What is troubling when using Drawing tablet with screen? Four points to watch out for

Unlike Conventional Drawing tablet, Drawing tablet with screen is a product that displays the position where the hand is moved and the screen being displayed.

Therefore, there is a sense of analog work to draw on paper, easy to use even for beginners.

However, there are things that you should pay attention to in addition to the basic Drawing tablet with screen convenience.

When you use it, let’s be aware of it.

It is difficult to use Drawing tablet with screen. I explain each of the four measures.

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The screen gets scratched

Drawing tablet with screen is to draw the pen directly on the screen and draw a line.

As you move the pen, you can see lines on the screen that you can work on as you draw on paper.

If this is Conventional Drawing tablet, it is common that the line of sight moves toward the screen on the front by moving the pen underwater.

As a beginner, you can move around with your hands and see where the tabs are actually located, but you can not get used to it.

This is the biggest feature of Drawing tablet with screen and a great advantage, but it will also be a disadvantage.

Drawing tablet with screen is drawn directly on the screen, and it is easy to get hurt anyway.

I scratch the pen on the screen, I get a lot of fine scratches between using it several times.

Pay particular attention to those with strong pressure.

Applying strong pressure makes it easier to scratch.

Protect screen with protective film

Drawing tablet with screen It is recommended to use a special protective film to prevent scratches on the screen.

If you stick the film to the Drawing tablet with screen, you do not have to worry about a person who has a strong pressure slightly because the pen does not directly.

If the screen is exposed, the damage will be increased, but you can minimize it if you attach the protection.

Too much scratches can cause the transparency of the screen to deteriorate.

You can also bring it closer to analog

The advantage of protective film is not only to protect the screen.

Commodity is attached to the screen, analog sense is the number of access.

When using these products, the LCD screen, which is generally smooth, adds a little resistance and it feels like paper.

This rejection may be so difficult to get used to digital, but it is recommended for those who use paper to do digital work with great discomfort.

At first, let’s use a protective film and slowly get used to it.

As well as to prevent scratches, please try the person who is not quite familiar with the liquid tab.

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It gets dirty with hand sweat

The worry when using Drawing tablet with screen is that there is a contamination of the screen was sweaty hands.

The person who uses it is constitution which is easy to sweat. Hand sweat dirt increases by any chance, but problem is not only that.

Drawing tablet with screen can get hotter if you use it.

Boiling is not hot, but if you use it for a long time, the more you know clearly, the more the temperature of the screen will rise and promote the sweating of your hands.

In addition, the use of the summer, the room temperature is also high, it is quite easy to sweat.

If you have a lot of sweat, not only the dust on the screen, but also you may get tired with the pen.

What is sweat countermeasures

Effective means to prevent perspiration in the hands are gloves.

If you put on gloves when you work, you can draw sticky, comfortable and sweaty.

Because it sells only gloves, people who are concerned about sweat, let’s use by all means.

It is also recommended to have a towel near Drawing tablet with screen.

When sweating comes out, you can reduce the staining of sweat on your hand by brushing it with it.

It is hard to wear long gloves in a hot season, but if you wipe it with a towel, you will be able to draw pictures with pleasure.

Discomfort of parallax

Drawing tablet with screen is advantageous to draw in a sense closer to paper than Conventional Drawing tablet.

But only to say that it is “close to paper”, it is not nearly identical to that of paper.

One such difference is the time difference.

Drawing tablet with screen will move the pen over the liquid crystal panel and a line will appear below the panel.

However, depending on the viewing angle, the thickness of the panel can make it feel as if the pen and line are offset.

Drawing tablet with screen is in a state of being drawn on a transparent plate, but when it is drawn on paper, there is no plate, of course.

Because the pen is drawn directly on paper, the position of the pen and line do not have the same discomfort that is exactly the same.

However, the fact that there is a panel underneath the pen means that a transparent plate is inserted in one piece.

Therefore, unfamiliar people can not accurately draw lines.

Recently, there are a lot of products with fewer time lag that solve this shortcoming, but measures are necessary if it seems to be worried about.

When parallax is concerned

If there is a sense of uncomfortable time difference, the angle may be influencing.

Therefore, angle adjustment is recommended as a measure of time difference.

If you look at the oblique view, the thickness of the panel is disturbed, the pen and line are strongly discredited, but the discomfort is less when viewed from the front.

When using liquid tabs, place them on the stand and adjust the angle so that the time difference does not matter.

Also, changing Drawing tablet with screen settings is an effective way to reduce time lags.

When you open the properties of Drawing tablet with screen, you will see a tab called Position Adjustment, where you can adjust the time difference.

If you feel uncomfortable when drawing, try these measures.

Eyes get tired

An Drawing tablet with screen drawing directly on the screen often works downward.

Then the distance from the screen is getting closer, and the eyes come to the blood.

Conventional Drawing tablet, the distance will be relatively removed because you will see the front screen while moving the pen underwater.

The same thing happens when you put your face on the screen, but it works while you are moving the pen underwater, and it does not bend forward.

However, when you draw directly on the screen, you can unconsciously close your face and give a big burden on your eyes.

In order to prevent this, it is important to have good posture as much as possible, but there are also measures to recommend.

Cut the blue light

In order to reduce the burden on the eyes, the face is the closest to the fire, but the focus is getting closer and closer to the distance.

Therefore, let’s think about the screen.

I want to pay attention here is also a protective film to help prevent injuries.

Protective film not only reduces damage from the outside, but also cuts the blue light emitted by the screen.

Blue light is one of the biggest causes of tired eyes, and you need to take measures when you use a product with liquid crystal display.

Be careful with your posture You can also use the protective film at the same time to work more comfortably.


Drawing tablet with screen is a great product, but there are some disadvantages.

Therefore, it is important to study the same precautions and solve the drawbacks.

If you do not use it moderately but take measures to compensate for weaknesses, Drawing tablet with screen work is more comfortable.

As well as good points, please be aware of your precautions and use them appropriately.

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