What do you do when the pen tablet does not move? Eight points you want to check

Pen Tablet is a handy product for digital drawing.

However, it may not move well or react at all during use.

In such a case, I am worried about the “broken map”, but I should not be in a hurry.

If you cope calmly, it can be resolved quickly.

Let’s introduce 8 points to check if the pen tablet is not moving.

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Let’s check the power supply

If your pen tablet does not work, try checking the power first.

If the power is not turned on, it does not react.

This is a very basic thing, but you may need to be careful because it may be overlooked unexpectedly.

“I do not think such a thing” is that there is something that I do not realize at all.

For example, failing to grab glasses on your forehead, looking around, or not being able to find a smartphone in your pocket.

I can think of why it would not work if I try to use a pen tablet without powering up like this.

Be sure not to neglect that you can not.

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Is it firmly connected?

If your pen tablet does not respond, check that it is properly connected to your PC.

It is also possible that you do not realize that you are not connected so that there is no chance of trying to use it without turning it on.

If it seems that the cord is missing, check that it is plugged in again and moving again.

Also, be careful if the connection is incomplete.

It may seem connected at first glance, but the yarn may be loose.

If you are looking at the connection, so you can be relieved, but if you think of loose, you can not be sure to confirm.

Even if it looks as if it is connected, it is more certain to remove it and then connect it again firmly.

Try changing the USB port

If the pen tablet does not move, it is possible that the USB port is the cause.

If there is something wrong with the USB port, even if it is properly connected, it may not respond at all.

It is important to plug in at that time, but if you still can not improve, change the USB port.

Avoid the problem and use a different USB port.

If there is no abnormality in another USB port, it will move smoothly.

This is an easy way to test if your pen tablet does not move.

Is the lamp on?

When the pen tablet is not responding, be sure to check the indicator light.

You can check what the lamp is and know the cause.

For example, if the lamp is not attached, it may not be connected properly.

If it is properly connected, so if it is not attached, please check that the connection lamp ignites the cord again.

If it seems to disappear once, it may cause USB problem.

As mentioned earlier, it is also recommended to switch to another USB port.

If the lamp can not be turned on any more, the possibility of failure increases.

At that time, repairs are the best way.

Let’s try rebooting

If your pen tablet does not move, it’s not necessarily the pen tablet that’s causing it.

If there is a problem with the connected computer, it will also not move.

The most common thing is that your computer does not recognize the tablet.

In this case, there is nothing wrong with the tablet and it can not move even if the connection is correct.

Computers are not connected to the pen tablet because it seems to have no choice to move.

When that happens, let’s restart the computer.

This recognition problem is the easiest and quickest solution to start over.

When you start over, you can usually use it to recognize it as if nothing happened.

When there is another cause, there is no change even if we start again, but it is recommended to try first.

So, when you move, you can solve without laboring.

Installing the driver

To successfully move your pen tablet, you need a driver for it.

If you do not have a driver on your computer, you can not move your pen tablet.

The driver is like the brain of a pen tablet, and it is very important software.

So if you do not have a driver, start by installing it first.

If you do not have the software on your brain, it will not respond properly to whatever you try.

You only need to have a tablet driver.

However, the driver may also be defective or damaged.

In that case, do not solve the problem even if the driver is properly installed.

Defective software is to delete and soft-off the newly normal state.

If the driver is the cause, it will be moving soon.

Confirm driver update

If you have a screwdriver and your pen tablet does not work, check for updates.

The driver is updated to be up-to-date and faulty, but if it is in the previous state, it will cause problems with the response of the pen tablet.

At that time, we update properly so that it moves normally.

If it is the latest driver, the problem will not happen.

If you reinstall a problem with these updates, you can fix them with a problem.

If you install it again, you can use it with confidence because it will contain the latest driver at that point.

Restart Paint Software

If the pen tablet does not move, the pen tablet itself is not a computer either, and paint software is a problem.

If there is a large amount of data to be handled, the paint software will be defective and you will not be able to use it.

In that case, let’s restart paint soft.

If you quit and restart it, you can also be successful.

This method does not take long enough to restart the computer.

Restarting the computer It takes a lot of time because it takes a lot of time to feel a little annoying, but if you restart the paint software, it will be over soon.

If you have a guess as to how to process large amounts of data, try this method first.


If your pen tablet does not respond, you may be surprised and irritated.

When things may be broken, you may feel uneasiness, but please act calmly as much as possible.

It is possible to solve it immediately if you check without being confused because it is caused by nothing.

In that case, you can work smoothly if you know the checkpoint as introduced here.

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