Let’s get “left hand device” when get used to drawing tablet with screen! Timing & popular model to purchase

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Multi Lighting Mechanical Left Hand Keypad 【Regular Guarantee】 RZ07-01440100-R3M1

If you have a budget to spare when you replace the drawing tablet with screen, “I want to keep what I need” I also think.

drawing tablet’s with screen popular peripherals are “left-handed” devices that can be used with one-touch shortcuts that are often used,

I will introduce the time to buy and the popular products for questions about whether it is good to prepare quickly and what to buy.

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Does drawing tablet with screen require a left hand device?

I heard a lot of stories that I bought a left hand device that lacks the shortcut keys included in drawing tablet with screen to use paint soft.

Do you need to purchase a left-handed device at the first drawing tablet with screen?

There is no need to purchase immediately

From the conclusion, it is not necessary for the person who is not familiar with the digital drawing itself to prepare the left hand device as well as the function of the paint software.

Rather than blindly using shortcuts, it is known that the skill of painting is easier to remember by remembering the functions of the paint software with mouse and pen operation.

In particular, layer functions are as colorful as high-performance paint software, and most of them can not be dealt with simply by understanding the concept of layers.

It is recommended that you study the shortening of the labor time such as the ruler custom pen and the like by observing which command can be used and where to customize it.

In the above, it can be said that a beginner is a handshake rather than buying a product to shorten the drawing time.

When should you buy a left-handed device?

Recommended purchase time

It is said that the process of painting is greatly changed by the style.

In particular, the difference in the thickness of the gypsum in the animation is large, and the layer function that many use is completely different.

Some say that the transition from analog to digital will change dramatically depending on what features of Paintsoft you are learning.

Once the theory of how to draw your own is determined to some extent, we make it clear to the nature to use a lot of functions.

If you have a left-handed device ready, you can recommend this step.

Most of the time, I think that it is good to think that “I am tired of mouse clicking now” and I feel like I have 2 ~ 3 pieces of work ready.

It is not easy to arrange peripherals, especially the left-handed devices at the same time as drawing tablet with screen. If you are familiar with both the pen tab and the paint soft, there is room for review.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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How to choose the left hand device

The left-handed device is not too bad, unlike the keyboard used for general document creation.

We recommend a selection method that emphasizes functionality rather than durability or quality.

Recommended for gamers

What is most confident in the functionality is a gamer device dedicated to FPS and MMORPG enthusiasts.

Details will be described later, but originally developed for graphic artists, the concept has been inherited as a creator device.

There is also a remote control dial type for left-handed devices, but it is said that there is a high possibility that all of the allocation functions will need to be replaced in the future by as little as five or six.

The only disadvantage of the left-handed device for gamers is that the price is generally improved.

We recommend purchasing from Amazon or used trades rather than buying at home appliances stores.

Logitech G 13 series

Logicool Advance game board G13r

Logitech G13 and its successors are especially supported by domestic MMORPG players.

The feature mimics the Razer product we will introduce later, but it is rated as the best quality support.

Logitech products are unique.

Original preset function

Logitech gaming devices come with the ability to remember keys assigned to the device itself.

This is also true of the G13 series.

This is a person who lives in a multi-PC such as digital drawing and game surfing on one PC.

Specific use is to save each shortcut assignment setting in the game as a preset in the game when using drawing tablet with screen.

Later, you can use the key assignment corresponding to the operation on the PC by simply changing the preset on the device …

Also, as described above, & quot; store preset in the main body & quot;

When you need to replace your PC or use your left hand device on a local handset, you can use the shortcut assignment immediately without having to restart the PC.

It is recommended for those who have multiple Conventional drawing tablet and drawing tablet with screen drawings for painting, and those who work as assistants for people with multiple PCs or cartoonists.

Fulfilling support

Logitech has a three-year warranty as far as the product can speak.

You can get phone support at any time within three years by storing your receipt (your Amazon delivery note) and serial number.

Logitech’s attitude is “to stop the work that requires the device for repair storage”, so if you think that you need to repair the machine in case of failure or abnormal symptoms, it is advantageous to respond flexibly.

The exchange product is popular as a word of mouth if it does not affect the work to arrive 3-5 days to reach the phone.

“I want to receive a high-quality support for the Japanese company than buying a high product,” you can highly recommend if you think.

The peak of the left-handed device “Razer”

“Razer” of foreign maker that is the aid of left hand device for creator

But surprisingly gaining popularity among gamers, is now known as a manufacturer of advanced devices for core gamers.

On the other hand, there is also a lot of pros who are delivering this company along with drawing tablet with screen.

However, ” drawing tablet with screen left-handed device” can be used as two products, so I’m not worried about what to buy.

Introduces by product so you can see the difference.

Orbweaver Chroma

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Multi Lighting Mechanical Left Hand Keypad 【Regular Guarantee】 RZ07-01440100-R3M1

It is a high-end model from the current left-hand device that the maker has released.

Prices range from 17,000 to 18,00 yen 0 (varies by foreign maker).

Features are high key Customization height.

There are 20 keys and a joystick, so you can assign 30 shortcut keys.

It is characterized by the ability to move the part of the palm of your thumb that can be moved in consideration of the size and burden of the hand.

The disadvantage is the size of the touch sound.

Though the key touch is light, it is not suitable for those who are concerned about the sound of sharp sound that is “crackling”.

It is recommended for person who does not have shortcut key in drawing tablet with screen body and single life.

Tartarus Chroma

Razer Tartarus Chroma Membrane Left-hand keypad 【Regular guarantee】 RZ07-01510100-R3M1

This is a model that can be purchased for 10,000 ~ 12,000 yen.

The assigned keys are 15 + 25 on the joystick, which is less than five from the previous model.

The size of the main body is slightly smaller than the one in the station.

The unique advantage of this model is its own key axis with a strong sense of touch with high noise.

The model is recommended for those who use drawing tablet with screen in the living room for female users.


As the style of digital painting becomes harder and harder, the functions you use more often are different from nature.

At that time, you can say it’s time to consider buying a left-handed device.

Drawing tablet with screen depending on the number of shortcut keys or touch functions provided with the console, the functions required for the left-hand unit also vary greatly.

I want to choose a device that meets my digital skills and the complaints I am experiencing now.

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