Is drawing tablet with screen “XP-Pen Artist 22E” high in COSPA?

XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen Full HD 22 inch 2048 level Pen Pressure 8pcs Express key windows/mac Artist22E

There is a drawing tablet with screen that adopts a liquid crystal in the pen tab, and there is a function higher than Conventional drawing tablet which does not adopt this kind of liquid crystal.

However, there are people who hesitate to purchase because there is a high price.

However, there are many “X-Pen Artist22E” which is low price compared to the top model.

So, for those who can not afford expensive drawing tablet with screen to introduce this product, please try.

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Feature of XP-Pen Artist22E

XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen Full HD 22 inch 2048 level Pen Pressure 8pcs Express key windows/mac Artist22E

This product has four notable points, it is pressure level, open campus, angle adjustment, Express Keys.

So, for those who do not know the details of this product, so we introduce these four points, let’s go see.

High pen pressure level

This product is pressure-sensitive “2048 level” and has become easier to control the thickness of the line and color.

The method of utilizing this pressure level is simple, you only need to add or subtract the force to the dedicated pen.

In fact, if you do something similar on your mouse, you will need to set the thickness of the lines and colors, which will be lost over time.

In addition, when using a low pressure tap, the width of the line and color thickness will be reduced by controlling the force exerted on the pen.

Therefore, using this product, which has a higher level of pressure sensing function, you can create expressive illustrations because there is a wider range of lines and color thicknesses.

open campus

Drawing tablet with screen is a convenient peripheral, but unfortunately drawing tablet with screen can not produce digital illustrations.

Therefore, software is also required to make digital illustrations using drawing tablet with screen.

However, since drawing tablet with screen is not a cheap peripherals, there are many who can not afford to buy soft enough.

So, this product is free software for Windows “open canvas” comes with free.

Therefore, if you are using Windows, you can create digital illustrations immediately after purchasing this product.

Adjust angle

Drawing tablet with screen is among the most popular among people who produce digital illustrations, but the secret is because the picture is reflected on the LCD screen of liquid tab body.

Therefore, because it is close to the environment of making analog illustrations, those who have only produced analog illustrations so far, this product can be used in a short time.

However, if you look at the drawing tablet with screen in the lower position and you are making illustrations, you will have to tilt your head so that you will suffer from stiff shoulders.

By the way, this product can adjust the angle If you want to reduce the burden on the shoulder, this product is recommended.

Express key

Unlike analog, digital pictures can be easily edited and modified.

However, if you are doing a variety of work to create digital illustrations, you should not take any steps.

If you are doing such a thing, be careful because you will walk away.

There are eight “Express Keys” installed in the body of this product, and various customizations are possible.

You can use Express Keys to quickly perform a variety of tasks.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Tips for improving skills

This product is a high performance, you can not skill up if you do not know how to make illustrations well.

So when you use this product, I will introduce some tips for skill up.

Utilizing software

You can say the same thing not only in digital but also in analogue, but it is important to draw straight lines and accurate pictures in order to draw pictures well.

But doing it is not easy.

So if you can not draw good lines and shapes, I recommend using software that can create digital illustrations.

In fact, a lot of software can easily erase the line that has been burnt out, there are some that are equipped with tools to easily remove the straight line.

So you can cover your lacking skills with software.

Torres line drawing

Among those who make illustrations in drawing tablet with screen, there are illustrators and painters whom they admire.

In such a case, the tracing paper on the person’s paintings is repeated, so I recommend using a pencil or sharp Torres (copy).

And Torres Tracing Paper is now on the LCD screen of this product.

If you copy the picture or picture line on the tracing paper with a special pen, you can torresize the product.

When you go through this work a few times, the line art works well, and you are sometimes colored with satisfactory line art.

Product information of this product

This product has become a high performance, but it may be satisfactory by the person who uses it, there is also a place to complain.

Therefore, please confirm that the product information is introduced in detail to let you know that this product is satisfactory to you.

Large size

Drawing tablet with screen is difficult to produce small illustrations because the picture is reflected on the LCD screen of the body.

By the way, this product is also 22 inches, so you can easily see the illustration, it is easy to draw a line with momentum.

Therefore, it is easy to use for many people, but there is a lot of space to be careful.

In fact, it is good to be careful because you need a large computer desk to install a large drawing tablet with screen like this one.

Cost performance

This product has a lower price than the high-end model drawing tablet with screen, but it is expensive compared to Conventional drawing tablet.

In fact, this product is sold at Amazon for free with a tax-included price of 78,999 yen (as of January 31, 2018).

On the other hand, there are models of about 300,000 yen for Conventional drawing tablet of the top model.

There is also a model that can be purchased at 10,000 yen on the tab.

Therefore, some people feel that the price of this product is cheaper, please note that those who stick to the price because there are people who feel high.

User satisfaction

This product has a lot of attractive points, but because the price is a little higher, there are many who have worried about purchasing the Conventional drawing tablet side.

So I will introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please buy this drawing tablet with screen, please try.

Favorable reviews

If you have never used drawing tablet with screen until now, if you try to use this product, there was a case easily accustomed to.

This is not only close to the analog environment, it is also high performance.

In addition, the accessories of this product includes a variety of cables, some people were happy to produce digital illustrations directly.

And there were people who felt that they were high-performance for the price.

Therefore, this product is not among the low performance drawing tablet with screen, so there are many models that can be satisfied.

Negative reviews

If you want to draw a special pen on the LCD screen of this product, the pen tip might get inside.

If the pen tip actually gets inside, there is a high possibility that the line will be shifted.

Therefore, when using this product, please do not give too much force, please do not pit nib.

Because there is such a case, there was also a person who felt that the accuracy of the pen has been falling even for others.

Therefore, if you are serious about accuracy, please consider carefully whether you purchase this product.


This product is also cheap in drawing tablet with screen, so if you can not afford an expensive model, it is worth reviewing.

However, among the users, I felt that the precision of the pen was low.

However, once you become familiar with how to handle the pen, you can cover to some extent.

Therefore, by practicing, many people can be satisfied with this product.

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