The height of the cospa of the Drawing tablet with screen “XP-Pen Artist 13.3” is outstanding?

XP-Pen Drawing tablet with screen 13.3 inch pen pressure 2048 level full HD / IPS display For illustration drawing Artist13.3

Unlike analog digital pictures, it is possible to easily modify lines and colors.

It is also possible to print clothes and photos easily from digital illustrations, so many people have created digital illustrations.

There are ” Drawing tablet with screen ” in peripherals that are easy to produce digital illustrations, but it was a stumbling block where prices became expensive.

By the way, ” Drawing tablet with screen P-Pen Artist13.3″ is X and it is not only low price but also high performance.

So, if you want to buy high-performance Drawing tablet with screen without paying a lot of money, I think it’s an interesting model.

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XP-Pen Artist 13.3’s COSPA

The reason why this product’s cospa is getting high is not only the low price but also the free software and high resolution.

So let’s go to see if you want to know more about this Drawing tablet with screen, because we are introducing the point where the cospa of this product is getting higher.

Low price Drawing tablet with screen

XP-Pen Drawing tablet with screen 13.3 inch pen pressure 2048 level full HD / IPS display For illustration drawing Artist13.3

There are ” Conventional Drawing tablet ” and ” Drawing tablet with screen ” in the pen tab, but in the case of ” Conventional Drawing tablet “, the picture is displayed on the computer screen, but it is being sold at a low price.

On the other hand, Drawing tablet with screen has a large amount of illustration instead of shining on the pen tab body.

Therefore, there are many people who are worried about buying two pen tabs, but there are many who want to buy the Drawing tablet with screen side if the price is low.

And this product is Drawing tablet with screen, but Amazon is free to purchase at a price of 44,909 yen including tax (as of February 9, 2018).

In fact, among the Drawing tablet with screen sold in Japan, many models sold for over 200,000 yen are sold.

Therefore, if you want to buy an affordable Drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

Software can be used for free

If you have not produced digital illustrations, you may be surprised, but you can not create illustrations with only pen tabs.

In fact, you need software to create digital illustrations.

However, if you purchase software after purchasing the pen tab, it will become a matter of making money.

So this product is designed to make digital illustrations, “Open Campus” is free to use.

Therefore, this product is not only affordable, but also because you do not have to buy software, you can curb spending.

High resolution

Drawing tablet with screen is reflected in the picture on the LCD screen, so when purchasing, “resolution” needs to pay attention to.

This resolution means that the line (dot) and the color are projected into a single dot.

And the resolution of this product is 1920 × 1080, so 1920 horizontally, 1080 is reflected in the vertical direction.

Inexpensive Drawing tablet with screen However, there are not many Drawing tablet with screen that are getting higher resolution.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality Cospa Drawing tablet with screen is worth examining this product.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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High performance Drawing tablet with screen

This product has become relatively inexpensive and high-performance, the pressure level, viewing angle, ExpressKey is outstanding among them.

So, for those who are worried about purchasing this product, please check out these three points.

Writing pressure level

If you do not have a pen tab, when you try to create an illustration on your PC, you are using a mouse.

In fact, you can create illustrations in your mouse, but if you try to change the thickness of lines and colors, you need to change the “thickness” setting.

However, when creating illustrations, it is necessary to “enter” and “separate”, so if one line is all the same thickness, it becomes a monotonous outline.

By the way, this product is “pressure level” because it is equipped with, depending on the state of putting a special pen, you can change the thickness of the line and color.

Also, since the pressure of this product is 2048 levels, the thickness of lines and colors is widening, making it easier to produce and remove.

Viewing angle

Drawing tablet with screen is a convenient peripheral, but the liquid crystal display can look different in color from different angles.

There, this product, “viewing angle” from the 178 times from the other, even if you look at the color does not seem to change.

So you can concentrate on making illustrations over a long period of time because you will see the same color even if you break down a little posture.

Express key

If you are creating an analog illustration, it does not take much time to switch jobs.

On the other hand, if you switch jobs on the pen tab, you will not have to take a few steps, so you’ll have to be careful.

Therefore, this product is equipped with six ‘ExpressKey’, you can switch the work with one touch, so you can efficiently create illustrations (not all work is one-touch conversion).

Details of product information

We have introduced COSPA of this product, but if you do not understand product information, there is possibility of regret after purchase.

So, for those who are reviewing this product, we will also introduce the product information so let’s go.

Contents of accessories

It is an “accessory” that is likely to be a problem when buying cheap household appliances.

In fact, the number of accessories may be reduced to save money.

Therefore, this product may feel as if the impression that the accessories are not faithful.

But this product is equipped with accessories, pen tab body, pen alignment line, pen stand, USB cable, flash driver, guidebook, antifog glove, cleaning cloth, HDMI conversion adapter cable and others.

In addition to the pen tab body and cable, so even gloves and crosses, making it easier to make illustrations.

Supported OS

Since you need to connect with a PC when you purchase a pen tab, a compatible OS must be installed on your PC.

And the OS that can support this product is Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac is OS X 10.8 or more.

If it is not a supported OS, it will not be a problem if you install it on your computer.

Body size

This product is 13.3 inches Drawing tablet with screen, the body size is 389 × 205.7 × 14mm.

Because it is a compact size like this, it can be installed in a computer desk is not very wide.

However, since it is a compact size, work space becomes narrow, so it is difficult to draw a line with force.

User satisfaction

This product is a low price because it has become a high performance, many people “might be really high prices and low prices” may have been anxious.

However, those who are using this product is satisfied with the high performance of many.

In fact, there was a person who was satisfied with the slip of this product when I touched a dedicated pen.

Therefore, the possibility of hanging the dedicated pen is lowered.

There are also 2048 levels of pressure, so some people liked pen sensitivity.

As there are a few people who are satisfied with the performance of this product, it is not necessary to pay much attention at low prices.


This product is cheap Drawing tablet with screen, but the resolution and pressure level are getting higher, making it easier to concentrate on making illustrations.

You do not have to spend a lot of money after purchasing this product because the software that makes the illustration is available for free.

So, to make digital illustrations so far, it will be money, so those who hesitate will be able to start this product willingly.

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