What is the appeal of the “GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD1560”?

GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD1560 15.6 inch IPS HD With 10 shortcut keys and a pen display stand with 8192 level wireless rechargeable pen

Drawing tablet with screen is a peripherals that can be used in a short time even those who have never used pen tabs so far.

However, there are many models of drawing tablet with screen, some models are easy to operate, and some models are difficult to operate.

So what I would like to recommend is “GAOMON X PD1560”.

Drawing tablet with screen is not only a reasonable size, because it has excellent maneuverability, making it easier for people who have never used a pen tab.

Therefore, those who wanted to create digital illustrations from the past are interesting models, so please check them in detail.

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Attention point of GAOMON drawing tablet with screen PD 1560

This product is not only easy to operate, but also is made to create illustrations in a beautiful environment.

So, for those who do not know the details of this product, we introduce four noteworthy points of this product, so please refer to it because it introduces some features.

Wide working area

In this drawing tablet with screen work area to produce illustrations (liquid crystal screen) is to imitate a pen called a place, is to be able to produce illustrations.

In other words, if the work area is narrowed, the scope of making illustrations becomes narrower, making it difficult to work.

Therefore, a wide working area tends to produce illustrations, but if the pen tab is too large, the computer desk will feel cramped.

If that happens, it may be difficult to keep the materials you use to make illustrations, so you should not be careful.

This product is the size of a suitable working area, width 344.16 × height 193.59mm is that it is.

Therefore, because it is easier to produce illustrations, computer desk is not large, drawing tablet with screen is now available for installation.

Excellent operability

Unlike drawing on paper, you will not have to go through a few steps to create an drawing tablet with screen illustration.

Therefore, it is time-consuming to carry out the same task alone.

This product is equipped with 10 “hot keys” and is able to do a variety of operations just by pressing the button.

Therefore, it is possible to make intensive illustrations because it can shorten the time to produce illustrations.

High resolution

Drawing tablet with screen, like a PC, is called ‘resolution’.

This resolution represents a set of points, and if the resolution is large, you can express many things.

And the resolution of this product is 1920 × 1080, so it can represent more than 1080 points horizontally to represent 1920 points vertically.

Therefore, this product is able to produce illustrations in a beautiful environment.

Level pressure sensitivity

What is important when purchasing drawing tablet with screen is “level pressure sensitivity”.

This function can detect the force adjustment when a dedicated pen touches the pen tab body.

In fact, drawing tablet with screen can change the thickness of lines and colors by adjusting the force applied to the dedicated pen.

So you do not have to change the line and color thickness settings like the mouse.

With such features, the higher the level pressure sensitivity, the more you can not take advantage of the pen tab.

Then what about this product, you can level 8192 level pressure sensitivity.

Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Reduce the burden on the body

It is a big advantage that the drawing tablet with screen is close to the environment in which the hand can create illustrations, but it has a disadvantage that it is likely to become a shoulder stiffness through the work.

However, this product is drawing tablet with screen, you can take some measures to stiff shoulders.

So let’s go to drawing tablet with screen to explain why drawing tablet with screen is prone to shoulder stiffness and why it should be easy to take measures against shoulder stiffness.

Causes to become stiff shoulders

Drawing tablet with screen can work on drawing tablet with screen because the illustration is reflected in the work area.

However, since drawing tablet with screen is in a lower position than the computer, it becomes a task to tilt your head.

If you are making illustrations for such a long time in such a posture, you will suffer from stiff shoulders.

In the worst case, the straight neck has become a ‘straight neck’, so be careful.

Measures against stiff neck

Drawing tablet with screen is in a low position, but this product can be angled.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the angle of this product and tilt the head to the extent that it is released to some extent.

It is also less likely to become a shoulder stiffness, so you can take a stiff shoulder.

Indeed, suffering from shoulder stiffness can be inflicted with headaches that should take measures against anything.

Because the shoulder muscles are strained along with the shoulder stiffness, it can affect the muscles of the head.

Therefore, it is important to use an drawing tablet with screen with an angle adjustment function like this product.

Product information of this product

If you are worried about purchasing this drawing tablet with screen, check out the following product information to know about this product’s attention and shoulder stiffness measures.

Detailed information

This product has a wide range of accessories, including a Phenom body, a pair of pockets, a dedicated pen, a USB cable to charge the paint, 3-1 integrated wiring, a power adapter, a painter, a double finger glove and a multilingual manual .

If this is not the case with the power adapter or pen holder, thank you for connecting the USB cable.

After purchasing the person’s product, it seems that it is possible to prepare the computer or digital software and then immediately create it.

OS is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac is OS X10. You have it after 11.0.

Therefore, if your computer is not compatible with this product, you may need to install an OS that can support new products.

Cost performance

This product is sold at a low price for drawing tablet with screen, and Amazon is free to purchase at a tax-included price of 39,999 yen (as of January 18, 2018).

If you have never purchased an drawing tablet with screen before, you may not know whether the price is cheap or not, but there are a lot of liquid models with over 200,000 yen in the liquid tab.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective drawing tablet with screen, this product is recommended.

User satisfaction

This product is a lot of attractive points drawing tablet with screen, but unexpectedly, among users who are not only satisfied with the person who has a complaint.

So please refer to this word of mouth because it introduces users’ word of mouth so that you do not buy this product and regret it.

Favorable reviews

This product is 15.6 inches in size because it is not too small size, I was satisfied with the price is cheap.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap and easy to operate drawing tablet with screen, it is worth examining this product.

And this product is excellent on the sense of stability, there is a person who likes the place where it feels smooth and smooth.

It is easy to put a jagged line if you feel like taking such a special pen actually.

Therefore, it is a feeling of smooth texture is a big attraction of this product.

Negative reviews

If you are using this product, the screen might be blurred.

In fact, drawing tablet with screen is a precision instrument, please note that there is a possibility of failure if you are not careful handling.

In addition, if you try to make an illustration like pushing the nib, I might get a little slack in the step.

Therefore, when using the exclusive pen of this product, please do not put too strong force.

And if you are using this product, the computer may be stalled, so be careful of PC space.


This product is not only a reasonable size, because it is sold at a low price, so many people are satisfied with drawing tablet with screen.

However, among those who are using this product, there was a case where the computer could not stop working or the pen tip.

There are a few things to be aware of, but if you have enough space on your PC, or if you try to manipulate the pen several times, you are likely to be satisfied with the appeal of this product.

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