Is Wacom CTH – 470 a bargain pen tablet?

Wacom Pen tablet S size pen & amp; touch Bamboo CTH-470/K0

Pen tablets are easy to create digital illustrations, but you also have to buy software to create illustrations.

This means that even after purchasing a pen tablet, you will not be able to afford it because you will not be able to afford it.

By the way, ‘Wacom CTH-470’ is recommended for those who do not want to pay big money because it is a pen tablet with affordable purchase software.

However, there are a few things to note about this product, so let ‘s go.

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Attraction of Wacom CTH-470

Wacom Pen tablet S size pen & amp; touch Bamboo CTH-470/K0

This product has three attractive points, its pressure detection software, size and so on.

Thanks to these three points, this product is making it easier to create digital illustrations.

So let’s take a look at this pen tablet charm for those who want to know more about this product.

Pen Pressure Sensing

There was a time when mouse was active as a way of making digital illustration.

However, the disadvantage of the mouse is that you can not tell where the line is drawn from the surface.

Therefore, when you try to create a picture with the mouse, you often can not draw a smooth line.

By the way, since this product is a pen tablet, it uses pen type equipment, so you can know where to remove the line.

Therefore, it is also possible to draw a smooth line with this product.

With software

You need to prepare your software because you can not create digital illustrations just for pen tablets and PCs, but for many pen tablets, software is not attached.

But this product is “Intuos Comic (old version)” is coming.

Even if it is an old version, this software is equipped with the ability to create digital illustrations, so if you have a PC with this product, you can immediately create a picture.

Therefore, apart from the pen tablet, if you are annoying to purchase software, this product is recommended for soft.

Compact size

You need a computer to use your pen tablet, so if you are creating digital illustrations, you should install your PC and pen tablet on your computer desk.

Therefore, if you buy a large-format pen tablet, you will not need to be careful because it requires a large computer desk.

However, since this product is a pen tablet of small size, its size is only 27.8 × 1cm high.

Because it is a small size, even those who have installed a computer desk is not very wide, this product has become easy to use.

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Notes on this product

This product is a pen tablet with many attractive points, but there are some caveats.

It is regrettable if you do not know what to watch and buy the product, so you should not be careful.

So let’s go to see where we are going to introduce you.

Thickness control

This product is so easy to use than the mouse because it is equipped with pressure, but it is becoming difficult to use compared to the pen tablet of the top model.

Because the pen sensitivity of this product is only 1024 levels.

In fact, it is difficult to control the thickness of the lines and colors until the pen sensitivity level is high.

Therefore, when using this product, please note that you can not thicken the line or color even if you put a special pen on it.

Function of software

This product comes with free Intuos Comic, but does not mean it is so powerful.

In fact, there is a software called Clip Studio that can create digital illustrations.

Clip Studio is a paid software but it is easy to erase the worn out lines and prevent the colors from getting bloated.

In addition, Clip Studio does not have to purchase screen tones like analogue pictures because it has many materials.

Therefore, for those who insist on the functionality of the software, be aware that the Intuos Comic that comes with the product is likely to be unsatisfactory.

Work efficiency

The ease of installation on the desk of a tablet PC (Small-sized pen ) is a great advantage, but it also has the drawback of narrowing the work area.

It is difficult to draw a momentary line if the working area is narrowed because it is to turn off the dedicated pen on the pen tablet body, turn off lines and colors.

Also, if you are using this product, the picture on the PC’s display will make it easier to make a difference in line.

Even if you try to suppress the shift, if the work area is narrow, it may take until you get used to it.

Product information of this product

This product is easy to produce digital illustrations than the mouse, many people would like to know the design and price.

So please check it because it provides product information of this product.


Many pen tablets have only one color, so it was difficult to choose a design that suits their taste.

By the way, this product offers three colors, black, pink, and white.

Black design is so chic and relaxed, making it easier for men to prefer.

And white and pink is a design that is recommended for women because of the cute design and cleanliness.

Cost performance

This product comes with free software to make digital illustrations than mouse, so many people may have been worried that “the price might be a little higher.”

By the way, Amazon is free of charge tax price of 15,906 yen black 15,800 yen, pink 12,980 yen only (as of February 23, 2018).

In fact, among pen tablets, there are several high-priced models over 200,000 yen, so selling below 20,000 yen is a big attraction of this product.

Users reviews

This product has a lot of attractive points, but there were points to be aware of, so you may have worried about buying this pen tablet.

So I will introduce the word of mouth of those who use this product, so please try to purchase this pen tablet.

Good reviews

There is a person who is satisfied with Intuos Comic function that comes out for free in this product.

In fact, Intuos Comic can not be said to have a lot of features compared to Clip Studio, but if you are using a pen tablet for the first time, it has enough features.

Therefore, if you are new to pen tablet, this product is recommended.

There were also those who liked the feeling of this product.

In fact, there are some models that feel like taking a pen only pen tablet.

It is also a great attraction of this product is feeling better.

Bad reviews

When I ordered this product, the exclusive pen did not work.

If a defective product arrives, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer immediately and ask for a return or repair.

Also, when you use this product, if you look at the display of the PC and the pen tablet body, there was a person who was tired and had a complaint.

However, once you are comfortable with the operation of this product, you just have to watch the display on your PC.

Therefore, it takes time to get accustomed for the time being.


This product comes with free software, so if you are new to pen tablet, it will be satisfactory.

However, once you become accustomed to the operation of this product, you may gradually want to purchase a high-performance pen tablet.

It is not too late to buy a new high-end tablet at that time.

This is because if you are not satisfied with your pen tablet from the very beginning, you will waste a lot of money.

This product is not a waste of money even if you are not satisfied because of the low price, so even those who have never used the pen tablet can feel free to purchase.

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