous one.

However, it is not necessary to ridicule it because there is point that it is difference only about skilled art illustrator and cartoonist having long analogue writing career.

It works in Krista and Photoshop, but Wacom has been strengthening its alliance with many of these software vendors, so it’s a good place to show stable behavior.

DELL tablet with screen is optimized for Windows bundled paint applications and may cause unstable behavior in previous versions of paint software.

In each paint software update, this possibility is irrelevant, so you do not have to worry too much about it.

The biggest difference is the price.

The Cintiq 27-inch model will cost around 24 to 250,000 yen, but DELL tablet with screen is about 50,000 yen cheaper than that.

In summary, the subtle difference in performance of the panel and the partnership with the paint soft maker are only shown in the price.


Compatibility with Windows10 is also worth a price of 200,000 yen for a 27-inch large drawing tablet with screen at the highest class price.

Well processed according to totem and pen settings, and meet the needs of professional hidden luxury “DELL Canvas” is.

Expand your home in the digital arts environment with reference to famous artist reviews and drawing exercises at real stores.

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