Let’s use iPad Pro instead of drawing tablet with screen! Performance introduction and recommended peripheral devices

It is said that the combination of drawing tablet with screen and computer is the most convenient … but there is not space for two.

Professional delivery Paint software “Krista” iOS version also started to offer, drawing tablet with screen is also a lot of people who change the tablet PC’iPad Pro “is.

Here is a description of the performance on the assumption that the 12.9-inch model purchased, will guide you to good things to buy.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Comparison of specifications of iPad Pro 12.9 inches

“The combination of a drawing tablet with screen and a computer is better than the combination of an iPad Pro (a 12.9-inch model) genuine stylus pen.”

It was originally Win / Mac only. Some paint software was already developed for iOS, and there are many things that are known to be under development.

If you are an international artist, there are some people who are working on the iPad only.

I would like to consider buying, but 2015 and 2017 release model Which is better?

First, compare the performance.

Performance of CPU and GPU

The CPU / GPU chip with iOS product is equipped with A10 for 2015 model and A10 for 2017 model.

Comparing the processing power of the A9X and A10, you can see a 30-40% performance improvement in both CPU and GPU.

The display size of the tablet, when moving the paint soft, this performance difference can not be missed because it has a close relationship with the load on the chip.

In addition, this “for the artist” consciousness has also greatly changed the display specifications.

Dramatically improved display performance

Technology adopted in the 2017 model is ProMotion / light color / TrueTone display has three bookshelves.

The color representation is sharper than 2015, and the difference in color due to angle is also reduced, so the number of colors that can be displayed is known to be larger than Wacom’s drawing tablet with screen.

This is the reason why I am supported by Illustrator, and there is also a program that I use with two kitchens in 2017 model.

There is also an amazing technology called ProMotion.

When operating on the screen · The display speed of the stylus pen when input is close to twice that of the model in 2015, and the pros who switched from drawing tablet with screen to 2015 and 2017, say the difference.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Why buy the 2017 model better?

I have been telling the difference between 2015 and 2017 models so far, regardless of whether commercial or business, “the frequency of digital painting is high, and I want to have performance comparable to or better than drawing tablet with screen,” I recommend buying a model of 2017 I will.

The reason is as follows.

Refresh rate improved dramatically

The benefit of the ProMotion technology mentioned in the previous section is the refresh rate.

The refresh rate is “the amount that can be drawn in one second of the LCD monitor product”.

The higher the number, the less the amount of drawing time and the less the delay during drawing a picture, such as 60Hz / 120Hz / 240Hz.

The game or drawing tablet with screen is known to require a minimum of 60Hz and is 120Hz in the classic Wacom drawing tablet with screen.

At this model 2017 finally achieved 120Hz equivalent to Wacom.

Low latency when drawing with a stylus stylus pen was highly acclaimed in the model year 2015, the model released in 2017 also 20ms (0.02 seconds) has realized that the delay is shorter.

When the strong line of strength is quickly depicted, it is evaluated that the feeling between 2015/2017 model is completely different.

You can replace the top level drawing tablet with screen immediately.

Can be used like a personal computer

The strength of drawing tablet with screen is that you can browse on the LCD monitor while opening the paint software.

In fact, the same thing is possible with iPad Pro.

Among the iPad series, Pro is the only one that can display other applications by dividing the screen into two parts.

Paint Soft and Safari can be opened side by side and you can practice your practice.

If you run another app while playing in a video app called iOS11, it also comes with a feature called “Photos in Pictures” that keeps playing in a small window at the bottom right of the screen.

BGM There is also a way to draw while appreciating a relatively moving picture, and the strength by combination of PC and drawing tablet with screen is reproduced.

But this is where you want high-performance chips to run multiple applications at the same time.

The A9X chip with 2015 is a bit unstable because it was optimized for iOS10 in the past.

Because the 2017 model has a great deal of room for the processing power of the chip, PC It is also recommended that those who are considering buying a relatively universal machine.

Recommended peripheral devices to be helpful

It is also true that there is a voice of dissatisfaction somewhat in people who use iPad drawing tablet with screen relatively.

This product only suggests supplementing the peripherals’ weaknesses.

Extra Apple pencil or third-party pen

Apple Pencil is a rechargeable genuine stylus pen.

Connect to the charging terminal of the main unit, or use the supplied conversion terminal and the original charge cable to connect to the PC or charge it in one way.

It can not be used while charging.

Once charged, it will remain for 4 to 5 hours, but it is difficult when you are in a hurry.

So what I would like to recommend is an extra stylus pen.

If you have a tab with a USB power and a computer, you can buy and add one Apple Pencil.

The other is the stylus pen for smartphones / tablets sold by Wacom.

Here you can purchase less than 10,000 yen, as well as support for stylus pen optimization of various paint applications provided for iOS.

Pressure sensing is also enough with 2048 points.

Fishing and those who would like to recommend the preparation of extra pens.

Screen and inclined platform

It is the phenomenon that we can not attach proper slope to picture peripheral equipment and picture drawing.

Of course, the stand is not attached to the body.

So I recommend the preparation of the ramp, which seems to feel good on their own.

If you are not ready for painting, some people may use a notebook stand.

Recommended purchase location for iPad

If you want to split the Apple Store (online store) is highly recommended.

At the Carrier Shop, genuine peripherals, including stylus pen, will be paid in bulk separately from the payment for the untreated or installment payment.

If you buy from the Apple Store, you can include everything you’ve bought together in “Apple Loans,” which reduces your financial burden.

Also, several times a year, “split fee free campaign” is not charged until the 24th payment.

It is a nice point that you can get the monthly payment and the total sum cheaper than anywhere else.


If you want to use a variety of applications such as PCs that want to replace drawing tablet with screen in iPad Pro (12.9 inches), we recommend the release model in 2017.

However, there is some uncertainty about peripheral devices such as Apple Pencil’s processing problems.

Please enjoy the digital drawing life of a small rotary work by pressing the cover.

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