Set your iPad to Drawing tablet with screen! Explanation of usage and 3 recommended applications

IPad is getting attention from the brilliant improvement of tablet function.

It was popular as a tool to draw pictures anywhere, but it is expected to be a professional tool as the stylus pen performance improves.

After explaining how to use iPad as Drawing tablet with screen, introduce each advantage and disadvantage · Recommended app.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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How to use iPad for Drawing tablet with screen instead

If you can not prepare your budget for Drawing tablet with screen, you can substitute it with iPad.

If you are considering buying a second-hand, I recommend buying a new model than the last model in the Air series.

If there is such a specification, it is possible to get enough.

If you have an iPad ready, there are two ways to use it depending on whether you have a PC or not.

Used as a sub monitor of a PC

Both Windows and MacOS will expand the desktop with the iPad as the second display so that all Paint Software for PCs will be available.

There are two applications required to make this setting, originally developed by Apple employees, so the performance is origami.

However, depending on the PC OS version and update situation, the feeling can be greatly changed.

If you refer to the reviews of people who actually use, MacOS has a reputation for stability, while Windows can tell that rumors are polarizing.

You will also need to pay an annual fee separately from the iOS app purchase price for pressure detection by the genuine stylus pen.

The amount will be 2,400 ~ 3,000 yen per year.

It is a production style that can be recommended for those who have some knowledge of computers and heavy Mac users and those who want to control their initial investment once and experience Drawing tablet with screen.

Using the iOS compatible paint application

The Paint Application for iOS is getting more and more updated as more genuine stylus pen enhancements are made.

As of February 2018, almost all of the manga and illustrations can be completed as one iPad.

Because there is no longer being bound to place, some of the major motif artists are moving to iPad design.

On the other hand, the problem is the operating status of the app.

It depends on the specs of the iPad, specifically the memory capacity, but unfortunately the top model is only 4GB.

Older models can be heavy and stressful enough.

There is also a problem with data storage.

If you keep your pictures on your iPad, data may be lost when you fall down or repair.

However, iCloud does not have enough capacity.

If you use the iPad as your main computer for illustrations, let’s use Dropbox and OneDrive in parallel.

It can be recommended for anyone who can study some aspects of iOS characteristics and data management.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Clip studio

It is a specialized delivery cartoon and illustration production software known without saying.

Windows, MacOS, and iOS 3 versions are available, and anyone who already has a PC version can use it as a sub monitor of iPad.

So, whether the PC version or the iOS version is good ….

I am calling the discussion of this creator.

Is it PC version or iOS version?

In conclusion, there is no difference between PC version and iOS version.

By its nature, iOS versions that do not have a left-handed device have 10 customized keyboard shortcuts.

Precision tilt detection is also possible using the Apple genuine stylus pen in the iOS version.

With the 2018 update, the inoperability of the iOS version has been unmatched by the combination of Wacom Drawing tablet with screen and the computer, which has improved significantly.

The remaining problem is cost.

If it is a PC version, it will not be added after 23,000 yen.

If you mention it, it only costs money when you buy a custom creative material.

On the other hand, the iOS version is charged monthly fee of 980 yen per month since it is free for the first half year.

If you use the application for two and a half years in a straightforward calculation, you can see that it costs as much as a PC version.

In this way, anyone who already has a PC version can say that using a dual-display application is much cheaper.

Whether it’s a PC version or an iOS version, I recommend thinking while comparing the initial investment and maintenance costs, including the iPad body and peripherals.

Ibis paint

This app is popular with students and Pixiv users.

The combination of a smartphone and a touch pen is so easy to use with minimal functionality in the free version.

It is one of charm that digital illustration lecture by Yushi is enriched.

On the other hand, it is also true that there is a pros and cons of using iPad as Drawing tablet with screen.

Lightweight and crispy application

Anyway, the performance is light, and even if you use the layer in dozens of units, the performance will not drop.

The user interface is also easy to understand, digital design is a friendly design for the first time at all.

Regardless of the type of stylus pen, it does not sense tilt, but it has the ability to draw smooth, clean lines with good pressure sensing precision.

On the other hand, the Perth ruler and top break function is not incidental.

Brushes are customizable, and analog touches can be said to be somewhat inadequate.

Once you check the behavior on your smartphone and feel free to try it when you buy an iPad.

Comfortable graffiti It is tool which can be recommended very much to main person.


Overseas artists use the popular, popular app.

The quality of the promotional illustrations using the genuine stylus pen is high, and is also being introduced into the Apple Store demo device.

It is one of the reasons that the price of 720 yen is gaining support in the accident.

Photoshop-like advanced application

Researching the functions of a genuine stylus pen, Apple also recognized the iPad for superior application.

The operability is almost the same as Photoshop, and there is a delicate representation that is as close to analog as possible.

The user interface is smart and you can use the front of the monitor as a drawing screen without a small window.

Basically, there are various types of brushes, but it also supports custom brushes and material creation.

It’s a pretty full-blown paint application that can also be used by 3D Perth rulers who can move freely with their application billing.

On the other hand, there is no tone and frame division function.

Without knowledge of the paper, it is very difficult to use it for making cartoons.

Also, it does not have the ability to disable the stylus pen tilt detection, and it can be a little stressful for those who do not need it.

It is an application that can be recommended to those who draw a picture centering on a single picture or those who have a long analog experience.


The possibilities as an Drawing tablet with screen or iPad in combination with a group or PC are endless.

All of the application software outlined here is popular and provides the necessary and sufficient performance for drawing weaknesses.

Drawing tablet with screen is too expensive, but how about buying a cheap model? … If you have such an anxiety, I recommend the iPad, which is getting more support and increasing in function every day.

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