“Wacom Cintiq 27QHD “high-performance drawing tablet with screen to introduce more!

 Wacom drawing tablet with screen 27 Type QHD liquid crystal Cintiq 27QHD DTK-2700/K0

Drawing tablet Compared to a mouse, it is easier to produce digital illustrations, but there are also sub models and drawing tablet with screen models.

If you are looking for an inexpensive drawing tablet with screen, I recommend a sub-model, but it’s not so much fun.

Therefore, “Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD” is recommended for those who place importance on performance rather than price.

Drawing tablet with screen is a high-end model, but it is high-performance, so I will introduce it (as of January 3, 2018).

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Features of Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD

This product has four attractive points, it can be in resolution, stand, pressure level.

So for those who do not know the details of this product, please take a closer look at these four points.

High resolution

Drawing tablet with screen has a higher resolution compared to Conventional Drawing tablet, but it has a higher resolution (as of January 3, 2018).

In fact, the resolution of this product is 2560 × 1440 pixels, 2560 pixels horizontally, and 1440 pixels vertically.

If you have a large number of these pixels, you can display smooth lines and display different colors on the screen.

Therefore, if you want to check the picture on a beautiful screen, products with high resolution is recommended.


Drawing tablet with screen is easy to make digital illustrations, but because it is in a low position, it will put a heavy burden on the neck.

In fact, if you are looking at a low Drawing tablet with screen position for a long time, you should not be careful because it causes stiff shoulders and neck stiffness.

There, this product is equipped with a “stand”, you can adjust the height.

Therefore, if you are a digital illustrator and want to take measures against shoulder stiffness and neck stiffness, it is worth using this product.

Writing pressure level

The point is that when making digital illustrations, Drawing tablet with screen is the point of purchase “pressure level”.

Because the pressure function is a function of sensing the pressure by inserting it into a dedicated pen, it is possible to control the line and color thickness by the pressure.

Then what about this product, pressure can be 2048 level.

Therefore, by using this product, you can control the thickness of the line and color by adjusting the pressure in a special pen, you can produce digital illustrations efficiently.

Number of inches

For many, Conventional Drawing tablet is hard to use, and Drawing tablet with screen may have an easy to use image.

Of course, Drawing tablet with screen is easy to use because there are many high-function models, but the number of inches should not be careful.

The reason is that if you use a model that has a small number of inches in a powerful Drawing tablet with screen, you have to use magnification to see the details of the picture.

This product is 27 inches, so we can see the details without using the zoom function too.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Features of Drawing tablet with screen

Those who have hand-drawn illustrations on paper or board until now may wonder which one of Conventional Drawing tablet or Drawing tablet with screen like this product should be purchased.

So if you are worried about purchasing Drawing tablet with screen, check out what features Drawing tablet with screen has to offer by comparing Conventional Drawing tablet.

A sense like analogue

Since Drawing tablet with screen can produce pictures directly on the LCD screen, you can create illustrations in the same sense as analog.

However, since Conventional Drawing tablet is displayed on the PC’s display, it is difficult to create illustrations in analog sense.

Considering that there is such a difference, because the illustration is made in the analog sense of the Drawing tablet with screen side than Conventional Drawing tablet, those who have not produced digital illustrations so far, can also be used in a short time.

Burden on neck

Conventional Drawing tablet does not put too much burden on the neck, so you can see illustrations while checking the PC’s display.

Because Drawing tablet with screen installs on a computer desk in a lethargic state, but the PC’s display is in a high position.

Because of this difference, even those who did not make digital illustrations, Drawing tablet with screen is easy to use, but it should be careful because it is easy to neck stiffness and shoulder stiffness.

This product can adjust the angle However, Conventional Drawing tablet Please note that it will put a burden on the neck compared to.

Points to be aware of

This product is a high-performance model, but unfortunately there are some points to note.

Therefore, since you will regret after purchasing the product without knowing anything, please check what kind of point you should pay attention to.

PC desk space

This product is 27 inches so, even those with low vision can easily see without zooming too much illustration, there is a drawback that the computer desk narrows.

In fact, the external dimensions of this product is 770 × 465 × 54.5mm.

When installing this large drawing tablet with screen size, it is difficult to make illustrations without a large computer desk, so be careful.

Therefore, determine the size of your computer desk before purchasing this product.

Expensive drawing tablet with screen

This product is sold at high prices because it has become a high function inches larger.

In fact, this product is free at Amazon, but at a tax-inclusive price of 285,836 yen (as of January 3, 2018).

In fact, among drawing tablet with screen sold in Japan, there are many models sold for less than one million won.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to performance than price, please note that there is a possibility of regret after purchasing this product.

Users reviews

This product is a high-performance, but the price is too high, I may have many people who have decided whether to buy this drawing tablet with screen.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who use this product, please note that this drawing tablet with screen to purchase.

Good reviews

Among the people who use this product, there was a thing which satisfies that it does not cause a problem even if it is used for a long time.

Therefore, this product is said to be a durable model for those who are looking for too long to use Drawing tablet with screen is worth examining this product.

And this product has many buttons, and some people liked where you can set shortcut keys.

You can complete the illustration in a short time by using the shortcut key, so if you want to create the illustration efficiently, you should pay attention.

Bad reviews

This product has a small number of serious problems, but it may freeze.

So be sure to remember to save the image regularly so that you can stop while you are creating the illustration.

Also, because the pen may not be recognized by the specialist, if you want to create illustrations, please be careful.

However, this problem is an inevitable part because it happens in many tablets.


Even those who pay more attention to the performance than the price may have thought that the price of this product is too expensive to buy.

However, to maintain a professional illustrator, creating an illustration in the best environment is an important point.

Therefore, if you want to produce illustrations that can be understood even with a small amount of drawing tablet with screen, it is worth examining products with high functionality.

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