What is the practice method when a beginner uses drawing tablet with screen? Four recommended methods

Drawing tablet with screen is a handy product that draws directly on the screen, and has a sense of analogue.

So the first person to draw a picture digitally will soon be able to get used to it.

However, even if it is easy to draw, it may be embarrassing to not know what to start with at all.

So let’s introduce the recommended practice to the person who draws the first time in drawing tablet with screen.

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Get used to drawing simple things

If a beginner draws a picture in drawing tablet with screen, it is not recommended to suddenly challenge the picture.

“Let’s draw a lot, anyway,” is important, but even if you are a beginner, you can hardly get results.

First, you have to do a basic exercise that is a preparation exercise for drawing pictures.

There is negligible, and efficiency becomes worse anyway.

To shorten the time to mastery, let’s push the base firmly.

So it is important to get used to the way of drawing tablet with screen.

Even if drawing tablet with screen is close to analog, there is a difference in feeling when turning on the pen and the liquid crystal screen on the paper.

Paper is a little rough, but LCD screen is smooth, so I remember the discomfort.

Therefore, drawing tablet with screen also needs some practice and practice.

As a beginner’s first exercise, it is recommended to be able to reduce discomfort because you are accustomed to such a difference.

Anything OK

If you are using drawing tablet with screen for the first time, it is recommended that you start with a simple one, rather than suddenly drawing a picture, so you should get used to it first.

Because it does not matter like a graffiti, please draw a simple thing to draw quickly.

I am used to using drawing tablet with screen while repeating it.

You do not have to worry about failures at first.

Do not think deeply because I’m used to practice so far, I’ll draw a lot.

At that time, it is good practice method to practice the letter.

It is normal to write characters that are familiar to the usual writing LCD screen.

So, first of all, let’s practice the characters and write them down.

When you can write letters, you are quite familiar with it.

Clean lines and symbols

If you are familiar with the work of drawing tablet with screen, it is important to draw it without first thinking about it.

But if you get used to it a little bit, let’s be aware that it is “beautifully drawn”.

For example, lines and symbols can easily be drawn, but if you trim and clean it, it may be difficult at drawing tablet with screen, just starting to use it.

Especially long lines and big rounds will be quite difficult.

So, when you draw a line or a symbol, let’s draw it carefully so that it is as accurate as possible.

If you repeat, you will be able to draw clean lines and symbols smoothly.

It will be a good preparation exercise to draw a picture to properly practice these exercises, please try it by all means.

>>> Drawing tablet with screen recommendation rank

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Let’s positively replicate

If a beginner draws a picture in drawing tablet with screen, you can not remove it.

It is not limited to pictures, but it is a very good exercise to imitate outstanding works.

It is able to absorb what I need to draw well.

Try this if you are a beginner.

I want to challenge even more pictures that draw only simple things, but it is difficult at first to try to draw in a state without anything.

It is difficult for beginners to imagine and draw everything on their own.

So what I recommend is to follow other drawings and draw them.

Let’s go to the point of doing a lot of simulations and painting.

Point of replication

It is recommended to draw while observing carefully, not vague when drawing a picture.

Observation By carrying out analysis firmly, you will know how to draw and how to express well.

It also speeds up my ability to simulate it.

At first, you will be able to draw the same thing if you practice it several times while observing it is not similar.

Let’s do it in an efficient way if you do the simulation.

It is recommended to see the real thing

It does not have to be a picture to help you in doing the simulations.

It is possible to practice effectively even if it is drawn while looking at actual scenery, person, and things.

Observing how the real thing is not the scenery or figure in the picture is very useful when you imagine it later.

For example, even if you paint Moe characters depo illustrations, you need real human knowledge.

Even if it is deprema, the position of the joint is interesting, and it becomes a picture with a bad balance.

As long as the base is human, there must be at least a point to keep it so you have to finish it safely.

To do that, let’s look at the real thing and try to simulate it.

You can increase the quality by knowing in detail what is actually happening.

Let’s repeat it over and over

When practicing beginner drawing tablet with screen, it is recommended to repeat several times.

If you are familiar with drawing tablet with screen and practice, let’s draw it over and over again even simple things.

Repeat the improvement faster.

The same is true for the case of the copy, and it should not be satisfied only by writing once.

Even if you repeat the same picture, there are things you can draw more and more like to understand how to draw.

It is also important to continue.

When busy, there is a thing that does not draw at all for one day, but it is not good that there is too much room.

Please be careful to draw as much time as possible and draw every day.

It is not necessary to use drawing tablet with screen for notepad.

Do not be annoying, steadily piled up steadily, even beginners become more and more able to adapt quickly.

Let’s increase input

To draw a picture in drawing tablet with screen, it is not only important when drawing.

There are points for beginners to improve even in daily life.

It can be input in large quantity to see various things.

While it is simulated, it does not hinder especially because it is drawn while looking at the thing in front of you, but it is different if we imagine ourselves.

In order to imagine, you have to accumulate various knowledge in yourself.

It is very difficult to imagine and draw what you have never seen before.

Therefore, it is recommended to enter a lot of actual scenery, photographs, visual works as well as pictures.

Please touch a lot of things regardless of the genre, and bring a lot of knowledge and composition necessary for the picture to oneself.

Because it is not actually to draw, there is person to be disregarded, but, in order to master, this is important point.

This method can work for both beginners and advanced, so let’s always be conscious and actively going.


Unlike Conventional drawing tablet, drawing tablet with screen is easy for beginners to handle, but not suddenly handled.

It takes a little time to get used to it without being as tough as Conventional drawing tablet, and practice is important as I push the tips.

In that case, please refer to the method introduced here.

Practice properly and raise your arms, it will be more fun to draw pictures from drawing tablet with screen.

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