What is the charm of the drawing tablet with screen “WACOM DTI-520 U Model”?

WACOM drawing tablet with screen DTI-520 U Model

It is not easy to make corrections if the coloring fails while the illustrations are drawn.

However, unlike when creating illustrations in analogue, creating digital illustrations can be easily solved.

And many people use drawing tablet with screen to make digital illustrations, but there are many expensive models, so there is no easy thing to buy.

The “WACOM DTI-520 U Model” is drawing tablet with screen, but it is being sold at a low price.

So please feel free to introduce this product for those who would like to start digital illustration willingly.

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Features of WACOM DTI-520 U Model

This product is WACOM drawing tablet with screen, but in fact, WACOM drawing tablet with screen is famous for many more expensive models.

Still WACOM’s drawing tablet with screen, but there are reasons why this product is being sold at a low price.

So I will introduce the price and performance of this product, so if you want to know more about this drawing tablet with screen, please check.

Low price drawing tablet with screen

WACOM drawing tablet with screen has a model that is close to 300,000 yen.

If you have such a high-priced model, it will be highly functional, but there will not be many who can buy it willingly.

This is Wacom drawing tablet with screen, which is available for purchase at Amazon for free at 18,800 yen (as of January 21, 2018).

Because there are not so many cheap drawing tablet with screen like this, even those who have never produced digital illustrations can feel free to purchase.

Writing pressure function

There are two types of pen tabs, drawing tablet with screen and Conventional drawing tablet, drawing tablet with screen is a pen tap of a liquid crystal type, and Conventional drawing tablet is a pen tab, not a liquid crystal type.

Both are equipped with “pressure sensing” and can change the thickness of lines and colors depending on the state of the force exerted on the dedicated pen.

Therefore, if you want to make a picture with a mouse, those who could not draw well like an analog picture are easy to draw using the pen tab.

However, this product has only 512 levels of pressure detection.

This feature is lowered because it may be 2048 level pressure sensing function when the upper model, this product is sold at an affordable price.

XGA compatible

This product has lower pressure detection level, but resolution is lower.

This product is actually “XGA (1024 × 768)” has become.

In fact, the top model of Wacom has a resolution of 2560 × 1440 things.

I do not know what’s great about the resolution. Maybe there are a lot of people, but the low-resolution liquid tab is so beautifully illustrated on the screen.

The resolution is 1024 × 768 in the point (dot), and it shines 1024 points horizontally and reflects 768 points vertically.

Therefore, be careful when the resolution is getting lower because it is difficult to illuminate too soft lines and gradations.

Angle adjustment

Even if the pressure sensing function and resolution are low, this product can reduce the burden on the body because it can adjust the angle.

In fact, drawing tablet with screen is reflected on the LCD screen of the body, so you can make while watching the X body.

However, unlike the display on the PC, drawing tablet with screen is placed on the desk, so it is in a low position.

Therefore, when you look at drawing tablet with screen, it tends to tilt your head, so it is easy to suffer from shoulder stiffness and neck stiffness.

However, if you can adjust the angle like this product, you can take measures such as shoulder stiffness and neck stiffness to start the body to some extent.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Troubles harder drawing tablet with screen

Drawing tablet with screen is a convenient peripheral device, but it may cause various troubles by unexpected thing.

However, because this product is difficult to cause such a problem, I will introduce in detail.


There are a lot of things that can not be used with the mouse in the mouse.

However, if you are connecting the code, it may get stuck with the code.

In addition, if the cat is raised, the cat may play the cord instead of the toys and cut the cord.

However, this product does not have this problem because the dedicated pen is wireless.

And without code, you can clean your computer desk.

Easy to enter design

This product is not so low pressure sensing capabilities, so you can read at high speed, you can produce illustrations without too much stress.

If you can not actually read it at high speed, you should not be careful because the line may be interrupted.

Therefore, if you are using this product, you can quickly draw a line, so you can draw a line of force, you can complete a powerful illustration.

Tips for making illustration well

This product is easier to make illustrations than a mouse.

However, when using drawing tablet with screen, there are tips on how to draw pictures well, and it is difficult to draw illustrations according to the image.

So, for those who are thinking about using drawing tablet with screen now, please refer to it because it introduces the best way to draw pictures.

How to use a dedicated pen

When you use pen tabs, you can say the same thing in drawing tablet with screen as well as in Conventional drawing tablet, but the use of dedicated pen is important.

When many illustrators make illustrations in analogue, they are touching paper in a diagonal state, such as a pencil or brush.

However, in the case of a pen tab, it is important to touch the main body in a vertical state rather than touching the dedicated pen in a diagonal state because it is a machine.

In the case of the liquid tap, there is a problem that the hand is disturbed and the line is difficult to see.

In this case, it is easy to make a square when you install drawing tablet with screen in the front, so try to install drawing tablet with screen slightly on the inside, because it will reduce the amount of hidden parts.

Reference others’ pictures

There is a big difference between paper and machine, which is said to be close to the environment where drawing tablet with screen draws illustrations in analogue.

Therefore, it is necessary to take as much as possible to produce an image as it is.

So I recommend a way to track someone else’s work in a short time by drawing the image as an image.

By tracking the picture of others, it becomes easy to understand the difference between the actual line and the input line, so it is better to track down the operation of drawing tablet with screen, which is embarrassing.

User satisfaction

This product is cheap drawing tablet with screen, but resolution and pressure detection function is lowered, so many people may have worried about buying.

So I introduce the word of mouth of those who use this product, so please check whether there is a satisfactory function.

Favorable reviews

Among those who use this product, even if the resolution is a little lower, there are many things to be satisfied at a level that does not pay much attention to drawing illustrations.

Therefore, if you are not concerned about the resolution, it is a worthy liquid tab.

And while there is only 512 pressure levels, some people liked where they could control the pressure.

Therefore, if you can control lines and colors with a special pen, you will not be so dissatisfied.

Negative reviews

This product is sold on Amazon because of the many models that are sold as used, some of those who did not have the manual was not available.

Therefore, those who are not familiar with how to operate the drawing tablet with screen, please note that it may take until you learn.

And when the special pen was touched the screen, the line might be shifted more than I imagined.

Therefore, you have to practice several times until the line is drawn according to the image.


This product may be embarrassed to buy at an affordable price because the resolution and pressure sensing capabilities are getting lower.

However, even if you buy a powerful drawing tablet with screen, there are also people who are easy to draw analogue illustrations.

If you put a lot of money at such a moment, it becomes a thing to regret, so it is better to try cheap products first.

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