Is pen tablet “HUION 420” the same price as mouse?

HUION Pen tablet H 420 4 × 2 inch signature board for OSU Black

If you create digital illustrations, you can paint a wide range of colors in a short time.

It is also simple to modify colors and lines, so many people are moving from analog to digital.

However, if you are making digital illustrations, you should not use pen tablets, which have a large number of models, to draw smooth lines and colors.

By the way, let’s introduce in detail so that you can purchase the HUION 420 if you want.

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Product information of HUION 420

Since we need to know the product information in order to understand this product, let us know what we have.

Same price as mouse

HUION Pen tablet H 420 4 × 2 inch signature board for OSU Black

If you have never purchased a pen tablet, you may not know it, but if it is a high-priced model, it may exceed 300,000 yen.

Compared to that, the mouse has become more expensive than the pen tablet because the model of 1,000 ~ 5,000 yen is getting more and more.

However, when trying to create a picture with the mouse, it is difficult to draw a smooth curve, so be careful.

By the way, this tablet is a pen tablet, but Amazon is only 2,448 yen (including tax free shipping) (as of February 18, 2018).

Therefore, there is also a mouse with the same price as this product, but there is also a mouse that is actually more expensive than this product.

Therefore, if you want to use the pen tablet in a try, this product is recommended for a reasonable price.

Available environment

This product has become a reasonable price, but should be with the PC.

Therefore, you need to install an OS that can support this product on your PC.

OS and Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS 10.8.0 or higher.

If these OSes are not installed, install them again.

However, there are PCs to install these operating systems, so if you are purchasing an operating system from a consumer electronics retailer, ask your clerk about the type of your PC and ask if you can install it.

Compact size

There are ” Conventional drawing tablet ” and ” drawing tablet with screen ” in the pen tab, and the Conventional drawing tablet is not cheap, but the pen tablet does not show the illustration.

Since this product is also Conventional drawing tablet-type, the illustration is reflected in the PC’s display.

Therefore, even if the size of the pen tablet body is small, even if the PC display is large, the person with low vision can easily see the illustration.

This product is cheap, some size (0.8 × 11.2cm) is getting smaller, Conventional drawing tablet, so do not have to worry too much.

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Performance of this product

This product has become the same price as the mouse, with features that make it easy to create illustrations.

However, there are some points where performance is not very good, so let’s introduce in detail.

Writing pressure level

Unlike a mouse, a pen tablet can change the thickness of lines and colors depending on the state of the force exerted on the dedicated pen.

Therefore, when the force exerted on the dedicated pen, the pen will overcome the thick line and color, will weaken the force of the pen, pulling the thin line or color.

However, the thickness of the lines and colors are wide, and the width of the width determines the “pressure level”.

This product has a level of pressure 2048, making it easy to control from ultra-fine to thick.

Battery type pen

This product has a high pressure level, but the special pen to control the pressure can not be used without batteries.

Therefore, if the battery is discharged, you will have to purchase a new battery, so it will become a thing of money.

In fact, there is a special pen that can be used without having to insert the battery when the tablet is a high-end model.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this product because it becomes a thing to pay for the maintenance cost.

Recommended software

If you have never used digital illustrations, you may be surprised, but dedicated software is required to create digital illustrations.

Therefore, please be aware that we are introducing up to three software that can create digital illustrations that can be used with this product.


There is ‘Illustrator’ from software of Adobe company, and it is getting popular from professional illustrator in product name and popularity.

In fact, some Adobe software is called “Photoshop,” but the software and Illustrator have much in common.

By the way, it is recommended software for those who want to work on the Internet by making a logo because they are aiming to produce the Illustrator logo.

In addition, ” Costumed mascot character,” it is easy to draw characters, such as software that can satisfy even those who want to make 2D characters.


This does not mean that it is easier to create a Photoshop logo than Illustrator.

Instead, Photoshop has the ability to process or edit images.

In fact, it contains a lot of filter functions, so it is easy to change the style of flowers and flowers.

Therefore, you can easily change images such as watercolor paintings and oil paintings created by realistic illustrations.

Because it is such a software, it is suitable for processing with the illustration made by the pen tablet if I say which one it is.

Clip Studio

If you really want to make an illustration on a pen tablet, the recommended software is “Clip Studio”.

This software can easily erase broken lines, and even if the line is broken, the color is not so bright.

In fact, digital paintings are painted inside the line if the lines are uneven, and quickly inside the line with the specified color.

However, if the line is erroneous, it will be painted to the outside of the line.

So you have to be careful not to break the line, but with Clip Studio you do not have to be so nervous and line-drawn.

User satisfaction

Even if you know the charm of this product, many people will be surprised to buy a pen tablet at the price of a mouse.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who are using this product, please try.

Favorable reviews

When I used this product, there were those who liked the place where the special pen slip well.

In fact, if the slip of the exclusive pen is bad, the line will be cut off.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pen tablet that is easy to get a smooth line, this product is recommended.

In addition, Conventional drawing tablet is getting easier to make a difference in the line, there were people who do not feel the difference between the line is very much using this product.

Negative reviews

This product is only a compact size, weighs only 127 grams.

Therefore, when using this product, the body may be out of order.

If that happens, it is better to stick a non-slip tape on the back of the body because it becomes difficult to concentrate on illustration production.

In some cases, it was not possible to draw a line well with the dedicated pen tilted.

Because there was such a case, when you draw a line, it is recommended that the exclusive pen touches the tablet body in a vertical state.


This product may be a lot of people hesitate to buy because of the price of the same price as a mouse.

However, this product has a pressure level of 2048, making it easier to create digital illustrations than buying a mouse.

Therefore, according to the handling of pen only, pen tablet has become more satisfactory to many people.

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