jiufei drawing tablet illustration production with usb

 drawing tablet 2048 drawing pressure drawing usb Digital Digital Illustration Tabret drawing tablet 5080 LPI 230 RPS Ultra-thin 7.8mm Inclination sensing 10x6 inches drawing tablet 8 express keys support Mac Windows 10/8/7 / vista

Digitalization is ongoing now, and it’s time to create digital illustrations using drawing tablets and personal computers from the days of drawing illustrations on canvas and boards.

However, the drawing tablet can not easily be tried because there are many expensive models.

However, let ‘s try to approach the charm of “jiufei drawing tablet Drawing usb” because it has a low cost but high functionality.

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jiufei drawing tablet draw usb charm

 drawing tablet 2048 Writing pressure usb digital digital illustration tabret drawing tablet 5080 LPI 230 RPS Ultra-thin 7.8mm Inclination sensing 10x6Inch drawing tablet 8 express keys support Mac Windows 10/8/7 / vista

It has four attractive features: Pressure Sensitivity, Report Load, ExpressKey, and Work Area.

Thanks to these four points, this product can easily make digital illustrations, so I will introduce them in detail.

Writing pressure sensitivity

With a drawing tablet, “pressure sensitivity” is important when creating digital illustrations.

This is because lower levels of pen pressure sensitivity lead to narrower line widths and color thicknesses.

So if you want to draw a character’s eyebrow, you have to draw the outline of your eyebrow.

However, the pressure sensitivity of this product “2048 level” because the line width and color thickness is wider.

So you can create eyebrows with a single paint, so you can create your drawings efficiently.

Report rade

The drawing tablet plugs a dedicated pen into the main unit and outputs it to the personal computer’s display.

However, care should be taken as the line moves slowly as the drawing tablet is delayed.

As a result, this product can respond quickly by setting the report anger to “230 RPS”.

Therefore, it is difficult to push the line with this product, so you can complete the picture as it is.

Express key

Digital illustrations can be easily processed and modified when you create them, so you do not have to struggle like when you create analog illustrations.

However, when you create a digital illustration, you must click the tool to draw lines or draw lines.

Switching from a dedicated pen to a mouse and clicking on the tool takes time and effort.

However, the body of this product is equipped with eight “ExpressKey”, so you can proceed efficiently.

Work area

If you are using a drawing tablet, you may need to touch a special pen on the work area of the main unit.

Therefore, if you are creating a drawing tablet with a narrow working area, be careful because you can not draw lines quickly.

However, the work area of this product is “10 x 6 inches” so you can actively pull the line.

Therefore, if you are using a drawing tablet with a narrow working space, it is recommended that you replace this product with 10 x 6 inches.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Recommended dedicated software

Even if you have a drawing tablet and a personal computer, you can not create digital pictures unless special software is available.

So we will introduce the dedicated software that can cope with this product.


This product, known as “Photoshop”, enables you to edit and process digital images and create digital illustrations.

In fact, Photoshop can apply various filters, as well as enlarge or reduce the image.

In addition, the “pen tool” is also installed, so you can draw simple characters such as loose characters as well as the actual illustration.

You can also use the “Layer tool” to easily fix the wrong parts, so it’s a good idea to use Photoshop to create illustrations of various genres.


We recommend “Painter” for those who want to produce realistic illustrations rather than simple digital illustrations.

This painter can also be used with this product. You can also create watercolors in oil painting style.

There are many professional illustration letters that use Digital Painter to create digital illustrations, so it’s worth trying Painter to create real artwork.

Content of product information

If you purchase a drawing tablet, and you do not have a compatible OS installed on your computer, you can not combine the two models.

So we introduce OS and price that can cope with this product.

Supported OS types

The operating systems for this product are Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista. Mac is OS 10.6.8 or later.

If one of these OSes is not installed, the PC can not be used together.

Also, when you try to install the OS, important data may disappear.

Also, if the memory space is insufficient, install the OS to increase the downtime so increase the free memory space in advance.

Cost performance

There are a lot of expensive models for drawing tablets, so there may be people who worry about whether this product is actually affordable.

However, this product is free shipping on Amazon, 6,388 yen including tax (as of April 25, 2018).

In fact, there are many products on the drawing tablet that cost over 200,000 yen, and those that cost more than 300,000 yen.

Therefore, this product is also recommended for those looking for cost-effective drawing tablets.

Users reviews

This product uses a cost-effective tablet, but some people want to know if they are satisfied with the actual users.

So I will introduce the reviews of people who use this product.

Good reviews

Some work areas of this product are 10×6 inches, so some people like where they can work.

In fact, too small a drawing tablet is difficult to work with, but it is actually very difficult to use a drawing tablet.

It is difficult to put too much drawing tablet on the computer desk and to put the artwork related materials on the computer desk.

Therefore, the appropriate size of this product is a great appeal.

Also, because this product has 230 RPS, some people like where they are getting better.

Bad reviews

This product is a very responsive product, but the line has changed.

Actually the reaction is excellent. Except for drawing paint, the type “Computer tab” is slightly misaligned as the picture appears on the PC’s display.

Because this product draws tab tablets, it is partially inevitable that the line changes.

And be careful because it may work harder because the work area of this product slips.


Since Drawing tablet with screen is drawable than Conventional drawing tablet, you can draw pictures close to the environment of an analog illustration environment.

But be careful because Drawing tablet with screen has a lot of expensive models.

Still, this line may be out of line, so there may be people who are worried.

Even those who use it several times and get familiar with the line interval, it is best to try this inexpensive product first.

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