Is “XP-Pen Artist 10 S V 2” of drawing tablet on screen with free software?

XP-Pen drawing tablet with screen 10.1 inch drawing tablet with screen IPS Monitor battery free 2048 level pen pressure pen Artist10S V2

It draws with the exclusive pen on the liquid crystal screen. The going drawing tablet with screen is a peripheral device which is attracting attention from those who have a digital picture.

However, since you can not create digital illustrations just by buying drawing tablet with screen, you need software that can create illustrations.

Therefore, it becomes a thing to make money, and many people will be embarrassed.

Some of the many drawing tablets with screen are XP-Pen Artist10S V2, so the software that can create illustrations comes free of charge.

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Feature of XP-Pen Artist 10 S V 2

The three notable points of this product are Open Campus (free software), IPS display shortcut.

So, for those who do not know the details of this drawing tablet with screen three points to introduce, please try.

Open campus

When you order this product, there is free software called Open Campus, but many people may think that “it is free software, so it is not high-performance”.

Because this open campus is equipped with various functions, there is software that can satisfy the beginner to advanced illustration (note that there are individual differences).

In fact, the open campus has a “filter” function, so you can process your illustrations.

In addition, the image can be transformed into free form, so you can easily complete the space with distortion.

However, please note that Open Campus is a Windows-only software.

IPS display

This product has adopted the IPS display, but the contrast is getting lower, has wider viewing angle.

People who know more about this viewing angle may be small, but viewing angle refers to viewing the correct color even when viewing the screen from various angles.

Many people may think that it is natural, but in fact, the LCD screen of drawing tablet with screen has a model that changes color when viewed from another angle.

If you are using these models, you should always keep the same angle and direction so that the color will change.

Therefore, it is a big attraction of this product that is equipped with IPS display.


The problem with creating digital illustrations is that you have to do a few things when you do other work.

Therefore, it is not necessary to be careful to make a digital illustration than to create an analog illustration because it may take a hard vacation.

There, this product is equipped with “shortcut” function, you can easily perform a variety of tasks just by pressing the button on the body.

Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient drawing tablet with screen digital illustrations, this product is recommended.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Performance of this product

This product “pressure level” and “resolution” is also raised, you can make illustrations in a pleasant environment.

However, because I think that some people do not know the details of this pressure level and resolution, please check it out because it describes the performance of this product.

Writing pressure level

The pressure level is a function that can control the thickness of lines and colors according to the state of the force exerted by drawing tablets with screen dedicated pen.

If this pressure level is high, the width from superfine to thick is widening, but if the pressure level is low, the width of the line becomes narrower.

And the pressure of this product, “2048 level,” so there is a special pen, it becomes easier to control the thickness of the lines and colors become familiar with the state of putting power.

Therefore, it is easy to use this product, you can bold or reduce the outline of the character.

High resolution

The resolution of this product is “5080LPI”, but this resolution is enough to produce beautiful colors.

So if you are using a low-resolution drawing tablet with screen, you have the ability to produce beautiful illustrations, but the pictures are so beautiful.

However, because the resolution of this product is increasing, it becomes possible to shine beautiful pictures, making it easier to concentrate on making illustrations.

Points of high convenience

Even if you buy a high-performance drawing tablet with screen, it may not feel stressful if it is highly convenient.

This product can not be too stressful because it is increasing convenience.

Therefore, please refer to some of the high points of convenience of this product.

Battery free

When you use drawing tablet with screen, you need to use the battery because it uses wireless pen only.

Therefore, you should not be careful because it becomes a cost to pay after purchasing drawing tablet with screen.

So, the exclusive pen of this product is made available even without a battery.

You do not need to charge, so you can save not only your battery charge but also your electricity bill.

Because there is such a feature, even those who are looking for low-cost drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

3 in 1 cable

Drawing tablet with screen is a precision instrument, so be careful not to fall off the computer desk.

However, drawing tablet with screen needs to be installed on a computer desk with a lot of code from having to connect with a PC.

Therefore, if you hang your hand on the code, you should not be careful because drawing tablet with screen may fall from the computer desk.

So this product, “3 in 1 cable” is adopted, and the type of code used is less.

Content of product information

If you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen, please refer to the following product information.

Supported OS

Since drawing tablet with screen needs to be applied in parallel with PC, OS that can cope with this product must be installed in PC.

The OS that can actually support this product is Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

If you do not install this OS, please install an OS that can support your computer.

However, when the free space of the PC is insufficient, it is more likely to freeze after installing the OS.

Compact size

This product has become a compact size, width 301 × 209mm Has become.

Therefore, it is easier to secure space even when placing this product on a computer desk, it is easy to put the materials needed to make the illustration.

However, people with low vision in a compact size, please note that illustrations are hard to see.

And because the work area is becoming narrower, it is difficult to draw a line with momentum, so be careful.

Reasonable price

Because this product is a compact size, there are a few things to be aware of, so you may have wondered whether to buy this drawing tablet with screen.

This product is sold at an affordable price and Amazon is free to purchase at a tax-included price of 27,892 yen (as of January 29, 2018).

Actually, there are a lot of drawing tablet with screen models that exceed 200,000 yen.

Therefore, if you are looking for cheap drawing tablet with screen, it is worth checking this product.


This product is not only becoming an inexpensive model, it also comes with free software, so you can produce digital illustrations without much money.

However, the free software that comes with this product is for Windows only, so if you are using a Mac, you need to use the paid software.

Although there are these precautions, it is low price compared to other drawing tablet with screen, so even if you buy paid software, you can not pay as much.

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